Model Y Aero Wheel Cover

Model Y Aero Wheel Cover

November 25, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Although the Tesla Model Y Aero wheel covers were created to help increase the efficiency and range of your Tesla, they were made to be taken on and off to suit the owners wants and needs. No matter if you are taking your Aeros off of your wheels permanently or if you just like to take them on and off depending on the situation, you are going to want to keep them safe while they are being stored.

Instead of just tossing the Aeros into your trunk, it’s much safer to have them in a storage container or cover meant specifically for Model Y Aero wheel covers. One great option for this purpose is the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag. The following will go over everything you need to know to make a decision regarding if this Model Y Aero wheel cover protection is best for you:

1)     Durability

Unlike some storage ideas you may have come up with to keep your Aeros safe, the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag was made specifically for this purpose and is made of durable, high-quality materials. Each of the components, from the fabric to the Velcro to the zipper, are very strong and resilient.

The fabric used in the creation of the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag is made of black, water resistant, 600D polyester that is very strong. 600D polyester, which is short for 600 Denier polyester, is known for its durability, stability, and quality. Because of the properties of this material, it is often used for things such as camping chairs that are meant to be out in the elements without failing.  

Additionally, only the best Velcro and zippers are used in the manufacturing of this wheel cover. This is important because failure of these components could lead to damage of your Aero wheel covers and completely defeat the purpose of safely storing them.


2)     Protection

The last thing you want to do is go to put your Aero wheels back on and find that they are scratched or scuffed up. Storing them inside of the BASENOR Model Y Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag can prevent this from happening. Not only does this product keep them isolated away from dirt and potentially hazardous situations, but this product also keeps each wheel cover safe from getting scraped by the others.

The BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag has 4 compartments, each separated by three thick divider liners. This completely eliminates the risk of your Aero wheel covers from scraping against one another while being transported or stored. Further, each divider has a Velcro attachment that secures it to the side of the bag so that it does not slip out of place. Being in four separate compartments inside of a sturdy, water-resistant bag ensures that your Tesla’s wheel covers do not become dinged or dirty.


3)     Convenience

One of the best parts of the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag is that it is incredibly convenient. Keeping all of your Aero wheel covers in one place so they won’t get split apart, this Aero wheel cover bag will prevent one from getting inadvertently lost or taking up too much space by storing them separately.

This wheel cover storage bag comes with carrying handles, making it easy to transport your Aero wheel covers to the vehicle when you want to put them back on or to the storage location. This carrying handle is very sturdy and will not tear from the body of the bag. This means that you can actually use the carrying handle to hang your Aero wheel covers up on a wall to save space.

Another convenient feature is that this product has another storage pocket on the outside of the case that can house the center cap removal tools as well as the center caps themselves if needed. This way, everything you need to put your Aero wheel covers on or take them off is all in one spot. No matter if you are going to keep your Aero wheel covers stored hung up in the garage or in the trunk, having them inside of the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag is a good idea.


4)     Trustworthiness

When buying any product, you are going to want to ensure that the company is trustworthy. Even better is if they are an enthusiast themselves as well as reliable. BASENOR got established when the owner bought his first Tesla vehicle and started creating accessories and some of the best Tesla interior mods on the market today.

Being a lover of Tesla and owning a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y and a CyberTruck as well as investing in TSLA and SpaceX, the owner of BASENOR know what accessories can improve Tesla ownership and how to get the most utility out of their products. Not only that, BASENOR is highly reviewed by Tesla drivers!


5)     Other Considerations

On top of the protective properties, durability, convenience, and reliability of BASENOR and the BESENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag, there are other aspects to consider when looking for a way to safely store your Aero wheel covers. For example, you don’t have to worry about price like you’d have to when deciding if the Tesla Model Y Performance Upgrade is worth it since the BASENOR Model Y Aero Wheel Cover Storage Carrying Bag is very affordable.

Additionally, there are no special cleaning requirements for the BASENOR Model Y Cover Storage Carrying Bag. Simply wipe the surface of the case lightly with a towel to get off dust that will eventually settle on it if it is stored for a long time. If the case gets dirtier than that, you can either hand wash it, or machine wash it before hanging it up to dry.

Being a good gift for Tesla owners, if you are interested in this product for someone else or for yourself, click here to see the current prices and purchase options on Amazon.