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Dogs can be the cutest pets and the greatest companions. We see them walk the blind and the elderly, take care of kids, and even go to stores in some cases. Dogs are even used to sniff and locate scents by the police and drug specialists. All these are great reasons to own a dog. Moreover, dog experts also suggest dogs might actually be good for your health


In as much as we might want to have dogs, however, we also need to brace for the responsibilities that come with owning one. Cleaning the dog and cleaning around the house for the dog’s messes is one huge engagement all dog owners have. If you want to take your dog along in your car as well, then you ought to be prepared to do just that for the car as well. 


The vehicle may, however, be more difficult to clean since the seats are fixed to the car and the leather is not easily washable. Dog stains and odor may cause permanent damage to the interior of your car. That is precisely why you need a dog hammock or seat cover for your car. 


The dog hammock prevents contact between the car and the dog, thereby preventing any stains or sweat from the dog from getting onto the seats and thereby preserving the vehicle’s interior’s aesthetics. 

There are a whole lot of other Amazing Benefits of Having a Pet Seat Cover for Your Car but they all only help insist that you get one for your car and your dog.


The Tacoma Access Cab is the version of the Toyota Tacoma that comes with only two doors and a 6-foot bed. 




The space on the rear seats of the Tacoma Access Cab isn’t big but it’s enough to fit in a dog hammock of any size such that you won’t regret not buying a double cab instead.

It is cramped and no one would really like sitting back there for a long ride. It’s almost like it was made for your dog. One of the main problems you might face when setting up a hammock in an access cab is that you need the back seats up so the hammock can attach to those rear headrests, but with the seats up there isn’t much space for the two dogs and there’s no solid continuous platform for the dogs to sit/lay on.


Before you get a hammock, however, here are some factors you will have to consider to ensure you get the best hammock for your dog and your car.


  • Fit 

    This is very important as you don’t really want to get a hammock that doesn’t fit in the cab. For this reason, you’ll need to take the correct specifications and measurements of the back seats of your Access Cab and get a hammock that fits the measurements.


  • Durability

    For a once in long time investment, you’ll need to get a hammock that can last you a long time. Dogs can be very destructive, especially with their paws and a hammock made from weak material will most likely be gone after just a short while. 


  • Style

    If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you might want to get a hammock that fits the interior aesthetics of your cab. Most hammocks in the market are dark in color, which fits with the interiors of most cars.


  • Installation

    This isn’t a major concern as most hammocks on the market typically take from half a minute to two minutes at most to set up. You still have to take caution to learn the necessary steps of hanging up the hammock just in case you get stuck. Here is a video on 


With that out of the way, here are some of the best dog hammocks you can get for an access cab on Amazon:


  • iBuddy Dog Hammock.


With a size of 60″W x 64″L, this dog hammock has excellent size and will perfectly fit in an Access Cab. You no longer need to worry about hair, scratches, liquid, and dirt on the back seat, or the dog trying to climb up to the front seat. It has a thick mesh window that enables air to flow into the back to keep your dog cool and warm and helps to reduce the pup’s anxiety when they see you through it. It is made of two waterproof layers, making it 100% waterproof. No more worrying cheap dog seat cover ruins your truck seats. Durably stitched seams prevent rips from dog claws, ensuring longevity. This hammock is easy to set up and typically takes just 1 minute to install with quick release clips. It is machine washable, making it easy to clean. What more could you ask for?

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



  • DogShell Dog Hammock


This high-quality back seat cover and hammock is flexible to fit all truck models, with 8 adjustable hook points stability design. It has two replaceable wooden plates that can support the largest breed of dogs without failing. It has a suspended platform that increases the area for a comfortable and safe ride. You don’t need to worry about installation as this hammock is easily mounted, removed, and can be folded to create a sitting place for a human.

If you are looking for a hammock to use for a long time, this might just be it. Its durability and resistance are accomplished by using box stitch, professionally executed using heavy-duty thread.

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  • Kurgo Dog Hammock


This convenient dog hammock and the seat cover are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine washable to shield your seats from hair, dirt, and any other messes your dog may track into the car.  The hammock strategically hangs between the front and back seats, providing a barrier to prevent your dog from climbing into the front seat while you’re driving. The hammock guarantees your dog’s safety in the back seat and gives a nest for dogs that need extra support or often fall into the footwell. The six attachment points keep the hammock in place without any sliding. Measuring 55” wide by 56” long, this hammock and seat cover in one provides a universal fit for most vehicles, including an access cab. Measure the width of your bench seat, from left to right, to ensure the fit. The center zipper can be opened and one side folded down to allow passengers to share the backseat with your dog. 


The hammock is meant to get dirty but is a breeze to clean. It’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine washable. The durable, heavy stitched seams reinforce the overall strength of the hammock, preventing rips or tears from your pooch’s claws. The package comes with a utility bag for leashes, toys, water, and anything else you need for your outings.

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  • 4Knines Cab Dog Hammock


This heavy-duty hammock is made of colorfast 600D polyester, thick UV-coated straps, durable nylon clips, and no azo dyes or heavy chemicals.

It has a special seven-layer construction that makes the seat bottom completely waterproof though the seams are not watertight.

It installs in seconds with quick-release clips and deep seat pockets. To clean, hose it down, wipe with a moist towel, or toss it in the washer, as it is machine washable.

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