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Traveling with your pet can be a little irritating at times. They tend to go all over the place and can be a distraction to a driver, especially the ones that crave attention. This may force a driver to use their hands or arms to restrict their pet’s movements or hold them in place when braking.


This video shows a pet barrier in use.


As you may already know, it is not safe to allow your pet to sit on your lap or in the front seat. A vehicle’s front airbag system can be deadly to the pet during a crash if it is sitting in the front seat, even if it is restrained.

Not only is it illegal for your pet to not be securely fastened into your car, but it is also very dangerous for you and the pet.

However, if you find yourself getting distracted by your beloved pet anyway, you may as well consider buying a pet barrier to use in your car.


The barriers come in different materials, prices, and styles, and it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

There are 3 kinds:


  • Metal Barriers

These are heavy-duty metals that are used to contain larger dogs that are not restrained in other ways, pets that are persistent in their attempts to be near you, or those that might be destructive.



Metal barriers work well for the Model Y and some are available for use in both the front and rear of cars and SUVs.


2. Mesh barriers

These barriers are lightweight, easier to install, and also the least expensive. Because they are flexible, they act more as a visual reminder for more well-behaved dogs that a barrier is there.

They come in different sizes and can fit just anywhere in your car. Some are intended to just fill the gap between the two front seats, while others are much wider, can stretch the width of your car, and extend vertically.


Some have back pockets for storage while some have a ventilation window to give your pet a view into the front seats without blocking air circulation from dashboard units.



3. Car Seat Hammocks

These barriers are made to be versatile and can even convert into car seat covers. They are also relatively easier to install —you simply secure the front seat and back seat headrests.

Some hammocks are also waterproof, machine washable, have extra padding, non-slip backing, and extra side flaps to protect the sides of seats.

Some hammocks even include seat belt slides to enable you to further restrain your pet.



Benefits of a Pet Barrier for your Model Y

  1. If you or the driver in front of you needs to come to an abrupt stop on the road, having a pet barrier will keep your dog from flying forward into the front seats or the dashboard. Additionally, if you know your pet is restrained safely, you will be less likely to instinctively throw your hands up to protect your animal.   
  2. Protection for Your Car’s Interior – By investing in a pet carrier for your car, you can provide your pet with a safe environment that also helps to protect and prolong the lifespan of your car’s interior.
  3. If they accidentally go to the toilet in the car, you have it contained in one area of the car and not spread all over the interior.
  4. Keeps your dog calm and relaxed – another benefit of investing in a pet carrier is that It can help your pet have their own safe space that can help them feel relaxed.


The Tesla Model Y has higher seats, second-row reclining seats, and massive cargo space which sets it apart from its competition, while its great versatility and superb packaging are its most important traits, and besides offering more interior space than its sedan stablemate, it can travel 316 miles on a single charge. Loads of trunk space and the rear seats are just enough to fit in a pet carrier of your choice. The Model Y is just the perfect car for pet parents.


Here are some of the best pet carriers you can get for your Tesla Model Y:


  • WeatherTech Pet Barrier

This is an adjustable and expandable heavy-duty barrier that keeps pets safely secured in the rear of your vehicle.

Its features include:

Easy to Install

  • Installs in minutes – Typical installation requires no tools or drilling
  • Locks using easy to turn red knobs along with 14 speedy adjustments
  • Adjusts to a minimum height of 30″ with a max of 46″
  • Adjust to a minimum width of 39″ with a max of 66″
  • Large round flexible support feet create a snug fit which eliminates rattle
  • Support feet work great even on heavily contoured headliners

Built to Last

  • Manufactured with strong yet lightweight aluminum
  • Side adjusting slides made from a strong advanced plastic material
  • The main upright 1″ diameter bar is injection molded out of a proprietary black resin that is incredibly strong
  • Internal upright is a 3/4″ diameter aluminum extrusion with a bright satin anodized finish
  • Center aluminum crossbars are 5/8″ in diameter with a bright satin anodized finish
  • The 1/2″ diameter side adjusting slides are custom designed and made from proprietary resin that is very strong
  • Spacing between the crossbars is 3-3/8″


Essential for Drivers

  • Keeps your focus on the road; not on your furry friend
  • Limits distractions; not your visibility
  • Protects the vehicle’s upholstery from hair, claw scratches, and muddy paws


Excellent for Pets

  • Keeps pets comfortable, safe, and secure
  • Helps prevent pets from leaping over seats


This product can be found here.


2. BUNKERWALL Dog Car Barrier

This barrier comes in five different models – Small, Medium, Large, Small HR, and Medium HR.

The barrier provides the best transport safety without any damage to your car when installed and features a universal design that is adjustable and adaptable to fit most vehicles.

It is crash-tested and approved, proving its quality and worth every penny.

Its features include:

  • Designed for the safety of passengers traveling in an SUV such as the Tesla Model Y
  • Keeps pets from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in an accident.
  • Protects occupants from loose items in the cargo area during a sudden or abrupt stop
  • Adjustable height allows for ideal positioning for optimal safety & protection.
  • Adjustable angle allows for ideal positioning against the second-row seats.
  • Adjustable width allows for maximum coverage of open spaces.
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Easy to install / No additional tools needed
  • No alterations to your car required for installation
  • Easy to move from one car to the next

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



3. SUV Dog Bed

This is probably the barrier your pet would ask you to get them as a birthday present if they could talk.

Backseat Barker - Dog Car Bed for SUV | Big Barker

The SUV Cargo bed with bolsters keeps your pet comfy in the cargo area of your SUV while also protecting your vehicle from pet hair, spills, and scratching.



  • Allows comfortable riding in the back of an SUV
  • Protects vehicle from pet hair and spills
  • Breathable, uncalendared 1.9 oz ripstop nylon with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish

resists moisture, hair and is easy to clean with simple wiping

  • Stuffed bolsters for comfort and security


Click here to check the price on Amazon.




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