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If you’re a dog owner, you might agree with me that traveling with your pooch is an underrated difficulty. However instructed your dog is, you certainly won’t miss a hint of worry of the dog leaving its fur or smell on the seats or even destroying the seats with its claws. Your car seats are way too expensive to risk with that. Also, why not use a hammock if it will also make the dog rest better – a reciprocal benefit to you and your dog


It’s obviously attractive and satisfying seeing your dog gaze at the windscreen and out the window as you drive but the dangers of doing that – leaving your dog unrestrained on the seats – are not even amusing. For beginners, the airbags expand with exceptional force in case of emergencies and this may badly injure or even kill the dog if it is hit by the airbag. It is not an unusual sight to see dogs thrust out of the windshield in accidents and this could easily be your dog if you don’t take forethoughts. The dog might be fortunate to just have a few broken femurs here and there but the cost of correcting this at a vet’s amounts to thousands of dollars. 

In other cases, the dog might fall in between your legs and step on the brakes or the gas, conceivably causing accidents. 

The unrestrained dog also acts as a distraction to you, the driver, as you might be tempted to look back, or at the mirror often to ensure it’s not jumping around or just use your hand to prevent it from jumping to the front seats. Either way, you’re putting yourself and other road users in danger – a driver should always be focused on the road ahead and around. The list does not stop there, as the danger is imminent.


Using a dog hammock is one way of restricting your dog in the car. The hammock not only restrains the dog but also makes it comfortable during the ride. Dogs don’t have human posture and seats aren’t really the most comfortable place for a dog to lay. 

Dog hammocks come in different types. If you’re not satisfied with what you find on the market, a tutorial can help. 


Like many other things in life, dog hammocks also come in different designs. Some come with side flaps while others don’t. The side flaps prevent the dog from falling from the seat cover, while also protecting the car door from scratches from the dog’s claws.  They protect the doors and also make it impossible to reach the floor of the car. All the hair and dirt will remain on the cloth of the bench seat covers for dogs.


Before you go looking for a hammock, however, you should know how to choose one.


Here are the best dog car hammocks with sides that you can get on Amazon.


  • KARLSCHMIT Car Dog Seat Hammock


This dog car hammock has a perfect size of 54″W x 58″L that fits different vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs. It furnishes your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and is also 100% waterproof – you won’t need to worry about dog urine or sweat seeping through to the seats. It also perfect for shielding from damage caused by baby car seats. And for kids, it can protect the back seat from food and juice spills.


It has a mesh window that enables air to flow into the back seat and helps to reduce the pup’s anxiety when they are able to see you through it. The extra storage pockets can store your pets’ food, toys, and other accessories.

The top layer is the 600D oxford with water-resistant coating, the bottom layer is the PP cotton mat. These allow it to keep your seat from any dirt, liquid, scratches.


The hammock also highlights side flaps that guard your car door against scratch, hair and make it more relaxed for your dog to get in or out of the car.

The pet seat cover cum hammock has a non-slip surface, built-in nonslip backing, and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from slipping around. Built-in velcro openings for your Seat belts ensure your dog is safe.

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  • LIFEFAIR Dog Seat Hammock with Mesh Window


This dog seat cover and hammock measure 64W*60L inches and applies in most car automobiles. The seat cover is designed for most backseats of standard cars, trucks & SUVs and is easily convertible between dog car hammock(side-open/full protection) and standard bench coverage. 

LIFEFAIR dog backseat cover is made of 900D oxford and TPU coating that provides amazing water resistance. With heat-pressing technology and no needle holes, this dog seat cover can achieve 100% waterproof. What’s more, it uses the highest standard 900D oxford which is more durable and heavy-duty.

It comes with four side flaps that can defend your car from scratch and mud. The soft thick cover filled with PP cotton provides a comfortable place for your dog to rest. Unzip the zipper to convert the hammock to a seat cover, which allows dogs and kids to share the back seat. A free dog seat belt is included in the package.

You no longer need to bother about the dog getting timid from not seeing you as you can easily check your dogs through the mesh window. It comes with a newly designed mesh that can also prevent side leakage from the end of the window. The visual window also keeps the air flowing and offers a cool and dry environment

The pet dog seat cover only takes three steps to install: You just unfold, hang up and adjust. 


LIFEFAIR back seat cover for dogs is easy to clean, and machine washing or vacuum cleaning options are available.

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  • URPOWER Upgraded Dog Hammock with Mesh Window


With a mesh visual window in the center, this hammock helps your dog get enough air circulation and you can see them easily, reducing their stress. The extra storage pockets can collect your pets’ food and toys.

The seat covers shield your car seat better than other sheets because of the 100% waterproof made from new TPU material.

The hammock has side flaps, making it more convenient for your pooch to get in or out of the car. It has an excellent size of 54″W x 58″ L, which makes it harmonious with different vehicles. The design of side flaps also can protect your car door from scratch, and hair.

PVC non-slip soft rubber backing and seat anchors prevent the seat cover from sliding around.

It’s very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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  •  Meadowlark Dog Hammock


This dog hammock with a visual mesh window gives full protection for both your pet and your car. It was produced and tested with focus groups of dog lovers and tried in over 100 different vehicle types – you no longer need to worry whether this dog seat cover is going to fit your car.

It features a mesh window so you and your dog can always see each other. Your pet can see you from every angle of the backseat subduing their anxiety during the ride and also ensures your dog gets plenty of air circulation. The mesh barrier is made of high-quality materials made to remain for years!

The Meadowlark car seat covers for dogs have been uniquely devised as top quality, real heavy-duty, fully watertight, non-slip with permanent zippered side flaps; and extra padded for comfort, with four layers of a double stitching to guarantee the best protection and long-lasting use. The extra-durable zippered side flaps enable it to shield your entire car and warrant the safety of your dog. They protect the doors and also make it inaccessible to reach the floor of the car. All the hair and dirt will persist on the cloth of the bench seat covers for dogs. The headrest covers keep it clean from hair and scratches. 

Even if you’re not the type of person who constructs stuff within seconds, the assembly of the dog seat covers for cars will seem like a piece of cake to you. You just grasp the straps around the headrests, and you’re ready to go!


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