Why Do I Need A Dash Cam?

Why Do I Need A Dash Cam?

January 28, 2019 Off By admin

If you have been online in the last couple of years, you have probably seen some dashboard camera videos. With the density of traffic and the range of drivers to attend, the dashboard camera has become a must-have car accessory for your vehicle. Formerly, a dash camera DVR system was usually only found in police cars and other emergency vehicles. Thanks to the numerous technological advancements in recent years, the price of the dashboard camera began to fall as its popularity was getting higher. A truck dash cam can be used as strong evidence in the unfortunate event of a car crash or collision. Having video proof will save you countless headaches when dealing with insurance companies or the police who have to determine which party was at fault.

A DVR dash camera is a camera mounted on a dashboard or windshield in your vehicle which works to record all events when you drive in the form of a video file. Almost all types of cameras are easy to install. Some of them are even installed in the rearview mirror. Dashboard cameras, especially the battery and drift powered ones are absolutely necessary for your vehicle’s safety and security systems. You can use them to record everything that happens around your car. The camera for this car will automatically work when you start the car and being recording.

Many dashboard camera systems include several types of DVRs to store your recordings. When you reach the storage limit, the system will start overwriting the oldest file (often called the recording circle). These recordings are usually extension AVI or MOV file formats that are compatible with most common video players.

Having a dash camera system installed in your car, can at least can give you peace of mind. Because your car is easily monitored constantly, reducing the problem of providing evidence in case of an accident.


Accidents on the highway

Accidents occur all the time, and rarely do the two parties involved agree about what happened and who was wrong. When the police appear to file a report, you never know who will change their story. Having a dash camera that records videos can eliminate a big number of problems that come with being involved in an accident.

Fraud attempt

Unfortunately, fraud is a real danger in the world today. One of the more common vehicle fraud attempts is to claim they were hit. The best (and truly real) way to prove your innocence aside from having another witness to support your story is to have a video recording on the dashboard camera.

Hit & Run

There is nothing worse than walking into your parked car only to find it has been hit when you were away.  However, if you have a dash camera, it will automatically record the event so that you can find the culprit. Why so? The simple answer is because some dash cameras also support parking mode that records when your car is parked.