Everything You Need to Know About Center Caps for Tesla Model Y

Everything You Need to Know About Center Caps for Tesla Model Y

December 12, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla Model Y is the utility vehicle in the Tesla model range, its due to start production in November or December, so it is important to think about what will goes inside your new Model Y. As you are able to personalise your Model Y in the way that you want to before you purchase it, it is important to think about the accessories that you can get for your Model Y. This article will look at the best Tesla Model Y center caps that you can add to your wheels and whether you’re getting value for money for them. As with all the models in the Tesla range, personalization of the vehicle is extremely important and there is a wide variety of options available for the accessories that you can purchase for your Model Y. This article will look specifically at center caps, what you need to know about them and how to assemble them.


Tesla Model Y Blue

What You Need to Know About Center Caps for Tesla Model Y

Different designs

As you can imagine, there are a wide variety of design types of center caps for the Tesla Y. These can vary from ones with a metallic, glossy finish (for example, the IMNGBL Model Y Center Caps) or you can have ones with a simpler finish (such as these ones with the Tesla logo on them.) Whichever type of center cap you decide to go for, be mindful of the price differences that can occur. The prices can range between $18.99 to $74.59, so you need to be aware of setting aside a budget for your caps.


Where to Buy Them

Other than being able to purchase the caps on Amazon, there are other options as to where you can purchase the center caps. These include (but are not limited to):

  • The Tesla Shop Website: the Model Y Gemini Cap Kit is available here,
  • eBay: different eBay users are selling a variety of center cap kits here,
  • Google Shopping: using Google Shopping is a good way to search for specific items, if you are struggling to find them on single sites.

Checking Compatibilities

When you are purchasing the center caps for your Model Y, it is important you check the compatibilities throughout the shopping process. This is why using Amazon is particularly useful for this, as they have a function whereby you can add a specific car to your “garage” when searching for parts on it. To access this feature, simply type in the part you want to search for alongside the model of car in the search bar. You will then see a feature that says “filter your results by vehicle.” At this stage, you add the vehicle type, the year of the vehicle, then the make and lastly the model. Once you have selected the right vehicle, click on “filter results.” This will then show the results based upon the features you’ve entered and Amazon will state that the results are the correct fit for your car.

With that being said, Amazon sometimes will ask for more details about your car if you are looking for a specific car part, such as a center cap. This is particularly relevant to Tesla Model Y, as the trim varies between Long Range, Performance and Standard Range. Once you have selected the correct trim, you may then have the option of adding the body type (this can sometimes be preselected if there is only one body type available). After selecting those, you then have the option of selecting the drive type (between all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive). This information will further filter your results and will ensure that you are choosing a product that is suitable for your Model Y.


Another key thing to look out for are the warranties and return policies for your product. As you can imagine, different websites have different warranties and return policies and different sellers will have their own warranties and return policies.

Amazon sometimes offer a two-year or three-year warranty on their products for a small extra fee, whereas some sellers will only offer a 30-day return policy. It is very important to check these options with the seller before you purchase your item.

How to Assemble Them

Learning how to assemble the center caps is also an important factor when you’re thinking about what you need to know about center caps for Tesla Model Y. There are video tutorials available on how to do this but, because this is quite a simple process to complete, here are the instructions (these are based upon the 19” Gemini wheels and hub caps):

  • Pull off the plastic cover carefully, using each gap in the wheel cover. This will then show the exposed alloy, lug nuts and center part of the wheel.
  • Open the packaging of your center cap kit – this should consist of 20 lug nut covers, a lug nut puller and 4 center caps.
  • Pull the plastic peel off the center caps.
  • Simply take the center cap and push it into the space available in the wheel.
  • Take the lug nut covers and slot them over the lug nuts. These are often a very tight fit (which is the puller tool is also provided as, when you need to take them off, they can be quite awkward to remove.)
  • You can then opt to put the plastic wheel cover back on if you’d wish, but this is optional.
  • The plastic wheel cover will protect the calipers, the center caps and lug nut covers and, if you intend to paint the wheels at a later date, it is recommended that you keep the wheel as protected as possible.




Best Tesla Model Y Center Caps

Tesla Center Caps

SOROPARTS Hubcaps Accessories

SOROPARTS have designed a versatile hubcap set (which includes a center cap) for the Model Y, which comes in selective colour combinations (namely red and black, silver and grey and silver and black). Retailing at $24.99, this kit comes with four center caps, 20 lug nut covers, 4 car tyre valve caps and a lug nut cover puller. The tool itself can be used if you need to change one of the wheels yourself. To detach the center cap, simply take off the wheel and pop it out from behind (or you can opt to use a suction cup without removing the wheel.) If you don’t feel confident enough to do this, however, always take your car to your local dealership where they will be able to do this for you.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


RSZX Wheel Cap Kit

RSZX have created a wheel cap kit which can be used on all Tesla models. As with the SOROPARTS set, the customer has the option of buying different colour combinations, this time being black and red and black and white (selling for $21.98 and $21.99 respectively.) This kit includes 4 center caps and 20 lug nut covers to enhance the style of the car. Customers have praised the style of the caps, with particular emphasis on the branding of the Tesla logo, but have stated that the black and white variant should not be advertised as being black and white (as it has arrived looking closer to a silver than a white.)

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


ThinSGO Wheel Cap Kit

ThinSGO have designed a vibrant and stylish wheel cap kit that can fit onto your Model Y. Coming in two different design styles (black and red and black and white, where both sell for $21.99), ThinSGO claim that the caps are easy to assemble and only take ten minutes to add to your Model Y. As both variants are made of a strong and robust ABS plastic material, the idea is that they are resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches. Customers have praised how these caps look on the Model Y, particularly with the metallic style finish, but have said that the lug nut covers do not fit as well as they should.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


TRASGO Tesla Wheel Cap Kit

The TRASGO wheel cap kit comes in a single colour scheme, unlike the previous kits reviewed. As with the ThinSGO set, the TRASGO set is made of a strong ABS plastic which is designed to be antirust, anticorrosion, as well as resistant to scratches. Currently being sold for $21.99, the set also comes with 20 lug nut covers. Customers have been happy with how the caps fit onto their Teslas, with some stating that they felt they made the wheels look more appealing.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


KEYOOG Wheel Cap Kit

So far, the KEYOOG wheel cap kit is the most affordable of the kits reviewed so far, as it is currently selling for $18.99. Coming in a vibrant and vivid shade of red, KEYOOG emphasise that the colour choice is designed to enhance the look of the car. They also state that the caps are easy to plug in and remove, have a highly accurate buckle design and great sealing performance (protecting the internal parts of the hub light from water.) Customers have been inclined to agree with those claims, with the kit yet to receive a negative review on Amazon.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


GUOXIAN Wheel Cap Kit

GUOXIAN have designed a stylish black and red colour combination for their wheel cap kit, which is available for $14.99. GUOXIAN give the exact measurements of their center caps in their advert, stating that the caps are 56mm (or 2.2” if you work in imperial measurements).  The kit includes the wheel caps themselves, four car tyre valve stem caps and a keychain. Customers have given the wheel cap an average rating, warning that customers need to double check the measurements required for the Tesla Model Y.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


IMNGBL Wheel Cap Kit

The IMNGBL wheel cap kit is the most expensive of all the sets reviewed, pricing in at $73.99. IMNGBL are quick to point out that this wheel cap kit is specifically for the Model Y, whereas the other sets can be used on different models as well. Made from ABS plastic, the caps are designed to be smooth, bright and distinctive. They are advertised as being easy to install as well as being robust to all road conditions, with an anti-loose design and snap-in fixing, these center caps are easy to install and will give your Model Y a classy, modern look. Although this wheel cap kit is the most expensive of the ones reviewed, it is clear that they provide the Model Y with a more sophisticated look, as they match the wheel trims perfectly. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when buying center caps for your Tesla Model Y. You need to think about the design and whether it matches what you want for your Model Y. You need to consider where you’re buying them from – always buy them from a reputable seller that has had good reviews. Always check the compatibilities of the cap kits with your vehicle – this can be done using filters on Amazon. Always make a note of the warranties and return policies from each seller that you use and make sure that you study how to assemble them (though if you’re truly unsure about this, take your Model Y to your local dealership where a qualified mechanic can do the job for you.)

When looking into purchasing Tesla Model Y center caps, it is also important to think about the affordability of the set, the ease of assembly and whether they give your Model Y the classy, modern look that you were looking for to finish personalising your Model Y your way.

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