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Unless you are always lucky enough to have an electrical outlet positioned exactly where you need it, you almost certainly use electrical extension cords around your home. Extension cords provide power for devices with cables that can’t reach any nearby electrical outlets. An extension cord essentially is a bundle of insulated electrical wires with a plug on each end that transmits power from a power point to your electrical vehicle from a safer or more convenient distance. Extension cords make it easier to charge your vehicle as you don’t have to struggle with precision parking to fit the vehicle near the charger. The extension cords are able to charge your Tesla vehicle with the mobile adapter. Other electric vehicles can also be charged using an extension cord but the products recommended here are specifically for Tesla vehicles.


Before you go shopping for an extension cord, however, there are features you should consider in order to help in picking the right extension cord to your specifications. They include wire gauge and length.


Electrical extension cords come in different types, lengths, and sizes. Two important factors determine any cord’s load capacity, its ability to carry electrical current:


Wire gauge: Gauge is a numerical rating of copper wire diameter and is identified by an American Wire Gauge (AWG) number. For example, a 12 AWG, 120-volt cord contains 12-gauge wires and is intended for use with standard 120-volt outlets. In the AWG rating system, the smaller the number the thicker the wire.

The thickness or diameter of the wire affects how much current the wire can carry and how much the wire heats up.


Length: The length of the extension cord affects voltage drop, or how much voltage is lost through resistance in the cord wires.


Listed below are some of the best extension cords for Tesla you can find on the market at the moment


  • Digital Energy 3 Prong 25 Foot Flat Plug Extension Cords 2 Pack, Heavy Duty Power Cords 13A 125V 60Hz 1625W


This is a Heavy Duty Cable Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

   A convenient 90 degrees flat plug allows for plugging in hard-to-access outlets. Heavy-duty cable is durable and lasts long, flexibility makes it easy to store after use. Comes in 7 Sizes – 8 Inch, 1 Ft, 3 FT, 6ft, 9ft, 15ft, and 25ft. Color options are white and black.

This extension is built for maximum durability and safety: use indoors or outdoors, office, classroom, home, garage, and more.

The products come with a Lifetime Warranty, this alone screams quality and confidence from the manufacturer. 

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  • 100-ft 12/3 Heavy Duty 3-Outlet Lighted SJTW Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord by Watt’s Wire


These Extension Cords are almost the perfect cords all around. The cords are designed around the contractor and are perfect for the hobbyist. These heavy-duty power cords are made with an SJTW thermoplastic which is suitable to temperatures from -40°F to 130°F. The double jacketed cords won’t mar walls or floors but will stand up to the concrete.

The cords use 12-Gauge soft-drawn copper to give 120V 15-amps with minimal voltage drop providing all the power you require! The multi-tap pig-tail power splitter is almost the best on the market, if not the best! These cords include strength adding poly strands in the cord to make them handle heavy day after day use. These can support up to 150lbs without damage. 

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  • Camco 30′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord


This extension allows for additional length to reach distant power outlets. 

The extension cord has safe and durable construction as it is constructed with 100 percent copper wiring coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant, heat resistant PVC sheath that serves as protection from outdoor elements, wear, and tear.


It has high conductivity with a flexible and sleek design.


It has a hassle-free Power Grip Plug: The patented Power Grip handle eliminates frustration by assisting users in safely and conveniently gripping, plugging, and unplugging both ends without straining or damaging the cord.


It extends 30 feet long to provide the sufficient length needed to reach distant power outlets and sources.


It comes equipped with an adjustable cord organizer and carrying strap handle that makes toting and storing simple after each use.

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  • Ceptics 25-Ft 50-Amp Auto EV Extension Cord 

Ceptics 4-prong heavy duty 50-Amp male to a female extension cord for your Tesla vehicle.


★Input: NEMA L14-50P 50-Amp 

★Output: L14-50R 50-Amp

★Connects male to female NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R molded connector with fast charging capability

★Reliable and heavy-duty extension cord with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

★WEATHER RESISTANT – exceptional 50 Amp electrical cord provides weatherproof protection from wind, rain, snow, soil, and rocks for long-lasting durability. 

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  • BESENERGY EV Charger Extension Cable 32Amp 220V-240V Charging Cord


This cable is capable of charging ANY modern electric vehicle in the US but your Tesla vehicle would require their J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Its features include:


★ 32AMP,20FT – 32Amp cable could be compatible with all SAE J1772 Safety Protocols Maintained, 20 feet extension cable could keep your car parked far away from the power location.

★ HIGH QUALITY – High strength ABS material, which has better quality and can be used for longer; IP66 waterproof could be safer during charging.

★ SILVER PLATING J1772 INLET – Thanks to the Silver plating on the standard J1772 inlet, this charger has better conductivity and could prevent overheating. 

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  • Lectron 40ft/12m J1772 Extension Cable

The features of this extension include:

✔ J1772 EV EXTENSION CORD – The Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is the ideal EV charging accessory for extending your charging reach. Compatible with Level 1 and 2 charger with J1772 connectors.


✔  40AMP WITH 40FT – Supports up to 40 amp charging, it also comes with a heavy-duty 40ft/12m outdoor cable.


✔  GREATER CONDUCTIVITY – The inlet features silver platings that provide excellent conductivity and prevent overheating.


✔  DURABILITY – Made of high-strength ABS plastic—stronger and more durable for long time use. Its waterproof design (IP66 rated) ensures you can use it anytime, anywhere.


✔ 3 MONTHS WARRANTY – If you are unhappy with your product, you can get it replaced or get a full refund from the manufacturer. 

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There are problems that may arise from using extension cords that you ought to be prepared for.

 Electrical current flowing through wires generates heat, and when too much current flows through a wire, it can overheat and melt the plastic insulation of the wires, causing short circuits and fires.

 This is normally not a problem when you plug an appliance directly into an outlet using its factory cord because the manufacturer has sized the cord appropriately for the electrical current demand, or load, that the appliance requires. But if you use an undersized extension cord to extend the reach of that appliance cord, you can exceed the safe load capacity of the extension cord, and the result can be disastrous. This is just a precaution but the overall benefits greatly outweigh the dangers.