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Traveling with a dog may seem easy until you’re actually with the dog in the car. The dog is likely to cause you a lot of distraction by constantly moving from seat to seat, or even jumping onto the dashboard at times. The dangers are countless and the consequences can be catastrophic. The unrestrained dog is also in danger of being a projectile in case of a collision or hard braking, This may badly harm or even cost the dog its life. 


Dogs are also likely to mess up the cleanliness of your car’s interior with their fur, waste, and sweat. The dog odor may linger in your car for a long time and you surely don’t want this if you’re a family person that always has passengers.


That is precisely why dogs should be restrained in cars. The investment will prove very beneficial to your dog as well as your car. You could use a hammock, a dog platform, a dog car seat cover, or a dog car seat. Any of these is guaranteed to work just fine for you. They help maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior while also providing your dog a comfortable place to rest during the ride.


The benefits of restraining your dog in the car are many, but most importantly, it helps minimize distractions from your dog as you drive, and you’re able to focus better on the road.


Dog car seats come in different designs and work in different ways. Since the seats are specifically designed for dogs, the dog will be more comfortable on the dog car seats than on the regular car seats which are not made with the dogs in mind. They come in different designs and specifications. Some are big enough to fit two dogs while others fit only one. If you have two dogs, you therefore will need to buy just one dog car seat that fits two dogs instead of buying two seats.


When you go shopping for a dog car seat, you’ll need to check the weight and size guidelines and make sure it fits both your dogs without cramping. The dog car seats have different weight carriage capacities and anything too big or too small for your dog could be either ineffective at restraining them or uncomfortable for the dog.


Here are some of the best dog car seats for two dogs you can get on Amazon:


  • Petsfit Lookout Car Seat for 2 Small Dogs


With dimensions of 29.5″ by 15.7″W by 13.8″H, this car seat is suitable for medium and large-sized dogs up to 45 pounds and fits up to two small pets. Before buying, please check the size of your pup to find the perfect seat size.


The pet car travel seat is made of high-quality oxford, used with a pad, which can be connected to the bottom opening with a zipper and can be detached for washing (hand washing is recommended). 

The mat can be used on both sides – oxford cloth for summer, plush for winter. It can also be used as a pet bed.


The dog car seat booster is designed with safety belts to fix the seat to prevent it from sliding in the car, and a ring to hook the dog’s harness too so it won’t jump out, reducing the possibility of distracting you while you drive.


When you take a long road trip with your dog, the pet car seat gives your nervous or carsick dog a window view where he can look out and enjoy the ride, providing superb safety and travel comfort, while also easing the dog’s anxiety.


This dog car seat is easy to install and uninstall in the car’s backseat. Its sturdy construction ensures the whole seat is in shape. It has a collapsible design that makes it easy to store when not in use. It also features storage bags that can hold pet daily necessities on the go. 

In addition to that, it has an adjustable buckle design which enables it to be quickly installed on most standard car seats, making it suitable for a variety of car types.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



  • Boosta Pooch Large Dog Car Seat


This dog car seat is elevated to help alleviate dog car sickness and anxiety, while also keeping your dog safe. The booster car seat Measures 19″ L by 14″ W by 10″ H, making it suitable for any vehicle with adjustable headrests., and also comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. It can easily be used in the front or back seat. 


With this dog seat, you can easily adjust the straps to window height or required seat level, depending on your dog’s size or your preference.

It features a strong metal frame and clips with a wooden base. It also has a drink bottle holder, one open pocket, and two large zipper pockets.


It comes with a removable, washable liner, and two inside restraining straps for attaching to your dog’s harness to keep them safely inside the dog car seat. It can be easily swapped out for smaller carabiners if you wish.

The mat is waterproof, thereby providing your car protection from any liquid spills.

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  • K&H Pet Products Dog Car Seat


This booster pet car seat elevates your dog for a better view, keeping them in a safe and controlled spot for a distraction-free drive.

It is compatible with any car seat belt to securely buckle in place with the seat belt hidden under the removable booster cushion. It comes with additional two adjustable security tethers attached to a dog harness.

The dog car seat is quick and easy to install and uninstall and the front dips down so your pet can easily climb in and out before buckling up.

It is also easily removable, washable, for cleaning, and has a plush quilted fleece cover that ensures pet comfort and easy maintenance.

In terms of sizing, the contoured back is designed to fit snugly in any size car’s front or back seat. The small bucket booster is recommended for small pets and the large booster can fit up to two small pets or one medium-sized breed. 

The product weighs 6 pounds for the smaller size and 7 pounds for the bigger one, making it an easily portable accessory.

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