Best Tesla USB Hub / Splitter

Best Tesla USB Hub / Splitter

December 28, 2020 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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With Tesla’s innovation and development of new products to compliment your Tesla like USB game controllers, wireless charging (Qi charging), USB TeslaCam, and Sentry mode USB requirements, the two existing USB ports in your Tesla’s center console aren’t really enough if you want to get the best experience possible with your vehicle. 


With one USB port taken up by a flash drive for your dashcam, that means that you only have one left over. If your phone is dying at the same time as your passenger’s phone, one of you is out of luck.

The easy solution to this problem is getting a USB hub or splitter, but which one is the best? With so many options on the market, it can become difficult to choose. The following is an overview of one of the best USB hubs for Tesla owners.



There are many USB hubs and splitters on the market but there is a limited number that was made specifically for Tesla vehicles. JEDA has two different USB hubs made especially for Tesla, one for Tesla Model 3s that were made before June 2020, and one for Model Ys and Model 3s that were made after June 2020.

This is because Model Y’s and the newer Model 3’s USB hub must be able to be plugged into 1 USB C port and 1 USB A port since that is the type of USB ports on its console. Tesla Model 3’s USB ports are both USB – A ports meaning that a different hub has to be used.

Hidden Dashcam Storage

When looking for the best USB flash drive for Tesla Sentry Mode, it is also advisable to think about the security of the footage captured. Of course, ensure that you have a quality flash drive that can hold the amount of footage you need and has sufficient read speed so that you do not lose your footage when you need it most.

TAPTE’s Tesla USB hubs can give you an added level of security for your footage because it has a vertical USB A port for dashcam footage inside of a special, hidden, compartment inside of the hub. Having your flash drive out of view significantly reduces the risk of someone taking it.

That is not all. Imagine you are in an accident but the accident damages or removes your flash drive collecting your footage. TAPTE’S USB hub’s hidden compartment for dashcam footage storage is lined with soft silicone that has been proven to avoid damage to your flash drive.

Tidy and Discrete

Traditional Tesla dashcam setups can be unsightly for some. TAPTES USB hubs for Tesla vehicles fit perfectly flush into your console. There are no cables all over the place and the hub itself does not stick out like a sore thumb.


With this product, you do not have to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior so that you can have enough ports. TAPTES USB hubs are probably the most cosmetically appealing USB hubs on the market today. This USB hub has a magnetic lid, making access easy but still discrete.

Available Ports

USB hubs are used to take one, or in this case two, Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports and split it into more USB ports. JEDA’s USB Hub takes up Tesla’s 2 ports and splits them into 6 ports. Included are 4 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports. This is more than enough ports to plug into anything you could possibly want.

Each port provides power and data, unlike many other USB hubs. The USB C port on the right side has been designed to be compatible with the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) Tesla pad for wireless charging.

As if this was not enough, JEDA’s USB hub’s ports are USB 3.0 compatible for the best dashcam and Sentry Mode video quality. USB 2.0 ports are 10 times slower than USB 3.0, and most USB hubs only allow for USB 2.0.

Tesla Model S

Unfortunately, JEDA only produces USB hubs for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. This means that owners of other models need to look elsewhere for a USB hub. One option that is compatible with all models is Anker Advantage’s USB hub. This USB hub gives you access to 10 USB 3.0 parts. It has data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, fast enough to record from your dash cam without a hitch.

Although this option is not discrete like JEDA’s, it is very small and can be taken with you if you would like, preventing theft. It only has used up one USB port so you can keep your dashcam rolling with the other port if you do not want to have to go mess with it every time you leave your vehicle.

Since this product is not made for only Tesla vehicles and only has 4 USB ports in comparison to JEDA’s 6, this USB hub is more affordable. Additionally, it comes with an 18-month warranty and outstanding customer service for if you run into any problems.  


Wrapping Up

One of the first things you need to get for your new car when you get a Tesla is a USB hub. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y only have 2 USB ports. If you were to want to use all of the products and features possible and available with your Tesla, you would not be able to with only 2 USB ports, especially when one of the ports will be filled up with a flash drive for your dashcam footage and not free to use as you please.

JEDA makes a USB hub that was designed and manufactured for Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3. This is important so that the USB hub has the right input at the right distance apart. It is also the most secure and resilient way to store conceal your flash drive containing your dashcam footage. With 6 available ports, you can plug in anything you want and have the choice to use USB controllers, charge your phone, and listen to music all at once. The other 2 options are TAPTES and ANKER.