Tesla Model Y 19 Inch Wheels Without Cover

Tesla Model Y 19 Inch Wheels Without Cover

December 2, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla Model Y has become an increasingly popular utility vehicle, with over 75,000 units sold worldwide during the first half of 2021. The cargo space, range, performance and safety features of the car have led to recommendations for the Model Y being a family car.

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But, upon purchasing a car such as the Model Y, you need to think about where you can get spare parts for your car and which ones are the best value for money. This article will look at the best 19 inch wheels for the Tesla Y and which ones are the best value for money. Tesla do sell their own range of wheels for the Model Y, but we’re going to look at the best ones available on Amazon.

*An important note to remember is that, if you’re unsure as to how to change the wheel, always take your car to your local dealership, where a qualified mechanic can complete the job. *

Tesla Model Y 19 Inch Wheels Without Cover

TSW Snetterton 19 x 9.5

TSW have designed a silver wheel rim which can be fitted to the Model Y. The material used is aluminum and it is a painted exterior. The wheel backspacing is 6.75” and the wheel also has a diameter of 19”. Retailing at $350.25, the wheel also consists of a bolt pattern of five holes at 4.5”, a center bore of 76.1 mm (which is just a shade under 3” in imperial measurements) and an offset of 40mm (1.5748”).

M Factor Motorsports, who are responsible for selling the wheel, have stated on their advert that if potential customers do find a cheaper alternative, they are willing to negotiate on the price. This is a rare occurrence on Amazon and demonstrates how keen they are to sell the wheels.

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TSW Snetterton Silver Wheel with Painted Finish

TSW’s other Snetterton wheel does have similar characteristics to the previous Snetterton wheel in terms of its look but does have different measurements in terms of its wheel backspacing (7.33”) and its hub bore size (which is 3”).

The chrome finish gives the wheel a very sophisticated and refined look but, at $789.13 (with an added $166.59 cost for delivery), it is considerably more expensive than the other wheels in this article. Amazon Export Sales are responsible for selling this product, which provides an extra peace of mind when it comes to the customer services received.

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TSW Donington 19 x 9.5 Gunmetal Wheel

TSW’s 19 x 9.5 gunmetal wheel does have some similar properties to its silver wheel rim, which was reviewed earlier in this article. The exterior of the wheel consists of gunmetal, which is a variety of bronze, and mirror face, which is indicative of its reflection level.

The material is aluminum and the bolt pattern (which is also known as a pitch circle diameter) is 114.3 millimeters, which is 4.5”. The rim width is 9.5 millimeters, which is just over 0.3”. Custom Wheel Outlet, who are selling this wheel for $285.64, do state that new lug nuts are required and are not included. However, they do state that, if these are needed, to contact the company as they can provide these. They are also keen to emphasize that test fitting is important.

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TSW JARAMA Silver Wheel

TSW’s JARAMA silver wheel is a stylish addition to the Model Y. With a painted silver finish exterior and a bolt pattern of 4.5”, this wheel, which is currently retailing for $367.71, has an upstep fitment type and weighs 24lbs. The wheel has a backspace of 7.33” and has a modern, sophisticated look.

TSW are keen to emphasize that the wheel is brand new and provide a video on their Amazon advert which shows how the wheel will be packaged upon delivery.

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Verde Custom Wheels 19 x 9.5

Verde have introduced a custom 19” wheel, which has a matte silver/machined exterior. The bolt pattern consists of five holes with a 4.5” diameter and the wheel backspacing is 6.75”. The wheel has a load index rating of 1600 – the load rating index gives you an indicator of how much weight the wheel can carry.

The unit of measurement is not provided for this (e.g., lbs or kg) so you would need to contact Custom Wheel Outlet, who are responsible for selling the wheel, to double check the unit for this. When buying directly from Custom Wheel Outlet, the wheel costs $269.99, but Amazon are also selling this wheel directly themselves for $255.97. The wheel comes with a one-year finish and lifetime structural warranty but does not include lug nuts or bolts.

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Verde V39-996538S Parallax Matte Wheel

Verde’s parallex matte wheel does have similar features to the previous wheel reviewed. It is a cast construction wheel and weighs 30.2lbs, making it quite a heavy and sturdy wheel to add to your Model Y. As with the custom wheel, this wheel has a matte silver/machined exterior finish and a load index rating of 1600. Again, as the unit of measurement is not noted, it is important to ask the retailer which unit this is.

The wheel is tire pressure monitoring system compatible, meaning that it is possible to incorporate an LCD display system to the wheel. This is important, as the car will be able to notify you if your tire pressure is low. The wheel is being sold for $269.99, but Amazon do offer a payment plan system on an Amazon Store Card ($45 per month for six months) if the wheel is over your budget. This is reassuring for customers, as there can be a considerable number of outgoings when personalizing your Model Y.

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