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Tesla is a company of 100% electric vehicles and accessories, created in 2003 but it is only until 2006 when it started to show its prototypes that managed to captivate the public with its revolutionary technology and until today it has not stopped surprising us, offering to the market different models of cars, accessories and components for entertainment, work and even for the home, all these stand out with exclusive designs that represent a high degree of sportsmanship, Efficiency and exclusivity, thus evidencing the transformation of energy in motion.

This company has launched different models of vehicles with different characteristics but in which we will emphasize at this time is the model 3, one more affordable being “the most economical model” with a limousine compact dimensions, as this proves the thousands of reservations made to acquire this vehicle, available in the market since 2017 in this way, the tesla model 3 meant a point of transcendence for its history, Conquering the market with systems like autopilot, a method that demonstrated its high technology by using radar and infrared sensors and a profusion number of cameras, its energy is concentrated in a lithium battery that provides a range of 415 and up to 544 kilometers, in order to reach such speed this car will need good tires, tesla does not even make its own tires; that’s why we are here, to recommend you the best ones.


Tesla doesn’t make its own tires hence the need for owners of Tesla cars to shop for suitable tires for their cars from other dealers. Tires are usually priced at their diameter (size of the wheel) and how wide they are. Hence why you need 19 inches tires for your Tesla Model 3 car. 19-inches tires will definitely look appealing and eye candy on your Tesla Model 3 car hence why they are recommended. They also improve handling due to a stiffer, short sidewall on the tire and also offers room for larger brakes. A good 19 inches tire for your Tesla Model 3 car should be able to drive in both snow and rain with little to no problem. It should be also long-lasting and should serve you for some time before you consider replacing it. The difference between a good tire and a not-so-good tire can be a stopping distance of 30 feet. How many times have you slammed on your brakes and had less than 30 feet between you and whatever you were going to hit? So to get the best performance for your car we recommend the following tires.



This Model 3 19 inches Sport and Winter tires provide maximum safety, control, and performance in all winter weather conditions and tractions. It also offers stability and braking efficiency to enable the smooth handling of your car. They also have pressure sensors (BLE or Conti depending on compatibility). If you want to acquire these tires get them here: PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO TIRE





This new UHP all-season tire is built for drivers who are looking to get more dry and wet traction, cornering grip, and performance from their tires. Michelin uses an Helio compound that is also fused with high amounts of silica for enhanced year-round dry and wet traction and handling. Michelin’s Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology reduces heat distortion and combines with the tread design for increased cornering grip and responsiveness throughout the speed range of your Tesla Model 3 car. This is a major strength for the AS 3 Plus. If you are a spirited driver, you will enjoy the handling and grip this tire provides. 

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The Eagle RS-A is one of Goodyear’s most popular high-performance all-season tires. The fact that it is used as original equipment on many of today’s Model 3 cars. In addition to being a top-selling replacement tire, speaks volume on the performance on the performance that it should deliver. A high-performance all-season compound combines with an asymmetric tread pattern to increase dry and wet traction. The tire’s shoulders tread blocks and wider lateral grooves enhance cornering grip and provide a good steering feel and response. This is an area we have heard other Tesla Model 3 drivers talk about in positive terms in reviews of this particular. 

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Setting out to improve on the performance levels of an already proven winning tire is no easy task, but that is exactly what the new Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 aims to do. This ultra-high-performance all-season tire is a class leader and definitely a jackpot for your Tesla Model 3 car. Whether you drive under normal conditions or push this tire to the limits, you’ll find the steering wheel to be crisp and very responsive. The tire tread technology is designed to enhance traction on wet road surfaces, provide more precise handling and deliver a longer-lasting tread life. The improved braking and cornering performance is very good for your car and a real plus for this model. Also, this tire comes with a 50,000-mile tread warranty included as well. 

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Advan takes the lead against some of the world’s most recognized tire brands. It was recently crowned the best tire in the Wheels Tire Test. The Advan tire is Yokohama’s flagship high-performance tire. This tire is highly suitable for your Tesla Model 3 car because it is developed for high-powered sports cars. The tread design is conservative with wide straight grooves which help in dispersing water and silent sips to reduce tire noise. The tire grip is provided by Yokohama’s innovative Orange oil nano-blend rubber compound which keeps the tire flexible at a micro-level. The reduced tire weight ensures excellent steering response and better fuel efficiency. The matrix body ply structure and silent sip tread grooves increase stability and reduce external noise, for a quiet, comfortable high-performance ride on your Tesla car. 

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Tires by season:

If you are thinking of buying the best 19-inch tires for your Tesla Model 3 you must take into account their different characteristics, therefore, the choice of tires for your Tesla Model 3 must be made with great care and taking into account the different variables, including the size and the use of the vehicle in relation to the journeys that are made daily. In addition, you also have to determine for what type of climate or time of year you need it since each of them has characteristics designed for each need in specific conditions.

Tesla gets their tires from other companies for this here we will solve some doubts that surely arise when you have a tesla electric car, like yes, you need to change your tires depending on the season? Do tires wear out too fast? among others. In any case we will also recommend a list of the best 19 inches tires for tesla, corresponding to each season and your needs.

The best 19-inch tires for Tesla Model 3 can be found on the market in three modes; winter, summer and all season tires and are designed to provide you with safe driving with excellent and high performance in all conditions.

Each type of tire for Tesla Model 3 has specific characteristics, so we recommend that you ask your trusted authorized dealer for advice so that you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

The first category of tires we recommend is for summer

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S Performance Radial Tire-295/35ZR19/XL 104Y

This premium 19 inch tire of high performance and speed for track lovers, with a capacity of 38 degrees in wet lap time and 1 in wet braking, its length is 27.1 x 11.61 x 27.1 inches and weighs 28.6 pounds Michelin brand, its section width is millimeters and the width of the rim is 11.5 inches, it has a load capacity of 1984 pounds counting on itself with overload capacity, With a rotator belt depth of 9.5 degrees 32 degrees, its load index is 104; It is designed with acoustic technology, this means it has a layer of foam attached to reduce the sound.

It has a treatment of the sidewall frames with limited edition premium touch velvet effect designed to improve the visual presence of the vehicle, its design is integrated with a hybrid reinforcement that improves handling, wear and durability at high speed. In a score of 1 to 10 we describe the quality of this tire according to 4 categories, the first is wet performance of 9.3; Dry performance of 9.6; Winter/snow performance of 0; And finally, a performance comfort score of 9.0.

Its warranty is satisfactory because it has a 6-year warranty system – 30,000 miles for product defects, with special conditions and differentials for the rear and front, satisfaction for 60 days in Michelin promise plan, and a tire assistance deflated for three years.

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The second category of tires we recommend is for all seasons:

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack All-Season Touring Tire 255/45R19 104 V Extra Load

This is the Bridgestone 19 inches, its size is 255/45r19, its section width is 255 millimeters, its dimensions are 29 x 29 x 11 inches and weighs 31 pounds, it has a load capacity of 4374 pounds, with a rating of 110.0 And speed classification v, designed with quiettrack technology that combines and improves the rotator belt, reducing the noise of the cart, also integrates Turanza quiettrack, A depth technology in each snow traction rod that also helps preserve the condition of the tires, contains deep grooves nearly twice the size for snow traction and noise, plus an open shoulder groove for good water evacuation.

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The third category of tires we recommend is for winter:

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 Radial Tire – 235/40R19 92V

This winter high performance tire is Michelin brand 19 inches and the rim width is 9.5 millimeters, dimensions are 26.4 x 26.4 x 9.3 inches and weighs 25 pounds, session size is 235 millimeters it has a belt and stabilizer design with a sipe 3d technology. Offering better acceleration and handling on wet and snow-covered roads, thanks to its formula composed of silicon-based rubber, compound helium, allowing a quality of flexibility in rubber at low temperatures. Its speed rating is v, its carrying capacity is 1389 pounds, rating of 92.0. In a score of 1 to 10 we describe the quality of this tire according to 4 categories, the first is wet performance of 9.3; Dry performance of 8.9; Winter/snow performance of 9.3; And finally, a performance comfort score of 9.1.

Last but not least, its warranty, the Michelin brand offers a level of reliability that stands out with a 6-year warranty system – 30,000 miles for product defects, with special and differential conditions for the rear and front.

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The fourth category of tires we recommend Is for high speed and competition

MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 all_ Season Radial Tire-235/035R19 91(Y)

This 19 inches Michelin tire is 25.5 x 25.5 x 9.5 inches and weighs 22 oz, its cross-section width is 235 millimeters, its load capacity is 1367 pounds with a load index rating of 91.0, designed with track longevity technology 2.0 combining variable contact patch 3.0 with a rugged shoulder construction inspired by racing. In a score of 1 to 10 we describe the quality of this tire according to 4 categories, the first is wet performance 6.0; Dry performance of 9.3; Winter/snow performance of 0; And finally, a performance comfort score of 8.

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Quality scores taken from:





So after going through a lot of reviews, we decided to bring you the best tire for your Tesla Model 3 car if you are on a budget. This tire will work well just like others but it will help you save a few bucks. Introducing KUMHO ECSTA PS91.

This tire is best suited for high-end performance cars like Tesla Model 3. The Ecsta PS91 incorporates Kumho’s motorsport experience and high-speed driving safety and cornering. It delivers enhanced grip, braking ability, high-speed durability and has uniform ride qualities. It maximizes tire grip and blocks stiffness of rear tires with optimized groove pattern designed and improved to make stability and running performance at over 300km/hr. It also has immediate handling response by wide shoulder and rib-type center block design. Lastly, its high stiffness advanced belt package helps in securing high-speed stability. 

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Manufacturers of the best 19-inch tires for Tesla Model 3


Among the manufacturers of the best 19-inch tires for Tesla Model 3 we have: BRIDGESTONE, MICHELIN and PIRELLI.


Tires by Brand:

19 Inch BRIDGESTONE Tires for Tesla Model 3


All season tires:

We recommend the WEATHER CONTROL A005 for your Tesla Model 3

It is certified for all types of weather even for use in snow.

In addition, they have the best grip on wet surfaces, with a high level of resistance and durability that translates into a long useful life.

It is the latest edition in a series of all-weather tires that provide outstanding wet grip and improved performance on snow and feature DriveGuard technology.

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Summer tires:

We recommend the POTENZA S001 and the TURANZA T005 for your Tesla Model 3


These tires are designed for excellent high-speed performance with outstanding traction and stability in the wet, as well as optimal grip and response precision, ideal for sports performance with a longer life.

These tires are designed with the highest level of detail, offering excellent power and precise control, with truly sporty qualities and conditions on both dry and wet surfaces. These tires redefine the term “high performance” thanks to their excellent comfort and efficiency. They are summer tires for drivers to have confidence, confidence and control when driving on wet and dry roads to continue with their daily routine.

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Winter tires: 

We recommend the BLIZZAK LM005 and BLIZZAK LM-32 for your Tesla Model 3

-DriveGuard technology.

-Extraordinary performance on snow and ice.

-Best wet grip and braking in its class.

-Reliable traction on snow, slush and ice.

-Safe driving in all kinds of winter conditions.

This tire is ideal for mild to moderate winter climates. It is a new winter tire specially designed for driving on wet and snow.

This tire achieves extraordinary grip in a wide variety of winter conditions, giving you the confidence to drive on wet, dry and firm ice in complete safety and peace of mind. There is also a Run-Flat version.

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19-inch MICHELIN tires for Tesla Model 3


Winter tires:


Control designed to last in winter

This winter tire offers excellent handling control and a high level of braking precision for vehicles facing winter driving conditions. You will feel a unique driving experience on snow or on wet roads. It is a long-life tire with reduced fuel consumption, recognized by the main manufacturers of high-end vehicles.

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Summer tire:


Sportiness designed to last.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 high-performance summer tire thanks to its excellent reactivity and driving precision and its excellent durability, adapts very well to the road with a high level of response and control with excellent braking on wet roads.

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19-inch PIRELLI tires for Tesla Model 3



Summer tires:

Pirelli always accompanies you to guarantee you the best driving and safety you need when summer arrives and temperatures rise. These summer tires are made with a special compound, studied to offer high levels of reliability, even in high temperatures. They also have a particular design to ensure less rolling resistance and perfect adherence to the road with a shorter braking distance.

Created specifically for the hottest periods of the year, these summer tires are available in several different models, so they can be fitted to all types of vehicles.

Those who seek a lower environmental impact, can opt for summer tires made with ecological materials designed to guarantee lower rolling resistance, which reduces CO2 emissions.

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Winter tires

If you are looking for the best tires for snow or winter tires, Pirelli has a wide assortment dedicated to the best tires suitable to face low temperatures and adverse weather conditions in complete safety, where you can find an option for every need, capable of guaranteeing adaptability. immediate response to low temperatures and thus ensure control, stability and safety, even in the coldest periods of the year.

The compound with which Pirelli manufactures winter tires is designed to offer maximum grip and high traction capacity on the road, whether dry or wet, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

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All Season tires:


This particular type of four season tire adapts to any weather and asphalt conditions and perfectly combines the specific characteristics of summer tires with those that distinguish winter tires. The result is a unique solution, which can be used all year round and is intended for those who do not want to change the tires on their vehicle every season.

What characterizes the best four season tires are, in particular, two aspects: practicality and functionality, obtaining Peace of mind and security all year round. Pirelli has also manufactured revolutionary, low-impact tires with improved performance that guarantee safety and maximum performance in every condition. To choose the best four season tires most suitable for your vehicle, compare the specific characteristics of each of them.

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