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Dogs can be the cutest pets and the most prominent companions. We see them almost every other home. They have proved to be worthy companions time and again. They walk the blind and the elderly, take care of kids and even go to stores in some cases. Dogs are even used by the police and drug specialists to snuff and locate scents. Amazing dog attributes can be read more in this blog.

Moreover, dog experts also suggest dogs might actually be good for your health overall hence why you should owe them.


If your dog is like mine, whose life goal is to be around me 99% of the time, you apparently take it along when you travel, be it for short trips or just long ones that take hours on end. Traveling with your dog can be a real challenge especially when you’re doing it for the first time. I suggest you read the 12 Tips on How to Travel Better with Your Dog before going on a trip with your dog.


Cars are produced and crash-tested to transport humans (not animals) safely. The seats are also made for human beings and may not be the most pleasant place to rest your dog, especially if you’re going on long trips. The dog should have its own specially designed seat or hammock to help it travel more comfortably.


Recently, I was in the car with my dog and thought there was no need to limit it since I was just going to the store a few blocks down the street. At the junction down the block, a truck driver made an unexpected detour towards me and I slammed hard on my brakes. My dog, Bosco, went flying from the seat and hit the dashboard hard. He wasn’t badly hurt but I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I was on a highway at a much higher speed. It brought me to the realization that no matter the method you use, your dog shouldn’t sit in the front seat under any circumstances – securing them in the cargo area or back seat behind a front seat is safer. 

The risks are totally not worth it. Traveling with the dog in the front seat is critical to the dog’s life as the airbags deploy with vast force in case of emergencies and this may badly harm the dog, or even kill it if it is hit by the airbag. The dog may also slip between your legs and step on the gas or brakes, possibly making accidents. Having it in the front seat will also distract you when you drive and that’s a compromise to your safety, that of your dog, and other road users as well.


The dog seats are very relevant for your dog’s safety. They use straps that attach to your car’s seatbelt system, the seat base, or the seat and center console. A chest harness keeps your pet from roaming, and in case of an accident, acts like a child restraint, distributing its weight on impact and keeping it confined. This also decreases the likelihood of a dog becoming airborne during a collision and lowering the risk of serious injury to the dog. Two-seater dog car seats give the dog more room and space to move, making them more free and comfortable in the long run. If you are pondering going on a long road trip with your dog, this is definitely the better option. Some two-seater dog car seats can even hold two dogs at the same time


Below are some of the best two-seater dog car seats you can get for your car.


  • Petsfit Lookout Two Seater Dog Car Seat


With dimensions of 29.5″ L x 15.7″W x 13.8″H, the car seat is fit for Large or Medium-sized dogs up to 45 pounds, and can also fit up to 2 small pets. Before buying, however, please check the size of your pup to find the perfect seat size.

The pet car travel seat is made of high-quality oxford, used with a pad, which can be connected to the bottom opening with a zipper and can be detached for washing (hand washing is recommended). The mat can be used on both sides, Oxford cloth for summer, plush for winter. It can also be used as a pet bed.


The dog car seat booster is designed with safety belts to fix the seat to prevent it sliding in the car, and a ring to hook the dog’s harness too so it won’t jump out, thereby reducing the opportunity of distraction while you drive.


When you take a long road trip with your medium-sized furry friend, the pet car seat could give your shy or carsick dog a window view where he can look out and enjoy the ride, providing superb safety and travel comfort, while also easing the dog’s anxiety.

The seat is quick and easy to fit and uninstall in the car’s backseat, sturdy construction ensures the whole seat is in shape. Its collapsible design makes it easy for storage if not in use. There are storage bags that can hold pet daily necessities on the go. It also has an adjustable buckle design, meaning it can be quickly installed on most standard car seats. It is suitable for a variety of car types.

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  • X-Zone Pet Dog Booster Car Seat


This dog car seat measures 29.5″ L x 16″ W x14″ H and is proper for a Large dog seat/bed for a medium and large dog, or 2 puppies. It is fit for the rear seat of the car.

It raises your pet 7 inches high above the vehicle seat, giving it a better view during the ride.

It comes with a safety inner leash that will prevent your pets from escape, two seat belt loops, and a car seat safety belt encircles to make it joined and sturdy on the car seat.

Its structure makes it effortlessly foldable down flat for storage. A free carry bag included is included in the package. The large capacity base compartment storage space and two outer pockets are convenient places for storing snacks or toys, and the soft cashmere lining provides a comfortable ride experience.

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  • 2 Seater Dog Car Seat


This is a two-seater dog seat cover of high degree. Unfortunately, the seat is currently out of stock on Amazon. You can always check, however, to know when they’re back in stock. With this seat, you can never go wrong with it. 

To get it when it’s back in-stock, use this link




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