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Traveling with a dog for the first time can be a nightmare. You encounter all sorts of problems you had no expectations for, including constant distraction from your dog as it keeps jumping from seat to seat, the dog tearing your car seats with its claws, or even the dog peeing or defecating on the car seats. The latter has a long-lasting effect on the smell of your car’s interior. Cleaning might be difficult and some damage may be permanent unless you change your entire upholstery. It might look easy but it is a task you ought to be very well prepared for.


Other than the cleanliness issues, the dog’s safety is also a concern for you. You should never travel with an unrestrained dog as the safety implications are just too many to ignore. The front seat isn’t always the best option to have a dog since the risk is greater there. The dog could be badly thrown onto the dashboard or out through the windshield during an accident. This might badly harm or even kill the dog. If you love your dog as much as I do mine, you wouldn’t want to do anything that puts its life at risk.


The options for restraining dogs in cars are numerous. A car harness is one way of doing it. Car harnesses are specially made to withstand the impact of a car accident. You could also opt for a dog back seat hammock, a dog car booster seat, a travel crate, or a back seat barrier. Here are another 8 Safe Ways to Secure your dog in the Car.

A dog car seat center console is basically a dog car seat that connects to the center console of your car, and a dog harness. The dog car seat center console makes the ride both exciting and safe for your dog. The dog is aware of its surroundings and has its anxiety greatly reduced as it can see you, and the road ahead. The center console is used with a dog harness to restrict the dog to the booster seat. It is especially a great way of restraining puppies and small dogs. 


Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a center console:



  1. It elevated your dog and enables it to see out of the window
  2. Very comfortable for the dog as they’re lined with fluffy material and cushions at the bottom for maximum comfort.
  3. Protects car upholstery as the dog is fully restrained.



  1. Might not be suitable for long trips as many dogs do not like being confined in a tiny space for long.
  2. Needs to be used with a dog harness which is purchased separately.
  3. Can only be used with tiny, small, and medium dog breeds, or puppies.


Here are my top recommendations:


  1. Snoozer Small Console


This console dog car seat gives your pooch a safe spot to sit right next to you, on the middle console. It secures firmly to the lid of the console and includes a strap to attach to your dog’s harness to keep them in one spot. This allows you and your dog to enjoy the ride side-by-side with peace of mind.


The console dog car seat gives your dog a front-row view of the road right next to you! It is designed for pets up to 12 pounds and is especially great for dogs who get carsick or anxious in the car, as seeing outside can help calm anxiety and reduce queasiness. Even dogs who dislike car travel can learn to love it once they have their very own secure, comfortable spot to snooze in and look at the world move past.


It is made of poly-cotton fabric that is fade-resistant, shrink-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant, which means it holds up to heavy-duty use and regular cleaning and still looks great. It’s a high-quality poly cotton dog bed your dog will love for a great price.

Your dog will love the snuggly softness of this Sherpa dog bed, which helps your dog relax in supreme comfort for truly restorative, restful sleep.


This small console measures 7″H x 9″W x 15″L (outer dimensions) by 5″H x 7″W x 13″L (inner dimensions). Since console size varies by vehicle it is recommended that you measure your car’s console and compare it to the car seat’s exterior dimensions, and compare your dog’s measurements with the interior dimensions to find the right fit for your pup.

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  • Meago Pet Console Booster


This console is lightweight and convenient. The safety belt and hook can easily be fixed to the seat base and console lid.

It features a safety belt fixed to the console armrest and hooked to the dog’s harness to give a panoramic view to your lovely pet.

It is made of soft cashmere and sponge material that can easily adjust to be compact with almost all cars.

Recommended for pets up to 12 lbs. Only for small pets, such as Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, poodle etc

Its dimensions are: L x W: 17″x 10″(44 x 25cm),front height: 6.7inch (17cm), rear height: 9.5inch (24cm)

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  • Ximei Dog Console Booster Seat


You need to carefully note the size of your center console and have a general understanding of your console size before buying so that the seat you buy can match your center console smoothly.


Outside Size (Length x Wide x High) :44cm × 22cm × 16cm (17.3″×8.6″×6.3″), Inside Size:35cm x 14 cm x13 cm (13.7″x 5.5″x5.1″)


It is recommended for pets up to 6-8 lbs and is not suitable for fat and large pets. Below 6 lbs is the most suitable.

The seat is compressed in a vacuum package. After opening the package, the product can be restored to its original shape within 1-2 hours, you just need to wait for a while, it can really bring you good results.

It enables the small pets to stay by your side and the pets can look out the window and into the distance.  Staying on the console seat can also help keep them quiet and happy

If you are not satisfied with the seat, you don’t need to worry as the company offers free return or refund services.

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  • Snoozer Luxury Console


This console seat features a luxury removable microsuede cover with accent cording.

It has a non-skid bottom and high back for extra support and protection.

Before buying this product, please measure your dog and your vehicle and reference the provided dimensions to determine if this product is appropriate for your dog and your vehicle.

It has an included security strap.


It measures: 20 L X 12 W X 7 H inches, FRONT/12 H inch, BACK (outside)/17 L x 9 W x 5 H inches, FRONT (inside)- Recommended for pets up to 12 pounds. X-Large: 18 L X 16 W X 7 H inches, FRONT/12 H inch, BACK (outside)/15 L x 12 W x 5 H inches, FRONT (inside) – recommended for pets up to 20 pounds

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