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Tesla Model Y was introduced as a crossover version of Tesla model 3, given that it shares 75% of the components of their platform technology and mechanics. but also being A new model for speed lovers, however, you should keep in mind that there are three versions of the Tesla model Y; here I’ll name the two versions currently available the first version is called “Long Range Battery All-Wheel drive”, This one has exclusive features, two all-wheel drive motors,  with 351 CV and an autonomy of up to 505 Km, according to the cycle WLTP, it has an acceleration that range up to 100 km/h, that is, in 5,1 seconds you have a top speed of 217 km/h.

The second version is considered the most powerful and is called “Performance All-Wheel drive” with two engines and 462 CV, it has an acceleration range up to 100 km/h in 3,7 seconds. It offers 480 km of autonomy,  its design integrates a spoiler carbon fiber, wheels of 20 inches, aluminum pedals and an exclusive function called “track mode”, it also has an electric differential to allow a curve passage to be more effective and fast. This version also has a “ drift mode” , it allows high level changes for lovers of speed.

In its design it stands its glass roof providing the occupants of the vehicle a panoramic surface that allows them to see the sky around them; an experience that expands space, by being able to contemplate landscapes from the comfort of your car, however this elegant design has a disadvantage when user have long periods in the car under extreme weather conditions,  but you should not worry either, because this is solved simply and effectively with a sunshade, at this point, you will ask various questions, how; which is right for your model of car?, if it darkens the car interior?  Makes it hotter? Good as. Here we recommend the best sunshade for tesla Y with UV protection.


The best sunshade for Tesla Model Y with UV protection


The best sunshade for Tesla Model Y with UV protection has the function of thermal insulation. Therefore, it can block sunlight to prevent it from directly entering the car. In addition, it can also prevent ultraviolet rays and protect the interior decoration of cars, preventing the driver and interior decoration of the car from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. At the same time it can reduce the glare caused by sunlight on the car. On the other hand, the combination of double insulation reduces heat and glare from the sun, which keeps the interior of the car cooler and makes the user more comfortable. If you want more sunlight, you can remove the UV / heat insulation film. In the hot summer, it effectively reduces the temperature in the car and reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner. The sunshade is easy to install and easy to disassemble.



Jaronx for Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

This sunshade roof is customized for Tesla model Y, its dimensions are 24 x 19 x 0.5 inches and its weight are 1.85 pound, it has uv protection, it’s brand Jaronx and it’s made of polyester, which greatly reduces the passage of glare and heat into the cabin, thus protecting you from harmful uv rays. In fact, It consists of a polyester mesh umbrella with high strength aluminum alloy, best of all is that being a fine mesh thin and almost transparent you can continue to enjoy the panoramic view and your car will continue to have this aspect of spaciousness and light is also a heat insulator which will make the atmosphere more pleasant. As for its fastening system this is quite simple, is based on clips and it will take you up to 10 minutes to install it is also very easy to uninstall, as this comes with a case which protects it and saves space to be folding so you acquire a sunshade, 8 clips and a storage bag.

Follow these steps for easy Installation and Removal

  1.       Fix the UV/Heat Insulation Film on the Mesh Sunshade.
  2.       Find the mounting position and fasten the clips to the edge of the Mesh Sunshade.
  3.       Insert the clips into the top of the car sunroof.
  4.       Adjust the sunshade until it fits the glass roof.
  5.       If you need more clips, please you can contact the supplier in order to get the ones needed.

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BASENOR Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade with UV/Heat Insulation Cover Gray Set of 2

This sunshade is Basenor and its its dimensions are 26.5 x 20.5 x 1.6 inches and its weight is 2 pounds; Its design is customized for the tesla model and, it reduces by 99% the transmission of heat and harmful UV rays to the cabin with two parasols made of extra light polyester mesh and a folding rigid frame. Its installation systems are based on clips, that comes with this product comes with a sunshade, a uv thermal insulation cover, and a zip storage bag. Among the few disadvantages of this product is its flaccidity it tends to separate a few millimeters.

To install it you have to take into account that it comes with a mesh and for its  deployment you have to put the cover of the thermal floor with the rubber in its corners then you can install your sunshade to the roof of the car with the help of clips. The parasols are quick to install and remove given that these are just intuitive.

This sunshade features a custom design compatible with all 2020 and 2021 Tesla Model Y vehicles. Furthermore, the Gen 2 glass roof sunshade has been cut specifically for the Tesla Model Y. The glass roof sunshade reduces by 99% heat transmission in the cabin blocking solar thermal load with 2 sunshades while protecting passengers and the interior of your car from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It is constructed of lightweight, durable polyester mesh fabric with a rigid collapsible frame that can provide long-lasting protection against the sun and everyday wear and tear. Which gives your Tesla Model Y a custom look for many miles to go. In addition, it is easy to install and easily removable, the sunshade is installed inside the glass roof with the provided clips. When removed, the blinds fold up and store in a handy bag. The package contains the following accessories: 1 glass roof sunshade, 1 UV / heat insulation cover, 1 zipper storage bag. The BASENOR sun visor for the Tesla Model Y comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Dakoli – Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y – 2 in 1 UV Protection

This sunshade is Dakoli, it is made of polyester with light and soft weight, it has a sturdy aluminum folding alignment frame, this aluminum frame fits ideally to your tesla model Y, the design of this sunshead is V-shaped as it corresponds to preserve a light in the cabin being safe and convenient for passengers and especially for the driver, this also of course has uv protection. The installation system of this sunshade It is very similar to the previous ones because it is also based on clips that adapt first to the mesh and then to the glass roof of your car; you should know that these clips do not scratch the glass of your car.

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Coolko – Tesla Model Y Car Sun Shades UV Rays Protection

This one comes with two parasols and two triangular window curtains. These are made with a breathable mesh with uv protection, also this reduces the heat and glare of the sun in the cabin, the triangular curtains help to dark a little the interior of your vehicle. This feature has highlighted this product as positive. Its installation and disassembly system is quick and efficient given that it also USES the same clips system. This product also comes with a storage bag.

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UV Protection Mesh Tesla Model Y Sunshade / Thermal Insulation Film 2020

These sun visors are specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2020 therefore they fit perfectly as they are molded from the original car. The combination of double mesh insulation plus UV / heat insulation film of this sunshade gives plenty of shade and looks good inside the car and has the advantage of reducing heat and glare from the sun, thus keeping the interior of the car safe. cool and comfortable, in addition to protecting us from ultraviolet rays. The mesh sunshade is made of excellent quality polyester fiber and high-strength aluminum alloy, which is durable and effectively reduces heat conduction and is environmentally friendly at the same time. Mesh sunshade and UV / heat insulation film offer protection against heat, sun, glare and UV rays. The UV / heat insulation film reduces heat from the outside, keeping the interior of the car cooler and more pleasant. The mesh absorbs more radiation and offers better UV protection while allowing visibility. If you want more sunlight, you can remove the UV / heat insulation film. It has dual utility as you can keep the mesh sunshade and UV / heat insulation film during the summer or remove the UV / heat insulation film and only keep the mesh sunshade during the winter. It is easy to install and does not need a drill, it is fixed with clips for easy installation and removal. It is foldable, does not deform and takes up little space.

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Insulation window roof sunshade. UV Protection for Tesla Model Y (2020 – 2021)

This sun visor has a custom design according to the original size of the car so it fits perfectly to the Tesla Model Y. In addition, it blocks sunlight preventing it from entering directly into the car and thus prevents the interior decoration of the car from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. It also effectively lowers the temperature in the car and lowers the energy consumption of the air conditioning in hot summer. These sunshades are made of fine mesh, allowing light to gently penetrate the car making the interior not too dark, while blocking sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The frame is made of folding steel ring, which is easy to store and adapt to the model. It is easy to install, you just need to fix it with a clip.

In conclusion, the Topfit sun visor for Tesla Model Y can reduce the glare caused by sunlight and reduce the heat inside the car while preventing ultraviolet rays and protecting the interior decoration of the car, plus the sun visor is easy to install and easy to disassemble.

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Sunroof Sunshade Accessories for Tesla Model Y 2020 – 2021

The Tauto sunshade is custom built, customized for the Tesla Model Y glass sunroof. The size is perfect and fits all Tesla Model Y 2020-2021 vehicles very well. In addition, the sunroof sun blinds offer Protection against sun, heat, glare and UV rays, therefore, protect your vehicle, preventing the interior decoration of the car from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. They can also protect your family and friends from exposure to high temperatures and ultraviolet rays. The sunshade used on the sunroof has a thermal insulation function to prevent direct sunlight from entering the car and thus keep your car seat cool and pleasant. The sunroof sunshade is made of high-quality material, mainly folding steel and polyester fiber mesh cloth, which has good thermal insulation, durability and flexibility. Mesh material can be attached to the car at any time to effectively reflect and insulate heat transmission. This unique design will fully cover the windows without leaving gaps. The sunshade can be installed and removed quickly and easily, which is very favorable. Our products are foldable, easy to transport and very comfortable. No matter where you go, you can bring our sunroof umbrella. When not in use, simply fold the canopy and put it in the storage bag provided by us so it doesn’t take up space. It is very convenient if it is placed in the front or rear trunk or on the car seat as it takes up little space.

Finally, the TAUTO sunroof sunshade for Tesla Model Y 2020 – 2021 effectively blocks and protects us from ultraviolet rays and reduces heat transmission, keeping the interior of the vehicle cool and comfortable, providing good thermal insulation, it is easy to install and easy. to disassemble.

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