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Traveling with your dog may seem nice, especially for dog lovers, but can easily be irritating and frustrating as well. Dogs can be a distraction to you while you’re driving as you may have to use your hands to prevent them from climbing onto the front seats. They may jump out through the windows, posing a threat to themselves and other road users. The dog may also slip between your legs and step on the gas or brakes, potentially causing accidents. Moreover, traveling with the dog in the front seat is dangerous to the dog’s life as the airbags deploy with great force in case of emergencies and this may badly injure the dog, or even kill it if it is hit by the airbag. The list of risks and dangers goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, this message isn’t so prevalent within the general pet-loving community. 

Besides, It is difficult to feed the dog without spilling food on the seats, and the dog also leaves its odor and sweat on the seats, which is not a great thing for the atmosphere in the car. 

These are just some of the major problems you will face when you travel with a dog.

To travel safely with your dog in the car, you will have to restrain it to minimize its mobility. Seat belts aren’t the most comfortable option and you might want to use a dog platform or a dog hammock. A dog platform is a plastic or wooden plate that your dog can rest on to avoid contact with the seats. Folding dog platforms are therefore just dog platforms that are collapsible and easily portable. 


The platforms, however, also have some disadvantages:

  1. Dog platforms, unlike dog seat covers and hammocks, require at least some assembly and may take quite some time to set up and be ready to go. 
  2. They are also more difficult to remove and replace the covers when necessary.
  3. Replacement covers aren’t easily available and you might have to replace the entire platform in case your dog destroys it.
  4. There aren’t many design options on the market and you might have to use a not-so-stylish one. There are, however, more expensive stylish options.

If you don’t like those ones either, you can custom make your own design like the Upcycled Pet Beds.


  1. A dog platform isn’t the best option for heavily pregnant or nursing mothers. A mother who’s about to give birth needs a comfortable bed where she and her pups will feel safe and secure.


Before going to buy a dog platform, there are considerations you have to put in place to ensure you get only what’s best for your car and your dog.

Here is a checklist of factors you have to consider:


  • Size

Dog platforms aren’t really flexible enough to fit in just any vehicle and you’ll need to be careful to get the perfect fit for your car.


  • Price

This depends on the flexibility of your wallet or your budget. There are a lot of cheaper but high-quality dog platforms and you won’t have to spend much to get the best quality.


  • Durability

You don’t have to worry much about this as most of the dog platforms on Amazon have a good build and are made to last, with many positive reviews.


  • Water-proof

What’s the point in using a dog platform if it does not protect the seats from spills, sweats, and moisture?

You’ll need to buy a waterproof platform as they are more effective at protecting the seats.


With that out of the way, here are the best folding dog platforms you can get on Amazon.


  • PetDek Dog Platform


This dog platform provides a flat comfortable surface for your pet with a non-sliding included carpet and it folds to 24 x 24 to go in the trunk

The dog platform can easily be installed or removed in under 60 seconds and doesn’t block A/C vents in vehicles. The PetDek platform and its carpet can be hosed off for cleaning.

To install, unfold, leave legs in a folded position, slide across the seat with legs up, lie flat, pull down the legs, slant outward, and adjust for seat height and you’re done. To remove, unless the seat is unusually high you can just tuck legs into the bottom and slide the PetDek out and fold shut. Do not install or remove the PetDek with the legs unfolded.

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  • Paws and Pals Dog Platform


This rear seat dog platform has dimensions of 52″ L x 64″ W that can fit most cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. It is great for the trunks of your SUV or van, or to fit in the trunk and backseat of your hatchback car. It is best for any size of dogs.

This heavy-duty trunk liner for pets renders nonstop shelter for the rear of your vehicle and protects the interior from mud, dirt, dust, liquid, leaves, hair, pet waste, shedding, and more – The extra side flaps will help protect the side of your seat and interior when your dog jumps into the car. It provides wide coverage as it covers the whole trunk and seat area to keep everything clean.

This pet seat cover for trunks employs a non-skid soft material backing and elevated walls at each corner to keep it securely in place while giving additional protection on the sides of your trunk. It is harmonious with all types of interior upholstery including leather and cloth.


It is created with thick & durable canvas-like padded material, PE material, and 600 D fabric that makes it highly durable. It is also 100% Waterproof and easy to clean as you can easily wipe away dirt and grime with a damp cloth or simply vacuum the cover.

Installation is quick and hassle-free – You just use the adjustable straps to clip around the backbench headrests – Velcro patches attach to any carpeted surface.

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  • MISTIC COOL Backseat Dog Platform.


This handy seat extender for dogs stops your dog from falling off the backseat when driving. It acts as a car seat extender for large dogs and a dog car seat for smaller ones.

The durable seat extender with built-in storage holds up to 90lbs and is sure to give your pup a smooth ride no matter where you’re traveling.

It gives your dog room to spread out – no more uncomfortable rides. It fits easily between the front and back seats so your dog won’t fall in the footwell.


This back seat extender for dogs opens for standardized, customizable storage such that you can easily store dog blankets, leashes, pet toys, even kids’ toys, blankets, and more! The included dividers adjust to fit your needs. Better than a dog hammock or a dog car bed!

The durable material wipes down easily and fits in most cars (22” L x 12” H x 12” W). It easily folds down for easy storage.

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  • AMOCHIEN BackSeat Dog Platform


The dog platform highlights a solid, rigid base that maximizes backseat space and provides a sturdy and secure footing for pets. It holds up to 150 pounds and fits backseat areas 26.5in x 54inches, and larger. It is built with a hardwood interior, covered with comfortable foam padding, and made by heavy-duty oxford cloth to sustain the largest breed of dogs without collapsing. It has four headrest straps and two seat anchors that will make sure your seat cover is secured in place; there are also small openings for seat belts that can be used to securely tether your pet onto the bridge. The pet backseat extender includes a barrier to prevent the dog from distracting the driver.

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