Tesla Model 3 Sub Trunk Cooler

Tesla Model 3 Sub Trunk Cooler

November 25, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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If you’re going for a long, summer drive, it’s inevitable that you and your travel buddies will want some cool drinks and food for your travels. The Tesla Model 3 is the ideal car for such a trip, given that the car has a range of approximately 353 miles. For that reason, a sub trunk cooler is the ideal accessory. Tesla offer their own accessory store, where you can shop for items such as center console trays or illuminated door sills. But in this article, we will look for the best Tesla Model 3 sub trunk cooler available on the market and see if you’re getting value for money when you buy one.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Sub Trunk Cooler


BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Frunk Cooler Organizer

BASENOR have designed a compact, stylish cooler organizer that is designed specifically with the Tesla models in mind.  Made from aluminum and plastic, this black cooler organizer fits in well with the Model 3 and contains a smooth sliding zippered lid and insulated interior which keeps the groceries and beverages cold.

Retailing at $49.99 (although used ones can be purchased for $45.53), this cooler organizer also contains an extra pocket, which can be used to store handy items such as can openers (particularly useful if you’re going camping!) Customers have written in their reviews that the insulation is thick and of a good standard, but others have opined that it is not quite the right size for the Model 3.

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EVBOYS Frunk Cooler Organizer

The EVBOYS frunk cooler organizer can be placed in either the front trunk or the rear trunk and is custom designed for the Tesla models. It is lightweight and durable, and is made from quality recycle 1680D nylon fabric. Retailing at $49.99 (on sale down from $56.99), the interior uses EPE cotton and is lined with food-grade reflective aluminum foil membrane covered thermal insulation. The cooler organizer is easy to wash and is easily stowed. Buyers have stated that the quality and practicality of the bag are of a high standard, but that ice can melt quickly and subsequently leak.

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Flever Frunk Cooler Organizer

This Flever frunk cooler organizer is designed specifically with the Model 3 in mind (although it is not compatible with the 2021 model.) The cooler organizer uses PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) materials to keep food and beverage at the desired temperature. The exterior of the cooler organizer is made of Oxford fabric and also contains EPE (Expanded Polyethylene Foam), PVC and cotton. The cooler organizer, which is being sold for $39.99, also contains front pockets and a side bottle opener. Customers have lauded the quality of the organizer, although there have been complaints about the fit of the organizer in the car.

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ROCCS Tesla Model 3 Cooler Bag

The ROCCS cooler bag has been designed to specifically fit the Model 3, including the 2021 model. The cooler bag can be placed in either the frunk or the trunk and is made of 1680D nylon fabric and has an interior EPE cotton. It is also lined with waterproof, thicker reflective aluminum foil for thermal insulation in the winter months. The cooler bag, which is on sale for $57.71 (down from $62.99) and with a one-year warranty, can be adapted to be used in three ways and is foldable and washable and also contains a smooth sliding zipped lid to prevent food items from falling out.

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YAKEELEMON Tesla Trunk Cooler Organizer

The YAKEELEMON Tesla trunk cooler organizer is similar in design to the previous cooler organizers reviewed, particularly as it is made with Oxford fabric and uses EPE cotton for its interior, alongside the use of reflective aluminum foil membrane covered thermal insulation. The cooler organizer, which is being sold for $46.99 (on sale down from $49.98), contains an exterior zipped pocket, alongside a smooth sliding, airtight zipper lid to stop items from falling out. The organizer is easy to clean, with recommendations to use a wet cloth for this. Customers have reviewed that the cooler organizer is ideal for the larger trunk and that the zips and stitching are strong and provide good value for money. Others have, however, noted that the ice melts too easily and subsequently makes a bit of a mess in the car.

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Umbrauto Tesla Model 3 Cooler Organizer

Umbrauto have designed a sophisticated, insulated cooler organizer, which also contains an outer zipped pocket for storing extra essentials for your driving trip. It is also lined with a leak resistant liner, which is designed to keep the frunk dry in case any items are defrosted. The cooler, which is retailing at $29.99, can be opened inside the car. It is recommended that you place freeze packs inside the cooler underneath the beverages or food that you want to be kept cool.  As with the other cooler organizers reviewed in this article, the cooler is made of Oxford fabric and is double stitched for durability.

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Final Thoughts

There are many ways in which you can keep your food and beverages cool in your Tesla Model 3 when heading out on a long trip. There are several different types of cooler organizers that can be used in the frunk, the trunk (or both) and it is important to know whether you would be getting good value for money if you do decide to buy one. Always check the reviews, whether the cooler organizers fit your Tesla Model 3 in the way that they’re supposed to and whether they keep your food and beverages cool without making a mess of your Model 3!

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