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Nissan Leaf is a true electric vehicle powered only by electricity, and its battery can be charged at home. The electric motor that replaces the conventional engine offers a totally different driving experience which has a quiet and responsive acceleration.

The vehicle was manufactured by the automobile manufacturer; Nissan and was rolled out officially in 2010. The Nissan Leaf range on a full charge is 364km or 226 miles.

It was listed as the world’s all-time top-selling plug-in electric car in Dec 2019. The large capacity, yet the compact-sized advanced lithium-ion battery is placed under the floor which maximizes the interior space to accommodate 5 adults in comfort. So it’s a pretty decent family car.


To fully enjoy your Nissan Leaf car functionality, You need good sturdy tires for your daily activities. So we have decided to compile a comprehensive list of tires for your Nissan Leaf.

Every tire on this list will fit the Nissan Leaf Model S, SL, and SV. 



This tire is built to replace the current Altimax RT and it looks like they have done an impeccable job with the upgraded model. The new tire is designed to deliver increased all-season traction and handling with a more comfortable ride and extended tread life for drivers of cars like Nissan Leaf.

It has a high-tech cushion silica tread compound and symmetric tread pattern combines with what we call peak anti-slip design technology that increases dry and wet traction as well as enhanced ride comfort. This tire traction and handling on dry or wet road surfaces are among the best.

The steering is crisp and responsive and gives you a more confident feeling behind the wheel. Tire stability is excellent throughout the speed range, and your ride will be comfortable on all but the worst road surfaces. Noise is greatly reduced due to a twin cushion tread compound. It ranges from 13 inches all the way to 20 inches. 

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This tire is the company’s second-generation model for this particular tread design. The outer dry zone has larger outside tread blocks along the shoulders that enhance cornering grip and steering response on dry pavement.

The water zone features unique Aquachutes in the tread area that work to evacuate more water and slush away from the tire, giving you better handling and control on wet areas. An optimized tread compound gives this tire its long tread life, approximately 80,000-mile tread life warranty.

These tires handle and grip the pavement very nicely, whether it is dry, wet, or snowy. In fact, it can be challenging to force them to break loose. Ride comfort is quite good for an all-season tire, and the warranty that is offered by Good year is excellent.

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This ultra-high performance all-season tire comes with new technology that Continental hopes will make it the class leader in UHP all-season tires. The tire features added amounts of silica and silane additives that are designed to enhance traction on wet road surfaces, provide more precise handling and deliver a longer-lasting tread life.

The asymmetric tread pattern remains familiar. This tire also addresses some of the issues with its predecessor in terms of dry and wet traction by adding traction grooves and utilizing X-sipe technology around the tread. The combination of the two gives this tire noticeable improvement when it comes to grip in the rain or snow, as well as much improved braking and cornering performance, which is very good on the car.

Continental has taken its original class-leading UHP tire and managed to further improve its dry, wet, and snow traction. Overall this tire ranks among the best tire in this category and we say so without any hype. It simply doesn’t disappoint. 

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This tire by Michelin uses a next-generation Evertread compound and an asymmetric tread pattern on the Defender T+H that feature higher amounts of silica for increased traction on wet pavements while maintaining constituent grip as the tire wears down.

Independent tread blocks and Michelin’s Intellisipe technology which provides interlocking zig-zag sipes around the tire assist in delivering excellent wet traction. These added sipes and their biting edges further enhance performance on snow-covered road surfaces, which is very good for all-season tires for your Nissan Leaf.

In addition to a longer tread life, the Defender T+H delivers a consistent all-around solid performance. Dry and wet traction is excellent, while the ride is quiet and comfortable. This new model is now one of the best standard all-season tires available for your Nissan Leaf. Highly recommended.

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The new Kumho Ecsta 4X II is built to replace the original Ecsta 4X (KU22) in the company’s ultra high-performance tire lineup. This second-generation model is built to increase year-round traction and deliver a longer-lasting tread life at a lower cost than many tires in the UHP all-season class.

It features a new polymer blended tread compound that is created to enhance grip on all types of pavement and weather conditions. Kumho has also concentrated on winter weather traction by adding silica and other new resins that add noticeably improvement in this area.

An asymmetric tread pattern and larger shoulder blocks give the 4X II increased handling and cornering grip. You’ll notice the steering is quicker and more responsive than the older version due to the tire’s optimized contact patch, continuous center rib, and stiffer tread block design. We can safely say that for a much lower cost, the new 4X II delivers substantial performance for the buck and is a nice addition in this category.


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