Best Dog Car Seat Cover With Baby Car Seat

Best Dog Car Seat Cover With Baby Car Seat

June 3, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Most cars weren’t invented with dogs in mind, so your normal seat belt won’t fit him. But with the right car, a dog harness would work better, and you can keep any size of dog safely strapped up in the back of your car. There’s no need to leave your dog at home if you’ve taken every precaution to make him safe and comfortable in your car. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog safe in the car.

Dog sweat, piss, and fur are things you don’t want to have on the seats of your car. That’s why you will need to purchase a dog car seat cover for your car. The covers help maintain the aesthetics of the car, especially the conditions of the seats so you won’t have to have them cleaned or replaced regularly. It also helps the car have a higher resale value in case you want to sell your car after some time since the seats are what’s first noticed by a potential buyer.


Car seat covers have many other advantages including;

  1. It’s less comfortable for passengers to sit on seats they know are shared with dogs.
  2. A better driving experience for yourself and your passengers
  3. Help get rid of odors that may come from dog waste from the car.


Your dog can sit at the rear and still leave enough room to fit a baby seat. You’ll have to buy a dog cover that doesn’t cover the whole rear so as to confine the dog to only a small space and leave the rest for the baby seat.

Car Seat Cover Buying Checklist

Before you go shopping, you ought to keep in mind what you’re looking for and not just settle on the first product you meet on your way.

Here are some considerations you need to have in mind:


  • Fit

You’ll need a seat cover that has a snug fit and does not shift from the seat when you’re driving, to make sure it’s ample enough. 

  • Durability

For your money’s worth, you’ll need to consider getting a cover that can stand the test of time. One that will not fall apart after a short time. You’ll also need to ensure that the material does not deteriorate from washing or cleaning, else you’ll be back on the market after not so long.


  • Machine Washability

Dog odor is not something you want to keep around for long in your car or anywhere.

The sweat and wastes need to be disposed of as soon as possible and what easier way to do that than to use a washing machine. There are a couple of machine washable covers in the market that you can get and they will help a great deal with the cleaning so you can get rid of the germs and bacteria before they seep through the cover onto the floor mat and into the car seats.


  • Water-proof

What’s the point in using a car seat cover if it does not shield the seats from spills, sweats, and moisture?

You’ll need to buy a waterproof cover as they are more efficient at protecting the seats.


  • Ease to install

You’ll need to get a cover that’s simple enough to fix and also easy to transfer in case you need to wash it.


  • Style

If you’re so mindful of style and fashion you might want to buy a cover that matches the aesthetics of your car, and not just any.


  • Value

The value of any product is defined by its strength, price, and how completely it solves the problem at hand. Car seat covers can be stupid-cheap but just remember that you’re aiming to protect one of your biggest investments – your vehicle – so skimping on car seat protection won’t serve that purpose well.  


Here’s a video you can watch, about the best car seat covers of 2018.


The Best Dog Car Seat Covers 

  •  URPower Pet Seat Cover

This dog seat cover is a solid soldier for your car as well as your pets.

It’s constructed by 100% heavy-duty oxford fabric and is built to last for a lifetime.

Its scratch-proof quality will save your peace of mind, forget about cleaning it all the time!





  1. Made of durable heavy-duty material
  2. 3 layers wear-proof will cause no harm to your pet
  3. Has reinforced headrest straps and clips
  4. Has non-slip backing net material and straps to hold the cover in place
  5. Has 2 seat anchors to tuck in the seat to keep cover from sliding
  6. Convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage
  7. Has got seat belt openings with velcro
  8. Has side flaps for extra protection, making it easy for your dog to get in or out of the car
  9. Has adjustable straps with clips for easy installation

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



2. OKMEE Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover.

Not only does this dog hammock for the back seat stop your dog from crawling everywhere, but there are also 2 adjustable dog seat belts including keeping your pets stay on the seats and protecting them from getting hurt during accidents or sudden braking.

The extra storage pockets in these dog car seat covers make it effortless for storing your pets’ food and toys. Keep your car inside neat. Its wearproof fabrics make it easy to clean any stains that your pets left on.





  • 4-in-1 Luxury Car Seat Cover for Dogs: Easily interchangeable between dog hammock, bench car seat cover protector, front pet seat cover, or cargo liner with zipped up or down. It also permits pets and kids to share a back seat and travel together.


  • Unique Mesh Window & Storage Pocket Design: Featured with a mesh visual window in the center of this dog seat cover, helps your pet get better air circulation and you can see them easily, thereby reducing their anxiety. Oversized storage pockets in the dog car cover for the backseat can store your pet’s food and toys.
  • Wearproof & Scratchproof & Nonslip Durable Back Seat Cover for Car: Made of high-quality enhanced stitching, immune to scratches and tears, and will last long. 4 headrest snap buckles and 2 seat anchors and Non-slip backing prevent seat cover from sliding around. Crafted with heavy-duty oxford fabric and soft PP cotton are more comfortable.


  • Safer & More soil-resistant Dog car Hammock With 2 Free Seat Belts: A Pet Seat Cover Hammock with side flaps with double flanking hooks, 2 velcro openings can protect your car seat from scratch, hair and fur, smell and dirt as well as keep your pet safe. The quilted design goes well with your car interiors to give a luxurious look to your car.


  • Easy to Install & Clean: This dog car seat cover is super easy to set up or remove in 60 seconds for quick in-and-out trips with the dogs,  and easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Machine washable (laundry bag needed).

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And watch this video to check how to install it in advance.


  1. Arf Pets Dog Seat Cover.


This multipurpose non-slip guard affords wide coverage for your Car cargo whether you’re traveling with a slobbery pooch or simply want extra protection against life’s messes. Multiple layers of polyurethane material create an effective barrier against liquid, while the super-soft padded construction gives a serene, tranquil ride.





  • Waterproof cargo liner: fits all standard vehicles
  • Textured Non-Slip backing ensures stability & stands up to high temperatures; No color bleeding
  • Quick release headrest straps & seat anchors make for easy Installation; side flaps and coverage
  • Machine-Washable. Use a gentle or delicate cycle and air dry
  • Adjustable strap with buckle attaches liner to the front or rear seats for extra security and stability.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



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