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Driving with pet dogs may be a luxury for some animal lovers. You may want to cruise around the neighborhood with your dog in the front seat just like we see in the movies. As thrilling as it may seem, however, it is risky and dangerous to the life of your beloved pet, and yours as well. 

There’s no rule about a dog riding secured in the front passenger seat, but please be mindful of the fact that airbags deploy with incredible force, and can seriously injure or even kill a dog if it is struck by an exploding airbag. 

Your dog can also be a diversion to you while you’re driving as you may use your hands to block it from climbing into the front seats or to secure it in place when applying brakes. Moreover, the dog has the potential to drop below the steering wheel, knocking the gas or brake pedals and causing an accident.


That is exactly why you need to limit your dog whenever you take it along on your cruises.

Restraining your dog in the car goes a long way in providing safety for both the driver and the dog and other road users. It helps decrease the ability of the dog to disturb or distract the driver and may also reduce the possibility of a dog becoming a projectile during a collision. They may also block the dog from hopping out of the car through the window, which may be fatal to the dog’s life and other road users. 


It is not a safe idea either to put your dog in the trunk without limiting it. The braking and acceleration of the car will make the dog hit with the body and possibly cause injury to the dog.


You can watch the video below to see how you can fit a dog hammock into your SUV:



There are many ways you could restrain your dog on an SUV:

  1. Using a dog harness seatbelt – This mostly works for well-behaved dogs
  2. Fastening a zipline harness
  3. Using a plush carry-box
  4. Draping a dog-guard
  5. Using a back-seat hammock
  6. Fixing a back-seat barrier

Dog Hammocks for SUV

The Hammock is the most helpful one for older dogs that just want to lie down.

It protects the dog from slipping off the seat and from sloping to the front.

Dogs feel safe in the car with the car hammock because it turns your back seat into a crater-like space. It has lots of room for them to stretch or lie down. It keeps them comfortable.

Before you go shopping for a hammock, however, you need to take into consideration the following factors to help you pick the best hammock for your car.

  1. The size of your dog – You don’t want to buy a hammock that your dog doesn’t fit into.
  2. The space available – This shouldn’t stress you, however, as most SUVs have enough space to fill a family and leave more to spare.
  3. Water-resistance – You wouldn’t want the dog’s pee trickling down your expensive car seats.
  4. Washing machine safe.


Having considered all the factors listed above, and want to go shopping for a hammock, you’re in luck as I have done you the dirty work, and below is a collection of some of the best dog hammocks you can get for your SUV.


  • 1 . URPOWER Dog Hammock

This dog hammock is made with 100% heavy-duty oxford fabric and is built to last for a lifetime. 

It also fits your budget flawlessly as it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Its scratch-proof quality will save your peace of mind! Forget about cleaning it all the time!

Its features include:

  1. Heavy-duty material
  2. 3 layers wear-proof no harm to your pet
  3. Reinforced headrest straps and clips
  4. Nonslip backing net material and straps to hold the hammock in place
  5. 2 seat anchors to tuck in the seat to keep the hammock from sliding
  6. Convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage
  7. Seat belt openings with velcro
  8. Side flaps for extra protection, easy for the dog to get in or out of the car
  9. Adjustable straps with clips for easy installation


Click here to check the price on Amazon.


2. 4Knines Dog Hammock for SUVs 

These Hammocks are a little pricier than you might like but they are great quality for the price. 


Their features include:


  • Rated “Best of the Best” car seat cover for pets by Best Reviews as an Amazon Editorial Recommendation in April 2019; hammock option provides access to two seat belts and latches anchors; regular size measures 54 inches wide
  • Heavy-duty, colorfast 600D polyester; thick UV-coated straps; durable nylon clips; no azo dyes or heavy chemicals
  • Special 7 layer construction makes the seat bottom completely waterproof (seams are not watertight)
  • Installs in seconds with quick-release clips and strong seat anchors; hose it down, wipe down with a moist towel, or toss it in the washer to keep it looking fresh and clean


Click here to check the price on Amazon.



This is the coolest dog hammock (at least for me).

Its features include:


  • Unique design with Side Flap: our dog seat cover can protect your car seat from scratch, hair, smell, and dirt as well as keep your pet safe
  • Exceptional Design: Zipper and pocket in Front and a free pet seat belt. Passengers and pets can sit in the back seat.
  • Excellent Size & Waterproof: Size- 57″ W x 60″ L can protect your backseat very well, the quality material is 100% waterproof
  • Nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around
  • Easy to clean: When your pet gets the seat cover dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner, and it will be brand new again!


Click here to check the price on Amazon.


4. Kurgo Wander Dog Hammocks


  • Half Size Hammock – This half hammock guards half of your car seat so you can use the remaining half in case you need to store large items or use it with a child car seat. Car hammock prevents your pup’s access to the front seat, keeping them safe in the back seat
  • Preserves Your Car’s Seats – Baby car seat cover hammock protects your car seat from doggy damage, dirt, and dander. Pet cover is water and stain resistant making clean-up a breeze. Includes 2 storage pockets for dog accessories
  • Allows Room for Passenger – Half Hammock style back seat cover only takes up half of your bench seat to provide plenty of room for human passengers, baby car seat, or storage to share the back seat with your pup
  • Handy and Secure Fit – Openings allow for easy access to seat belts, pet restraints, and child car or booster seat latches plastic seat anchors help secure the cover to the base of the seat measures 55” wide x 56” long may not fit large trucks and SUVs
  • Lifetime – Product comes with hassle-free cargo lifetime against manufacturer defects when purchased new from an authorized seller.


Click here to check the price on Amazon.



Once you find the perfect hammock, check out this link to learn how to install it in your car:


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