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Before you move with your dog, you ought to completely understand the potential outcomes and dangers of leaving them unrestrained on the seats. You might argue that your dog is disciplined and doesn’t cause any distraction but that’s not the only problem. Unprotected dogs become flying objects in collisions and panic stops – it’s a simple matter of physics. We have known of unrestrained dogs to be thrown through windshields. We’ve also known of terrified dogs, thrown clear of a wreck, to have been hit and killed by another vehicle. Go to enough shows and you’ll hear more sad stories than you can imagine. If you love your dog as much as I do mine, you would like to take good care of it when you travel. 


That means limiting your dog in the car to decrease its mobility. This also saves you from distractions while you’re driving, such as using your hands to prevent the dog from climbing forward to the front seats. Having the dog on the front seats is also risky as it might jump in between your legs and step on the gas or the brakes, potentially causing an accident. 


Dog Hammocks help deter dogs while also making them comfortable during the ride. They also help maintain the cleanliness of the car since the dog hair, sweat, and fur don’t get onto the seats. The reasons why you need a dog hammock are numerous and immense than when not having one.


Qualities of a good dog hammock


  • Waterproof and water resistant.

A dog hammock should be water-proof to restrict any kind of dog fluid from flowing through to the seat covers. 


  • UV protection – A good hammock should be able to protect your feline from direct harmful sun rays.

  • Washing machine safe – A good hammock should be machine washable to ease the cleaning process. This helps dog owners to get ready quickly and be on the move any time they need to use the hammock.
  • The right color to complement your car – You might want to get a car hammock whose colors match the interior aesthetics of your car, instead of getting just any.
  • Mesh window to the front seat –  This helps your dog see you from the back and ease its anxiety. Dogs are calmer when they don’t have anxiety.
  • Anti-slip bottom – The hammock ought to be firm to the seat and not slip on the seats to ensure maximum comfort for the dog.


Bucket seats are car seats contoured to hold one person and are typically standard in front in fast cars to keep drivers and other passengers in place when turning at speed. Bucket seats, like their name suggest, are bucket-shaped in that they have deep seats to help the driver or passenger sink into the chair for more comfort.


Here are the best hammocks you can use on bucket seats.


  • Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock.


This dog hammock turns half your backseat into a cozy, secure space for your dog, while leaving the other half free for human guests. The waterproof, stain-resistant 600D polyester fabric keeps your seats protected, and the gusseted flaps allow easy access to seatbelts. It attaches to all four of your vehicle’s headrests, and, an additional five points of adjustment provide extra security.

It is waterproof and stain-resistant, making it more effective at preventing spills from reaching your seats. It has a hook and loop opening to access seatbelts and latch systems, and an under-seat paracord to further secure it to the seat. This hammock can be used on either the left or right side of the car, making it versatile and easily usable on any bucket seat. It has two storage pockets to help store toys and other items you might want to carry for your dog and also features side flaps to reach seat edges.

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  • Adorrable Dog Cover and Hammock


This hammock has a total fit and fits all the rear car seats. It also features flexible headbands that help it fit better. This dog car hammock is made of strong oxford fabric, which is waterproof and can quickly wipe off moisture without penetrating into the seat. So it is super resistant to the dirt on it. Clean it with water if needed. The hammock also permits your dog to travel conveniently in your car while protecting your car from fur, dirt, dog smell, and general damage so you can just experience family outings without damaging your car.

The dog single car seat cover also helps in saving space in the car. Your family or friends can sit in the rear seat with your dog together, and the dog can also get great comfort if you gently stroke him on the way.

This four-sided zipper dog car hammock makes it safer to prevent pets from jumping out of your seat. You can settle your pet more conveniently. The mat can be curled and stored behind the front seat headrest when you don’t need it, or simply for storage.

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  • Kurgo Dog Hammock for Pets.


This half hammock guards half of your car seat so you can use the remaining half in case you need to store large items or use it with a child car seat. The car hammock blocks your pup’s access to the front seat, maintaining them safe in the Back seat.

This baby car seat cover hammock protects your car seat from doggy damage, dirt, and dander. It is water and stain-resistant, making cleanup a breeze. The package includes two storage pockets for dog accessories and toys in case you need them on the go.

This half hammock style backseat cover only takes up half of your bench seat to allow plenty of room for human passengers, a baby car seat, or storage to share the backseat with your pup

It has openings that allow for easy access to seat belts, pet restraints, and child car or booster seat latches. Plastic seat anchors help secure the cover to the base of the seat measures 55” wide x 56” long. This hammock may not fit large trucks and SUVs

This hammock is suitable for a dog of any age or weight.

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