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Dogs, like human beings, love the thrill of adventure and enjoy car rides as much as you do. If you own a dog and don’t take it with you on trips, it’s time you started taking it along. The dog, however, has to be restrained since leaving it unrestrained on the seats presents more dangers than you want to experience. Try to use a seat that elevates the dog to a height that enables it to see outside the window. This helps ease any anxiety the dog might have and gives it more thrill during the ride. 




Traveling with a dog, however, comes with several challenges that you must be prepared for. However discipline your dog is, at times it might not be sane enough to know not to pee or defecate in the car. This, coupled with the dog odor they leave on the seats, and the tearing their claws might cause on the seats, make it discouraging to let them in the car, let alone carrying them along on trips. That is why you need to use a dog seat cover or a hammock to cover your seats. They prevent direct contact between the dog and the hammock, thereby saving you all the worries of your car seats getting spoilt. 


Another option is to use a dog car seat. These specially designed seats are made specifically for dogs and are the most comfortable option for dogs. Dog car seats come in different sizes for different kinds and sizes of dogs. You should have the size and weight of your dog at the back of your mind before you go shopping.

Some dog car seats are crash tested and certified, meaning they are guaranteed to provide safety for your pets even in case of car crashes. The Center for Pet Safety, CPS, does the crash tests for pet accessories. CPS dog car seat tests are done rigorously and the condition of the dummy used in place of a dog after the crash is assessed. The results are then used to predict the potential outcome in case of an actual crash, and whether a dog will be safe in the seat or not. If the seat passes the test, meaning the dog survives the crash, the seat becomes CPS certified.


Despite the safety advantages, some dogs don’t like crash-tested dog seats and they can sometimes be bulky and a bit of a hassle to install. 


There are not a lot of CPS-certified dog car seats in the market. This is mainly because most of the car seats don’t survive the crash tests. The only crash-tested dog car seats are:

  1. PupSaver Dog Safety Seat

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  1. Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat


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  1. PetSmart Top Paw Car Seat


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  1. Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat


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The four available products above have the same features as spoke of the products we have highlighted in our previous articles. So if you have trouble choosing, You can always visit our website and compare it with others as they are more similar with little varying factors which are at best negligible.


Of the four tested, the PupSaver, Pupsaver Dog Safety Seat, had the best results. The seat rotated and one strap released from the buckle but the dog remained intact. 

Its instructions recommend using it in the front seat but that is too risky to your dog’s life and health. At the front, the dog is exposed to the airbag which deploys with great force and might kill or badly injure the dog if it is hit by the deploying airbag. The dog could also be thrown onto the dashboard or worse still, onto the windscreen in case of bad accidents, which might kill it. Here are other reasons why you should never travel with your dog in the front seat.


    1. Crash-tested – As the main highlight of this great dog car seat, it has to come first. It uses your dog’s weight and forwards momentum to safely hold back your dog during that moment of impact.
  • Quick and easy to install
  1. Comfortable for the dog and also easy to use – After installation, just clip the clasp of your dog’s harness and you’re ready to go.


  • Compatible harness available for use with the seat
    1. Universal fit – The seat fits all vehicles no matter the size of the arrangement of the seats.
  • Stylish and durable – The PupSaver is made of durable polyurethane and cotton blend, and available in black and white houndstooth fabric.


As for the other three dog seats, the tests were not successful since, after impact, the dog was left fully unrestrained and unprotected. The PetSmart Top Paw Dog Car Seat remained attached to the car but the other two were fully unrestrained projectiles. 

The PupSaver is more than you need for traveling with your dog daily. I think you will love it.

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