Tesla Model Y Cargo Shelf

Tesla Model Y Cargo Shelf

December 13, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Having a cargo shelf has many advantages including increased privacy, reduced thefts, increased storage space, and enhanced protection from the sun’s UV light. Just like when finding a Tesla Model 3 sub trunk cooler, you are going to want to find a cargo shelf that is made specifically for your Tesla Model Y. Besides making sure the fit is perfect, you should also consider other factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, installation process, and removability. Finding a cargo shelf that meets these standards can be a real pain, so we have taken the hard work out of the process for you. The following will go over everything you need to know about one of the best Tesla Model Y cargo shelves, DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover:


This cargo cover serves several purposes. To start, this cargo cover allows you to use your Tesla Model Y’s cargo space much more efficiently by having it divided into an upper and lower area. Although Tesla Model Ys have a substantial amount of cargo space for an electric vehicle, having some extra space can prove useful. Additionally, anything underneath the self will be protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. No more fading of your items that spend a lot of time in your rear cargo area!

Another advantage of having a DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover is that it allows you to keep the contents of your trunk private. Although in a perfect world we would not have to worry about people breaking into vehicles and stealing items from inside, right now that is still a real risk. With this Tesla Model Y trunk cargo cover, if there are people prowling around looking through vehicle windows, they will not see your luggage in the back.

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When you are looking into a product that has to bear weight, you want to make sure that it is strong and durable enough for the task at hand. Luckily, DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover is made out of tough aluminum alloy, leather, canvas, and strong ABS plastic. The aluminum alloy permits this cargo cover to also serve as a shelf and bear the weight of items on top of it.

Additionally, the canvas is crafted from non-woven fabric. This prevents tearing and ripping. The canvas utilized in the creation of DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover is also fire resistant, water resistant, and dirt resistant as well as difficult to damage or scratch, making it among one of the top Tesla gifts for women. Few other cargo shelves for Tesla Model Y are as durable as this one.

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The vast majority of us have busy lives and want the products in our lives to be easy to use and to save us from frustration and wasted time. Fortunately for us, DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover is one such product. Being fully retractable, similar to a window shade, this cargo shelf is perfect for those who want their rear storage space to be as efficient and effortless to handle as possible. For example, you can store your Model Y wheel cap kit in the lower portion of your trunk, and then still have all of the remaining space on the lower portion as well as the entirety of the shelf.

Not only can this Tesla Model Y cargo cover help you utilize the space available in your vehicle more efficiently when it is installed, but if you need to take it out it can easily be stored when not in use. Even the ABS plastic handle is easy to grab and makes extending and retracting it simple. Other convenient features include the fact that items on the shelf are much easier for passengers to grab during long road trips and that this cargo cover does not attach to the seats in any way so they can still be adjusted for rear passenger comfort.

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Easy Installation

The installation of DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover is a piece of cake and can be completed by anyone no matter their level of experience, being almost as easy as putting down one of the best Tesla Model Y seat floor mats. With absolutely no drilling or tools required, all you need is what comes with the cargo cover. You simply remove the backing, stick the adhesive on, attach the buckle base, and extend the shelf. Since this product was created specifically for Tesla Model Y and not other vehicles, the fit is perfect every time.

This cargo cover shelf utilizes 3M adhesive tape along with a snap on design, causing absolutely no damage to your Tesla Model Y and can be removed whenever you want. It should be noted that if you live in a colder climate, 3M adhesive tape can have trouble adhering to the surface of your vehicle. Luckily, all you need is a little bit of heat, and the 3M tape will regain its tackiness allowing you to install this shelf with ease.

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Easy to Clean

The last thing you want after a long day at the beach or a hike in the mountains is to have a difficult time cleaning your Tesla Model Y cargo cover that you used for the storage of your hiking shoes or sand buckets. With DXGTOZA Tesla Model Y Trunk Cargo Cover that is a concern of the past. Because of all of this product’s water and dirt resistance, all you need to do is wipe it off with a damp rag! No frustrating maintenance required.

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Customer Service

DXGTOZA cares about their product, their service, and their customers. Because of this, they take the time and go out of their way to help their customers. The staff at DXGTOZA is attentive and replies within 24 hours from when they were contacted, though it is often far sooner than that. Because of their confidence in their product and their love for their customers, this cargo cover shelf comes with a one-year money back guarantee which is completed through a fast and easy process without a bunch of hoops to jump through. To check out the prices of this product on Amazon, click here.