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Traveling with a dog in the car can be exciting and fun. You get to spend time with your furry friend and get new experiences. However, everything could go wrong if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Traveling with an unrestrained dog in the car is dangerous to you, the dog itself, and other road users. The dog becomes a major source of distractions since you’ll need to check on it from time to time. Having it in the front seat is twice as dangerous. The dog could be badly thrown against the dashboard or through the windshield in case of a crash or abrupt braking. Furthermore, the dog could be badly hit by a deploying airbag during a crash, or fall between your legs and step on the gas or brakes, potentially causing an accident.



One way of restraining dogs in the car is by using a car harness. The harness keeps the dog safe and restrained and saves the driver any form of distraction. In case of a collision, the dog does not become a projectile and therefore risk of injury is decreased. The harness also gives you much easier control over the dog in case you need to take it out of the car or for a stroll.

Rule 57 of the highway code states that dogs must be restrained so they don’t distract the driver.


Experts, however, discourage the use of harnesses because they encourage pulling, which is not comfortable for dogs. Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly of dog harnesses.


Labradors are the most popular dog breed in the United States. Most Labradors weigh between 50-90 pounds. Take extra care to make sure to buy the right size harness for your dog. You need to have your dog’s size and measurements at the back of your mind when you go shopping for a harness to avoid buying products that will make your dog feel uncomfortable.


Types of dog harnesses

  • Vests

This type is especially perfect for puppies and older dogs. The vests fit Labrador retrievers well because they have thick chest cavities.


  • Front clip

For this type, the clip is at the front and the leash attachment is also located at the front.


  • Back clip

The clip in this type of harness is located at the back.


  • Dual clip

This is like a crossover between the front and back clips. It is the better option as it has both front and back clips that make control a lot easier. You just latch the leash wherever you find more convenient.


  1. Step in

This is the most troublesome since you’ll need to guide your dog to ‘step in’. This might be a real hassle especially if you own a stubborn dog.

Factors to consider when buying a harness


  • Cost

Like everything else, the budget at your disposal will affect the choice of harness you go for.

They might be a little pricey for your liking but completely worth it considering the benefits.


  • Durability

The question of durability will surely linger in your mind since you want your investment to be worth the money. If you have an aging dog, you don’t need to worry as the harness will surely probably last the lifetime of your dog. Younger dogs might be more active and this might have a toll on the durability of the harness but if you only use it in the car, you don’t need to worry about this.

Labradors are especially strong dogs and you’ll need to get a harness that is strong enough to withstand them.


  • Adjustability

The dog is expected to grow and you’ll need to get a harness that can grow with the dog, so you don’t have to go shopping soon after. 


Here are my top recommendations for dog car harnesses you can get for your Labrador dog on Amazon:


  • Dog Car Harness with Seat Belt


The attached vehicle seat belt is long enough that the dog can lie down comfortably in the rear seat. It is worth mentioning that the breathable mesh chest harness can help relieve your pet’s stress.

The Mesh Chest Vest Harness Strap is made of double mesh fabric with the flannelette edge and four PP material straps, which will absorb sweat and feel breathable. The dog seat belt is made from elastic and durable nylon straps to protect your pet.


The harness allows you to drive without distractions as you don’t need to turn your head frequently to worry about your pet when driving too fast or braking. The dog vehicle harness wraps around the dog’s body and neck which could be used instead of a collar. The straps tighten up securely so dogs can not roam the car.


Two buckles on the chest part make the harness easy to put on and no need for dogs to step in.


The four adjustable buttons on the harness strap can be easily adjusted to make all sizes of dog pals feel comfortable.

The harness can be used in and outside the car When outside the car, it definitely can use a regular harness connected with the retractable dog leash to protect it.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.





  1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness


This is the most broadly sold crash-tested car harness for dogs. Enhanced Strength Harness is crash-tested for dogs up to 75 pounds.

It is a great everything harness for everyday use. It includes a NO-PULL D ring for effectively training a dog not to pull by the spinning dog around, has 5 adjustment points for customizable fit on dogs of all shapes and sizes, and includes dog tether for car, and a broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort, explaining why it’s the most broadly sold crash-tested dog harness in North America.


A dog tether (seat belt loop with attached Carabiner) is included and compatible with any car seat belt system, and can also be used as lead for training.


The extra-large size harness fits dogs with necks 24-35 inches and chest 28-44 inches. Refer to the Kurgo size chart for information on how to properly measure your dog.


The product comes with a hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



  • PETAGE Tactical Car Dog Harness


Its measurements are: Neck Girth: 21″-26″(53.3–66.0cm), Chest Girth: 26″-34″ (66.0–86.4cm), Weight:75-135lbs(34–61KG). It is ideal for Extra Large Labradors. 


The dog safety harness features 2 metal leash attachment points for dog walks safely – one front clip for no-pull control or dog training and the back clip for casual walking or jogging. A durable handle is sewn tough and large enough to grab the harness quickly and easily lifting your dog in/out of the Car. It comes with a dog seat belt that can be used during car travel as a pet seat belt to restrain dogs and prevent distracted driving: or as a training tether.


The heavy-duty vest (0.35″thickness) can ensure comfort and firmness, made of 1050D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability. It is suitable for all field use: training, hunting, working. It is also well padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin, while the breathable air mesh keeps your dog ventilated and comfortable. Two V-rings can bear great pulling force (1500 lbs Proof-Load Test ).


The MOLLE system equipped on both sides(1.5″ strips of Molle Sewn) for pouches, water bottles, and dog tactical gears. Multiple Hook & Loop Panels for morale patches and badges to show your dog’s personality. 

It is compatible with Molle /PALs Pouch and another Carabiner, so you can also hook a dog’s bowl, water bottle, and toys(Not included).

Click here to check the price on Amazon.




  • Beirui K9 Tactical Dog Harness


Please refer to the size chart to make sure it matches your dog’s measurement before buying. Do not choose the size based on the dog’s weight or guess. If necessary, burn and solidify the end of the strap, making sure the end of the strap is not fraying.


This tactical dog vest is made of high quality and sturdy splashproof 1050D Nylon Material with neat stitching and soft padded lining to prevent hurting on your dog’s skin and hair with a comfortable fit.


A strong no-pull front clip is convenient to attach to a leash. It doesn’t hurt your pet’s throat or pharynx. It is easy to keep it under control if it tries to run all of a sudden, promising you and your pet’s safety.


The buckles are strong and molded from high-quality plastics and can be easily adjusted. V-shaped metal buckles are great for dog leashes. Besides, the handle can help lift your pet in a safe and comfortable way if necessary.


The hidden carrying bags design on each side allow your dog to carry gear in training/walking/adventure hiking. The loop panel sewn along the back of the harness supports enough space to attach many patches to identify your dog.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.





Take care to not use dirty or wet harnesses on your dog as they can cause skin and/or fur infections.


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