Best Dog Car Hammock, Half Seat or Single Seat

Best Dog Car Hammock, Half Seat or Single Seat

June 5, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Dogs can be charming and polite. It’s no wonder, therefore, that traveling with pet dogs is a privilege for most animal lovers and owners. You may want to drive around with your dog in the front seat as a buddy if you own a dog. As exciting as it may appear, though, it comes with several risks and hazards, both to your beloved pet’s life and the lives of other road users.


There are no rules prohibiting a dog from riding in the front passenger seat, but be aware that airbags deploy with extreme force and can severely harm or even kill a dog if it is hit by an exploded airbag.


Your dog can also be a distraction to you while you’re driving as you may use your hands to prevent it from climbing into the front seats or to hold it in place when applying brakes. Furthermore, the dog may slip below the steering wheel, slamming into the gas or brake pedals and causing an accident.


That is why you must restrain your dog whenever you take it with you on a trip.

Restraining your dog in the truck helps to ensure the safety of both the driver and the dog, as well as other road users. It lessens the dog’s ability to disrupt or distract the driver, and it may also lessen the likelihood of a dog becoming a projectile during a collision. They may also prevent the dog from jumping out of the car through the window, which may be dangerous to the dog’s life and other road users.


Dogs are allowed to ride in the open cargo area of a wagon-type vehicle behind a cargo fence, as well as in moving crates and containers, as long as there is adequate ventilation and airflow.


Half back seat dog hammocks are designed to take up only half the space of a full-sized one. They have a side fabric barrier separating the hammock from the backseat it is not occupying. 

They are useful especially when the extra seat space is needed by the car owner. The dog only occupies one seat and the remaining rear seat can be used for other cargo or passengers. 

It can also be used on the front passenger seat to keep the driver safe from any distraction from the dog. The half-size hammocks are considered safer than full-sized carriers because they keep your dog much more contained than a full-sized one that covers the whole backseat.


They work similarly to the full-size hammocks. They are suspended with adjustable straps from the front and rear headrests. Hence you won’t require duct tape


The half-seat hammocks come with some advantages that make them better than full-seat hammocks in some aspects, while also having some shortcomings that might be unpleasant to some dog owners.


  • Pros

  1. Half-size leaves room for family members or friends (one or two more passengers) compared to a full size which takes up the whole backseat
  2. Covers and protects seat upholstery from dirt, mud, dust, and shedding fur
  3. Keeps a dog contained to one area of your car, stops dog wandering around the car, and distracting a driver
  4. Gives you peace of mind while driving
  5. Prevents dog from falling off the back seat into footwell
  6. Creates a padded, comfortable special spot for your dog to sit or lie down in the car


  • Cons

  1. Your dog won’t have as much space as a full-sized seat cover
  2. Some large dog breeds don’t fit into a half size car hammock
  3. Takes up one whole seat in the car
  4. The hammock will end up smelly, dirty, and covered in dog hair as with most dog products
  5. Does not restrain the dog and will not prevent a dog from being thrown forward and/or coming out of the hammock in the instance of a car crash unless paired with a dog seat belt and harness


Before you go shopping for a hammock, however, here are some considerations you ought to put in mind:

  1. The size of your car seat
  2. The color that compliments your car’s upholstery the best
  3. The size of the dog
  4. Weight of the dog
  5. Age of the dog
  6. Is the product machine washable?
  7. Method of suspension the product uses; will it work for your car?
  8. The fabric content of the product


Here are some of the best Half Seat/Single Seat dog Hammocks you can get:


  • Kurgo-Wander Half Seat Dog Hammock


This half-size dog Hammock protects half of your car seat so you can use the remaining half in case you need to store large items or use a child car seat.

It protects your car seat from doggy damage, dirt, and dander. This pet cover is also water and stain-resistant making cleanup a breeze.


It’s versatile and fits perfectly in your car. Openings allow for easy access to seat belts, pet restraints, and child car or booster seat latches; plastic seat anchors help secure the cover to the base of the seat.

This product is relatively pocket-friendly and will set you back just a couple of tens of bucks. It is also waterproof hence you won’t need to worry about your dog’s pee sipping through to your car seats.

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  • Kurgo Heather Half Seat Dog Hammock.


The Heather Half Hammock turns half your backseat into a cozy, secure space for your dog, while leaving the other half free for human guests. The waterproof, stain-resistant 600D polyester fabric keeps your seats protected, and the gusseted flaps allow easy access to seatbelts. It attaches to all four of your vehicle’s headrests, and, an additional five points of adjustment provide extra security.



  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Hook and loop opening to access seatbelts and latch systems
  • Under-seat paracord to further secure
  • Kurgo Beach Beans anchor cover in place
  • Can be used on either the left or right side of the car
  • Two storage pockets
  • Side flap to cover seat edges


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  • Pet Hammock Dog Car Half Seat Cover


This pet hammock dog seat cover is for you if you’re on a tight budget.

The fabric used is not as good quality as the options above as it’s quite thin. However, there are plenty of other amazing features. It comes in a range of colors and patterns including lime green, lavender, black, blue, coffee, navy, orange, pink, red, etc. It is machine washable, waterproof, has adjustable straps and its stand-out feature is how it rolls up with a velcro strap for easy storage inside your car.


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