10 Amazing Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

10 Amazing Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

July 7, 2020 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Telematics systems synergize with vehicle tracking systems by monitoring a wide range of data when it comes to vehicles, especially for a full fleet. There are many ways in which this system can assist you to manage your resources more efficiently.


If you find yourself struggling with the right telematics systems to use for your commercial fleet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


Benefits of a Telematics System


It essentially gathers a wide array of data ranging from vehicle location, activity to driver behavior and displays it on software platforms. You can reduce your overhead costs, track locations of your vehicles, and even use it for accessing insurance risks. It also helps you to improve safety conditions, increase productivity, and manage your payroll more efficiently.



What Are Some of the Different Types of Telematics Devices?


Here are the different types of telematics devices used for commercial fleet operations.


1. Hardwired Telematics Systems

They are powered by the battery and are directly connected to the fleet vehicle’s electrical system. Communication is done through an engine control unit and data is sent wirelessly which makes it very convenient. It typically consists of a GPS, mobile communications unit as well as microcontrollers. Even though it’s a bit expensive and time-consuming, it provides excellent safety and security.


2. Smartphone Telematics Systems

This is a more user-friendly version that utilizes the smartphone’s GPS via a handy app for better management. Data is transferred through Bluetooth sensors and can even be customized in terms of visibility as per your preferences. It’s also quite cost-effective.


3. On-Board Telematics Systems

This one features plug-and-play functionality and costs less than other solutions. It is also very easy to install and can be used to monitor a lot of different data such as RPM, fuel mileage, speed, and so on. Its biggest advantage is that it can easily be scaled along with your operations and is extremely versatile.




10 Amazing Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking


Let us now look at 10 benefits of using GPS for fleet tracking.


1. Better Time Management

As with every business, time is money and the more you can save on time, the more revenue you can bring in. With GPS tracking, one can chart out the best routes devoid of traffic and obstacles and allow drivers to reach their destination more quickly.


2. Improved Useful Data

With detailed and easy to read reports, companies can optimize their businesses for better growth.


3. Better Safety

With the collection of day to day driver behavior data, fleet managers can improve training processes, reward high performing drivers, and hold their employees accountable for their actions.

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4. Easier Organizing

Managers and dispatchers can use the data collected by GPS tracking to better organize their priorities and make informed decisions for better optimization of their employee’s day to day operations.


5. Reduced Costs

GPS data can be used to get a better insight into high-cost areas so that an effective plan can be made to bring them down.


6. Reduced Downtime

A certain amount of downtime always exists in companies. However, too much downtime can end up with many negative consequences down the line. With accurate GPS data collected, managers can figure out trouble spots and rectify them on time.

7. Lesser Payroll Cost

With accurate readings of time utilized by drivers in their day to day work, payroll management can be done more efficiently by comparing GPS data with employee time cards.


8. Improved Insurance Rates

Most insurance providers provide reduced insurance premiums to fleet management businesses that utilize GPS tracking as it helps them to monitor the vehicles more efficiently.


9. Better Customer Satisfaction

Companies can provide far better services to their customers, thanks to the many benefits of GPS tracking such as faster delivery times, updates, and more.


10. Theft Prevention

With GPS tracking, thieves can no longer steal vehicles without alerting the supervisor or manager. It can also ensure that company vehicles are not used by employees for personal reasons.



With so many benefits, Telematics systems are a must-have for any fleet management business. You can find the right one that works for your business by figuring out what data you want to track, how you can use the data to improve performance and your budget.