Tesla Charging Handle Holder

Tesla Charging Handle Holder

December 13, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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As with any purchases in the Tesla range, there is a multitude of choice in terms of accessories that you need to choice from in order to set up your Tesla. These choices can vary from pet liners to trunk storage bins to wall connector pedestals. In this article, we will be looking at the best Tesla charging handle holders available on the market and making sure that you get value for money when you make your purchase.

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Tesla Charging Handle Holder

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Basenor Tesla Charging Cable Holder

Basenor have introduced a 2021 upgrade to their flagship charging cable holder, which is universal for all Tesla models. To simplify the assembly process, Basenor have provided an extra bracket to fix the adapter, and it is also equipped with high-quality screw mounting, which prevents the damage to the wall and the adapter. This cable holder, which is selling for $17.99, comes with a clip to keep the charger cable tidy and preventing it from becoming kinked or tangled in any way.

Some customers have complimented the simplicity of the design, stating that it allows the cable holder to do its job effectively. Some have, however, stated that the adhesive does off easily, so it may be worth getting some extra adhesive to make sure the holder stays up.

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KENPENRI Charging Cable Organizer with Holder

KENPENRI have designed a cable organizer, which is designed with the intention of keeping the cord and charging space tidy. KENPENRI have kept the design to a simple standard and have described the organizer has a simple economical upgrade. The organizer, which is retailing for $19.99, has a mount for the charger handle and is suitable for all Tesla models. KENPENRI also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase, which offers peace of mind should something go wrong with the holder. The holder is yet to receive a negative review online, with customers praising the ease of assembly and the value for money that comes with it. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


TS3XY Tesla Charging Cable Holder

TS3XY’s Tesla charging cable holder is, as with the previous holders reviewed, designed to work with all Tesla models. The adapter bracket is designed to protect the adapter and secure the UMC cable in place in the chassis bracket. The holder, which is on sale for $16.98 (down from $17.98), TS3XY have ensured that the holder’s assembly is simple, but strong and durable (with the use of A-grade high quality ABS plastic to safeguard the adapter from all types of weather conditions, insects, and dust particles.) Customers have described the holder as being a unique alternative to the other holders on the market and, with a name like TS3XY, they are clearly trying to market their products in this way.

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SUMK Charger Cable Organizer with Charger Holder

SUMK have designed a sophisticated cable organizer that comes with a charger holder. It is a universal holder, meaning that all models of the Tesla are compatible with it, and it is made from ABS plastic, which makes the holder easy to clean and look after. Retailing at $16.99, the ease of assembly (the advert states that the holder simply needs to be inserted horizontally and pushed down) and the way in which it keeps the charging cable organized and safe from damage have proved popular with customers. Some customers, however, have had difficulty with keeping the charging plug in place.

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LECTRON Charger Mount (Charger Holder) and Cable Organizer

LECTRON’s charger holder and cable organizer has been specifically designed for all models in the Tesla range and is intended to keep your garage space organizes, as well as protecting the Tesla charger from damage from rainwater and dust. The idea of the unit, which is currently retailing for $19.99, is to help you manage the space around the connector pedestal and to make sure that the cable doesn’t get kinked or twisted at all. The unit comes with a one-year warranty and customers have been pleased with the ease of assembly and the accompaniment of mounting anchors and screws, although some have questioned the quality of the plastic used for the mount.

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Qooltek Tesla Charging Cable Holder

Qooltek’s Tesla charging cable holder is, as with the previous holders reviewed, universal for all models in the Tesla range and is designed for managing the charging cable (preventing it from being kinked, damaged, or tangled in any way) and keeping the surrounding space tidy and organized. The package, which is on sale from $18.99 (having previously been $19.99), contains a charger holder, a transformer bracket holder, six screws and six wall plugs. The organizer is made from premium quality ABS plastic, thus making it strong and durable. Customers have complimented the inobtrusive and functional qualities of the unit.

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EVFIT Tesla Charging Cable Holder

EVFIT have designed a compact Tesla charging cable holder and organizer, which is compatible with all Tesla models. The heavy-duty ABS plastic makes the unit, which is selling for $16.99, easy to clean and is designed to protect the cable and adapter from rain, dust, and snow.

The unit is advertised as being sturdy and durable, which customers have verified and praised. Some, however, have said that the Model 3 charger head does not fit in the unit which, if that is the Tesla that you have, would be a detriment to the product.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a considerable number of Tesla charging handle holders available on the market. The key factors to think about before making your purchase is whether the holder is durable (and therefore good value for money), whether it is compatible with the model of Tesla that you have and whether the unit organizes the space in the way that you want it to. Once you have worked these factors out, you’re on your way to getting the best Tesla charging handle holder for you.

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