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Owning a dog means much more than just owning a pet. Dogs have been known to be man’s best friends in the animal family, and are the most popular pets among many people. If you’re looking for reasons to own a dog, here are nine.

Over time, you get so familiar with your dog and consider it not as an animal pet but as a friend with paws and fur. You only want the best for it and can even risk your life to rescue your dog in other cases.

If you’re like me, you probably like to take your dog on walks and would even like to take it on rides in your truck. However, cleanliness is a concern in this case as you may not want to have dog odor and sweat remaining on your car seats and that’s precisely why you need a dog hammock for your car.


Besides, hammocks also come in handy at ensuring the safety of you, your dog, and other road users as well. Traveling with an unrestrained dog poses a danger to all parties and may have severe consequences. You might have to use your hands to prevent it from climbing onto the front seats, thereby causing a distraction to you as a driver. The dog might also slip in between your thighs and step on the brake or gas pedals, potentially causing accidents. 

It is also dangerous to the life of the dog itself as in case of an emergency braking situation, the airbags deploy with great force that can badly injure or even kill your dog.


There are a lot of different hammocks in the market with different specifications and qualities. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for to avoid stumbling on just the first one to come across your path. Like all different things in the world, they also come in different sizes and shapes, and fits. If you’re looking to buy an extra-large hammock for your truck, here is some advice on how to choose the right hammock for your truck.


If you’re looking for the best extra-large dog hammock for your truck, you’re in luck as I’ve compiled for you the best you can find on Amazon


  • Vailge Extra Large Dog Hammock


This dog hammock and seat cover has an excellent size of 60″ Wide x 64″ Length and is notably larger than other hammocks. It will perfectly preserve your car from any dog dirt or waste while also shielding your car seats from scratches and mud. It is easily convertible between a hammock and a standard bench coverage.


It also has side flaps, making it easier for your dog to get in and out. It has a Versatile split zipper hammock to allow pets and kids can share the back seat when zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half/half so dogs and passengers can easily travel together.

It has two waterproof layers and is 100% waterproof, hence you won’t need to worry about spills. This hammock has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping every time you apply the brakes. It also has built-in nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around. Built-in velcro openings for your Seatbelts also help ensure your dog’s safety, as safety is always a priority.

It is easy to install with quick-release clips. You just snap the buckle straps around your car’s headrests and tuck in the seat anchors and Bob’s your uncle! It’s also easy to clean – machine washable using the gentle cycle.


Click here to check the price on Amazon.




  • Tapiona XXL Dog Hammock

The Tapiona XXL Hammock width is 63 inches, length 94 inches, and is one of the widest on the market. It fits great for SUVs and trucks. This hammock has a non-slip backing and four large velcros to hold down the cover so it can always stay firmly fixed. It won’t ever taint your pricey leather backseats unlike PVC dots & anti-slip mesh fabrics. 


It is also made of quality polyester with a PU coating that never gives off odor in a car. Many others use PVC polyester coating that becomes smelly in the hot weather and also has a high content of heavy metals, such as Lead and Cadmium. PVC coating starts wearing off after several days of use. A durable PU coating feels much softer and much more comfortable.

This dog seat cover is easy to clean, WATER, and TEMPERATURE RESISTANT due to the innovative PU coating. To clean out pet hair or different types of spots and smudges, you can simply wipe the pet seat cover down with a damp cloth. Stronger and denser stitching is used to make the pet seat cover last much longer in case your furry friend decides to get naughty on the go.


This dog seat cover is soft, non-slip, and water-resistant for your dog to sit comfortably. It is a hammock style and protects your car seats. It also prevents you from getting distracted and makes driving safer for both you and your pet friend.


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  • Adorabae Extra Large Dog Hammock

This extra-large hammock measures 60’’X64” and is a perfect fit for any truck. It has two side-flaps to prevent scratches on the side and is easily convertible from full hammock to bench cover.

It has a mesh window intended to keep backseat air circulation and enable the pet to have a clear view and keep calm while waiting inside the vehicle. It has a zipper located next to the viewing window which will enable a passenger to sit by the pet, and also a devised seat belt buckle hole composed for the safety of the passenger and baby car seat. A free complimentary pet seat belt is included in the package.


This product is made of heavy-duty oxford fabric material and a comfortable non-slip base. It can be utilized underwater, dirt, fur, sand, and other conditions which provide effective protection for the vehicle. In simple terms, this hammock is completely waterproof.


The hammock is easy to clean as you just snap the buckle straps around both of the front seat headrests. Adjust the length of all sides to fit the size of the seat.


To clean, just uninstall the dirty seat cover and clean with a cloth, vacuum, or rinse with water.


Click here to check the price on Amazon.


  • Meadowlark Large Dog Hammock

This extra-large dog hammock renders full protection for both your pet and your car. It was designed and tested with focus groups of dog lovers and tried in over 100 different vehicle types – you no longer need to worry whether this dog seat cover is going to fit your car.


It has an extra thick visual mesh window with a wide viewing angle so you and your dog can always see each other. Your pet can see you from every angle of the backseat reducing their anxiety during the ride. The mesh window guarantees your dog gets plenty of air circulation. It is also made of high-quality material made to lasts for years. 

It is designed with real heavy-duty, fully waterproof, non-slip material with durable zippered inside flaps that is extra padded for comfort with four layers of double stitching, thereby ensuring the best protection and long-lasting use.


This dog hammock is going to protect your entire truck and ensure the safety of your dog. The side flaps protect the doors and also make it impossible to reach the floor of the car. All the hair and dirt will remain on the cloth of the bench seat covers for dogs. The headrest covers keep it clean from hair and scratches. Use the 2 headrest covers to protect the front or back headrests as needed.


Even if you’re not the type of person who constructs stuff within seconds. The assembly of these dog seat covers for your truck will seem like a piece of cake to you. You just secure the straps around the headrests, and Bob’s your uncle!! 


 You can wash it anytime in your washing machine, without any hassle!


Click here to check the price on Amazon. 


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