Caliper Covers for Tesla Model S

Caliper Covers for Tesla Model S

December 12, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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While getting some accessories for the Tesla Model S is completely for convenience purposes like getting one of the best Tesla USB hubs / splitters, some have many more purposes. For example, brake caliper covers can not only give your Tesla Model S an amazing aesthetic flare, but also provide some extra protection. Finding the best caliper covers or caliper wraps for your Tesla Model S can be difficult though. Today we will go over one great option for your Tesla Model S’s calipers, RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps:


If you want your Tesla Model S to stand out on the road against all of the other Teslas that are out there, getting your brake calipers covered is one great choice that allows you to subtly change the appearance of your vehicle. Without going too far and getting your entire vehicle wrapped or repainted, this simple customization can give your Tesla Model S an extra flare.

RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps are crafted from industry leading 3M 680 Series Scotchlite vinyl film that is both striking and vibrant. These caliper wraps come in a large variety of colors. Color options include black, blue, light blue, red, ruby red, gold, yellow, lemon yellow, orange, green, and white. There is definitely a color for everyone’s tastes, and unlike some bulky options on the market, RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps give a smooth and professional look to your calipers.

The appearance of these brake caliper covers is maintained even in the worst of conditions. For example, these caliper covers maintain 90% of their reflectivity even when wet. Being in such close proximity to the ground, being able to look good even when soaked is important.  Additionally, the appearance of this caliper wrap is similar in the daytime and nighttime.

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Brake caliper covers and wraps are good for more than just appearance enhancement. Just like how one of the best extra large dog car seats protect your seat from what is on your dog’s paws, brake caliper covers shield your brake calipers from the dangers on the road. Acting as a barrier between contaminants on the road and your brake calipers, this is one step you can take to protect your vehicle.

Without your brake calipers, you would not be able to stop your vehicle. Being such a crucial component, it only makes sense to do what you can to keep them safe. Although getting some of the best Tesla mud flaps is a good idea, it can not protect your brake calipers like something that protects them directly like RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps. Able to ward off everything from debris, dust, and moisture, to spills and fuel vapors, these caliper wraps can make a world of a difference.

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Unlike some brake caliper covers that are prone to drying and cracking, or some wraps that degrade in a short amount of time, RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps are able to withstand the job at hand. The material used for these caliper wraps are the same materials often used for wrapping buses, trams, ambulances, as well as commercial and personal vehicles. This wide application is due to the impeccable adhesive used, ensuring that the wrap will not come off even in the worst conditions.

Most important is the temperature resistance afforded by this wrap. Being made out of 3M Scotchlite Series 680 film, this vinyl wrap is able to withstand temperatures that reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232.2 degrees Celsius. This is more than enough since brake calipers rarely reach temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Without the risk of melting when your Tesla Model S’s pistons or brake pads overheat, these brake caliper wraps can stand the test of time. On average, these wraps last about 9 years with typical use.

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When you want to change the appearance of your brake calipers, many different options may come to mind. While repainting and powder coating are valid options, they come with their own pros and cons. One of which is the difficulty of the project. With RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps, there is no sanding, priming, or spraying required.

Instead, you simply need to clean your Tesla Model S’s brake calipers thoroughly and then apply the wrap. When you get RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wrap, you also get the RVINYL Quick Guide Installation Card. This wrap can handle all types of surfaces, from corrugations to flat surfaces with rivets, to simple curves. The RVINYL Quick Guide Installation Card is a tool that allows you to apply the wrap over the curved surfaces of your brake calipers with ease. Even if this is your first do-it-yourself project, you should have no troubles at all.

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Another advantage over having your brake calipers painted or powder coated is that RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps are very affordable. For less than one of the best front and rear dash cams for under $100, you can completely change the appearance of your Tesla Model S by wrapping your brake calipers. Click here to check their price on Amazon.



Although there are brake caliper covers that are of high quality, you would be hard pressed to find some that will be applicable for Tesla Model S. The ones currently available on the market are not the most reliable, do not have the correct fit, often have limited color options, or are prohibitively expensive. Luckily, this is not a problem with RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wraps.

RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wrap comes in four pre cut sheets, one for each brake caliper. Each sheet is 12 inches by 12 inches, more than enough to wrap your Tesla Model S’s brake calipers. Although you may need more for bigger calipers, this is a perfect amount for a Tesla Model S! Click here to check their price on Amazon.


One of the best things about this caliper wrap is that it can be removed without damaging your brake calipers. That means that you can change the color of your Tesla Model S’s brake calipers whenever you would like by replacing the wrap with a different color. More importantly, RVINYL Vinyl Caliper Wrap’s removability will allow you to maintain your Tesla’s resale value. If you would like to check out this product now, click here to be redirected to Amazon.