Tesla Model Y Black Hubcaps

Tesla Model Y Black Hubcaps

December 17, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Model Y is the utility vehicle within the Tesla range. With a cargo space of 76 cubic feet and an estimated mileage range of 326 per full charge, it isn’t hard to see why the Model Y is becoming increasingly popular, with high sales expected for the 2022 model. But when you are buying your new Tesla Model Y, you also need to think about what you need to accessorize and personalize it the way you want to.

Tesla Model Y Blue

There are many different types of accessories that you can buy for your Model Y, including interior liners and wheel and winter tire packages. This article will look specifically at black hubcaps, the finish that they can add to your Model Y and which is the best set of Tesla Model Y black hubcaps for you.

Tesla Model Y Black Hubcaps

RSZX Tesla Model 3 Y S X Wheel Cap Kit Center Cap Lug Nut Cover

THE RSZX wheel cap kit includes a black hubcap with the Tesla logo in white. This range has been designed specifically for the Tesla’s (and is compatible with all models in the Tesla range) and is I made from high quality materials. The hubcap and lug nut covers (with the kit costing $21.99) are easy to install and are designed to withstand al extremes that the weather can throw your way. Customers have praised the ease of installation and the style that they add to the Model Y, but some advised that the Tesla logo may not be printed in the color selected. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


KEYOOG Fit Tesla Wheel Kit

The KEYOOG Fit Tesla Wheel Kit, which is compatible with the Model Y, includes a black hubcap with the Tesla logo in red. The buckle is described as being easy to plug in and remove (though if you are unsure of how to do this, it is always recommended that you take your Tesla to your local dealership). The bright color enhances the visual effect of the wheel and the kit, currently selling for $18.99, contains 20 lug nut covers, a lug nut cover puller and the four decorate hub caps themselves.  The kit has received, thus far, a high approval rating on Amazon, demonstrating the reliability of the kit and the visual appeal on the Model Y.

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U/D 4 Pack fit Tesla Wheel Center Hub Caps

The U/D 4 pack fit, another kit which is compatible with the Model Y, is made of an aluminum alloy material, designed to bring a metal texture to the wheel, thus making the wheel look more personalized, trendy and sporty. The material is also designed with an anti-rust protection, thus intending to increase the longevity of the hubcap and lug nuts. As U/D design hubcap kits for other sports and utility vehicles, it is important that you choose the Tesla option when purchasing this kit. The kit, which can be bought for $16.99, has received generally positive reviews from buyers, particularly regarding the material and the finish. Others have emphasized the importance of selecting the correct option when purchasing this kit, as they have found that the center caps have not always been the correct size.

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ThinSGO Wheel Cap Kit

The ThinSGO wheel cap kit is specifically designed for the Tesla models, including the Model Y. The kit, which includes lug nut covers and a lug nut cover puller as well as the hubcaps, is made of a strong and durable ABS plastic, designed to protect against rust, dust, scratches and corrosion. Unlike the previous kits reviewed so far, this kit is available in two different color schemes – black and red and black and white, both of which are stylish and sporty in their appearance. Available for $21.99, the kit has received very positive reviews from buyers, specifically regarding the appearance on the Model Y.

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LIUXDIV Wheel Cap Kit

For Tesla Model Y wheel cap original car replacement Hubcap 19 Inch Automobile Hubcap Wheel Cover modelY 2021 wheel cap kit|Hub Caps| - AliExpressThe LIUXDIV wheel cap kit, which is available in three different color schemes (black and red, black and silver and black and white), features a durable aluminum alloy, as well as providing a waterproof, anti-dust and anti-scratch protection. The package, as with the others reviewed in this article, contains four center caps, 20 black lug nut covers and a lug nut cover puller. The hubcaps, as well as incorporating the Tesla logo, also include an illustrated leaf across the logo, which does give the kit an individual visual identity. The kit, which is currently for sale at $16.99, also comes in a trendy black box, which does make it stand out from some of its competitors. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


Qook Hub Center Cover Kit

Qook’s hub center cover kit, which has two color schemes that fit the Model Y (black and red and black and silver) contains, as with the previous kits, contains four hub center covers, 20 lug nut covers and a lug nut cover puller. These covers are designed to be easy to install and are intended to protect your Model Y from scratches and dust. Retailing at £18.99, the set has received an overall positive rating by buyers who have complimented the look of the kit but have stated that installation of the center caps and lug nut covers can be difficult.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are different styles available in search for the perfect Tesla Model Y black hubcaps. You can opt for a variety of color schemes (such as black and white, black and red and black silver), with all kits reviewed including additional lug nut covers and a lug nut puller. In order to make sure that you’re getting the right kit for you, you need to think about the style of cap that you would like, the money that you’re spending and, overall, the value for many of the kit. Once you’ve done that, you’re on your way to personalizing your Model Y your way.

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