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Your car is made with a human being in mind, and might therefore not be the most comfortable place on earth for your dog, especially on long trips. The seats are made for human beings, with room left for the legs to stretch forward to avoid cramping. The gap that’s so comfortable for a passenger’s knees, however, isn’t well suited for your dog’s face. 

To make the backseat more comfortable for your dog, you could lay blankets on the seats, or bring along the dog’s favorite pillow. These, however, are not long-lasting solutions, and would not help if you plan on taking your dog along more often. 



Dog hammocks, dog car seats, and dog seat covers are all effective ways of restraining your dog in the car while still providing a comfortable place for it to lie. They also come with the added advantage of protecting your car’s upholstery since the dog doesn’t have direct contact with the seats and therefore can’t leave its sweat, fur, and odor on the seats. If you’ve never traveled with a dog before, you can read on How to travel in the car with your dog


Needless to say, it is not advisable to have a dog in the front seat when you drive. Dogs can easily cause distractions to the driver. It is also not safe for the dog as it risks being thrown against the dashboard or through the windscreen and out of the car in case of accidents or hard braking scenarios. The backseat is therefore the more viable and safer option. 


To make the backseat more comfortable for your dog, you’ll need to use a backseat extender for dogs. A backseat extender basically bridges the gap between the back and front seats of your car, adding more room for your dog to spread its paws.  This is a must-have if you truly value your car and your dog. It saves you a lot of unsees expenses that you might otherwise have to incur in the future. Here is a tutorial on How to use a car seat belt extender 


There is a wide variety of dog backseat extenders on the internet but not all of them are will be perfect for your dog and your car. You need to be careful and have the correct size and weight measurements of your dog, and the car’s specifications when you go shopping to avoid buying products that won’t work for you.


Here are some of the best backseat extenders for dogs on Amazon:


  • MISTIC Cool Back Seat Extender


This handy seat extender for dogs prevents your dog from falling off the backseat when driving. It acts as a car seat extender for large dogs and a pet car seat or dog car seat for smaller animals.

The durable seat extender with built-in storage holds up to 90lbs and is sure to give your pup a smooth ride no matter where you’re traveling

This backseat extender gives your dog room to spread out – no more uncomfortable rides-  and easily fits between the front and back seats so your dog won’t fall in the footwell.

This back seat extender for dogs opens for organized, customizable storage – easily store dog blankets, leashes, pet toys, even kids toys, blankets, and more! 


The included dividers adjust to fit your needs. Better than a dog hammock or a dog car bed!

For cleaning, the durable material wipes down easily. It measures (22” L x 12” H x 12” W) and fits in most cars, and can easily be folded down for storage.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.





  • AMOCHIEN Seat Extender for Dogs


This extender helps bridge the gap between car seats to maximize the backseat space for your dog, as well as prevent dogs from falling off the seat. The platform bridge features a solid, rigid base that can hold up to 100 pounds. 


Fits backseat areas 23’ x 54’ and larger.

It has a soft extended platform that is built with a hardwood interior, wrapped with soft foam, and enforced by sturdy nylon straps that loop around headrests. There are also small openings for seat belts that can be used to securely tether your pet onto the bridge.


The front flap acts as a barrier that keeps rowdy pets from scrambling up to the front seats and becoming a hazardous distraction to drivers.

It features additional storage space in the seat barrier that allows you to bring all of your pet’s toys, treats, and accessories while on the go!

The product also comes with a lifetime warranty and you can always contact the company for a refund in case you’re not satisfied.

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  • Frontpet Backseat Pet Extender 


This backseat extender is designed to cover back seats and floor areas in your car to give your pet more space. It features spacious carry pockets to store your pet’s toys, leash, food, water, and more. It is made from denier polyester fabric that is resistant to your pet’s claws and protects your car seats from damage

It is versatile and easily fits all cars with backseat areas 23 by 55 inches and larger, and can easily be installed in under a minute. It is crafted from quarter-inch-thick hardwood cushioned with foam and comfortable fabric and can supports dogs up to 150 pounds.

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  • MSR IMPORTS Dog Car Seat Extender


This sturdy back seat extender prevents your dog from slipping between your car seats and allows it to ride in comfort.

The comfortable extender is comfortable and especially good for your dog to stretch out on those long road trips. Its quilted top unzips to hold your pet toys, bowls, blankets, or other items.

The backseat extender measures 21.5 x 11.75 x 11.75 inches and easily fits mid-size cars and SUVs.

The extender easily supports pets up to 100 pounds.

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