Vsysto truck dash cam

Vsysto truck dash cam

September 3, 2019 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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About The Vsysto Truck Dash Cam


First, there are actually three cameras. There is one to be positioned in the front and two at the side. This gives you three different viewing perspectives. This is important because while driving you are focused on the front, it is important to what is happening on the road next to you. If a car speeds up and tries to overtake you it will show up on one of these side cams first. This means that you will have the complete footage of a driver not just trying to swerve in front of your lane but the whole process leading it up to it. You can also see how well you maintain yourself in your lane and the distance from other cards. You can see the flow of traffic. You can see how weather affects your driving when there are high winds or heavy rain.


The cameras are waterproof.

Hopefully, you will not be in a situation where you would need this, but it will give you great comfort knowing that if you were to leave the window down you’ll be covered. Something that causes water or another liquid to spray is not going to hurt your cameras. It would be terrible to buy the dashcam only to have it not work after getting wet thereby losing its potential to record the road.

The main dashcam in the middle records at a screen size of 1920 by 1080, allowing a lot of detail. The side cameras record at 720 by 480. To get an idea, you can set your own laptop or computer screen size to this setting.


The cameras cannot overheat either! The manufacturing company actually tested it an oven to see if would explode (it didn’t). This means that you don’t have to worry about high temperatures or sunlight essentially melting your equipment. Extreme temperatures can be an issue with electronics but feel reassured that your dashcam is not going to be destroyed because of weather that would warp some of your other electric devices.



Night Vision

Night recording can be tough with a smartphone or other recording device so it is a sigh of relief that the Vsysto Truck Dash Cam comes with infrared night vision. It can record objects and make them visible without overpowering them with other light sources. One impressive thing is to notice how street lights, advertisements, car lights, etc. do not drown out the footage in their own light, and you are still able to recognize people, trees, sidewalks, street signs, high way exits, animal life, or anything else that would be relevant worth noting if needed on your journeys.

Also, if you want to record any memorable night scenes from your route, you will be able to do so. Maybe you are making a delivery to a warehouse in the middle of a busy city, but it’s empty at 3:00 am. If you want to capture it and keep it with your memories, you now have something you can use for your own personal enjoyment as well.


SD Cards

Some people may think that their older dash cams are just as good as the Vsysto, but Vsysto offers more storage space than previous types of truck dash cams. It can hold sd cards up to 2 128 GB SD cards. That can be a lot of footage, and it gives you enough space to not having to worry about running out so quickly. Files can be stored as 1, 3, and 5 minutes each (making it easier to isolate if you are looking for something). The earliest file will be replaced with the newest one as space runs out so even if you are worried about using all your space it will re-record for you. Because you can have up to 2 128 GB SD cards, you should have plenty of time if you want to extract them to your computer, external hard drive, cloud account, or wherever else you prefer.


Emergency Mode

God forbid something does happen, the Vsysto dash cam will lock the most recent file recording so it will not be damaged, altered, or replaced. There are sensors that will pick on an accident occurring, and because this will be done automatically, you can be sure that your file will be saved to the sd card storage. This will help you sleep better at night since you won’t be worrying whether the recording will take or not if something really bad does happen. And although the Vsysto dash cam cannot guarantee you freedom from accidents, it can guarantee you that the situation will be recorded for accuracy so as to help you be prepared.




The final feature which is worth mentioning is the warranty. The claims about waterproof and overheating conditions sound great! But, you might be thinking something could happen despite being told this. The company offers a warranty with a 100% guarantee because they are so confident in their product that they are willing to stake their claim against any doubts. So, if anything happens, you are not out of luck.


If you really want to see the cam in action, take a moment to youtube or another video sharing site and search “vsysto truck dash cam” and see what pops up. You will see quite a bit of footage from many different kinds of vehicles from even many different countries. Add the word “night” to your search to see how the night vision looks. Pay attention to the small details like trees and street signs. If you feel this would be worth your time, you too can have your own truck dashcam and give yourself an investment in peace of mind for minimal costs.