Falconeye Trucker Dash Cam Review

Falconeye Trucker Dash Cam Review

November 4, 2019 Off By Marcus Ford

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Falconeye Trucker Dash Cam

Grandpa John had a truck, for his farming. One day, while returning from the
town, with livestock feed, his truck broke down. He needed to get a car technician
to get it fixed. But he was in the middle of nowhere!

Not a single sign of any life could possibly be seen. As a consequence, he got off
his truck, leaving all his belongings in the front seat. Locked it and went in search
of a helper.

But unfortunately, when he returned, he found his belongings to be stolen. To his
utmost surprise, he noticed that the truck door was as locked as before, nothing
was broken nor was there any attempt of opening the windows! Then how could
things get stolen?
Falconeye Trucker Dash Cam Review

This mystery can be solved with an extensive range of investigations consuming a
huge amount of time. But he could’ve done this in no time, if only he had installed
a trucker dash cam in his vehicle!

This may happen with anyone, including you, but what will a clever man do in
such a case? Yes! Collect evidence, most commonly with a dash cam.

I hope you already know what a dashcam is and I will not bore you to death
repeating it again. I just want to remind you that dash cams may come handy in
any kind of emergency situation like the above-mentioned case.

In this post, we will review one of the best trucker dash cams available, the
Falconeye Trucker Dash Cam.

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The Falconeye Trucker Dual Dash Cam Review

Video Quality

Supporting up to 1080p quality, this dash cam comes with two wide-angle
cameras. The main camera is designed to be mounted on the windshield facing
forward. All the views are always recorded in HD.

While the secondary one is optional to be faced anywhere you want, commonly
mounted at the back of your truck. It enables you to view and record anything
and everything even beyond your normal human sight.

The advantage of having a dual dash cam needs no more clarification. Still you
would love to know that it is likely to prevent insurance fraud completely.
Because you will have the footage of the back side as well.

If you are a traveler and your hobby is to record your road trip for keeping the
experience in the form of a video, then you should definitely invest in this dual
dash cam. Falconeye trucker dash cam will not miss anything that happens during
your road trip.




Another intriguing factor is that the cameras are made as completely waterproof.
They will provide surveillance in all weather conditions. If you take your truck for
washing or cleaning, you won’t have to worry about the dash cams. They will do just
fine even after getting sprinkled or being completely drenched in the water.

Temperature Resistance

This dashcam is also a great temperature resistant product. This means that the
sensitive components inside the dash cams are not affected by heat build-up or

intense chilling. You can take a trip throughout the desert or the ice land without
having a single effect on the camera performance.

GPS System

It comes with a built-in GPS tracking system and you can now move forward to
make most of its advanced usages.

The most attractive feature of this GPS system is its 100% coverage throughout
the whole planet. It is superb for your security purposes and for providing correct
speed and navigation control while driving.

You can rely on its assistance to find your routes in a new city at ease. If you get
lost somehow, it enables you to track the precise location of your vehicle. You can
also track the location of your moving truck online while sitting comfortably in
your house. You get the power to secure your truck from being stolen even if it is
miles away from you.

Security System

The most amazing feature of this dash cam is its special password-protected
system. You can also encrypt the memory for keeping the drivers or any other
person from accessing without authorization.

Moreover, you will have the complete control to delete, move, copy or edit any or
all part of the recorded video clip on your dash cam’s memory. Nevertheless, the
power to turn on or off the camera will also be in your hand.

Internet Access

Another great element of this dash cam is online viewing of the recorded videos.
You can use both WiFi and mobile data to view them from anywhere in the world.
It also has the option for downloading videos as per your wish in any kind of
device you want such as laptop, pc, desktop, android and IOS operator.

Night Vision Feature

It comes with a night vision feature that enables you to record everything even
in pitch dark nights. This system is helpful to improve the dash cam’s sense
perception and recording distance in darkness or poor weather.

If you face any accident at night, normal dash cams may fail to record everything
clearly. But cameras with special night vision mode catches almost everything like
the number plate details, roadside street signs, high way exits and so on.

Motion Sensor System

Another astonishing feature to mention is its motion sensor feature. This G-
sensor is very interesting in the fact that, if you have an accident with this camera,
it will automatically record the first and last few minutes before and after the

So, if you forget to save that footage, as you obviously will be in a shock,
Falconeye Dash Cam will have your back! You can show everyone the recorded
incident as an evidence to support your side of the claim.

Built-In Memory

It stores up to 110 hours of recording before rewriting the memory and comes
with a massive storage space ranging from 64 GB to 512 GB. It also comes with
the loop recording feature.


The Falconeye Dash Cam comes with various warranty options. The term of
warranty varies from having no memory card to 512 GB built-in storage system,
single front-facing to dual dash cams, windshield-mounted system and waterproof
proof system etc. It gives 1 year to 3 years warranty depending on the available
system options.

After reading the description in details, let’s have a glance at the bullet points.


  • The dual cameras can capture small details such as street signs and license
    plate numbers.
  • The built-in GPS system can record your route, accurate driving speed, and
  • You are able to turn on or off the camera and view the recorded clips
  • The memory comes with a password protection system which provides you
    with better security function.
  • It comes with a massive storage system up to 512 GB of memory.
  • Really easy to install and comes with all the instructions.


  • Headlight glares at night can sometimes disturb the video quality.
  • The camera suction plate is not enough durable.

So, that’s all folks! I hope my review helps you with deciding whether to buy
Falconeye Trucker dashcam or not. If your decision is positive, you won’t have to
worry about any thieves sneaking up on you and you can easily solve any
mysterious activity happening on your truck in your absence.


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