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As the most affordable Tesla available, the Model 3 has a lot to offer, including strong range and svelte styling. This car has an estimated driving range of 263 miles, which is at par with most of the electric vehicles in the market.



In terms of capacity, the Model 3 seats five people. The front seats come standard with heating and power adjustability, and heated rear seats are available. This is nothing short of a family car. Moreover, you can fit three car seats in the back of the Model 3, which is not a given in the class. For those who are unaware, rear-facing seats take up more space. In many small and midsize cars, it’s tough to put the driver’s seat in a tranquil position if there’s a rear-facing car seat behind it.


Booster seats are seats that help kids stay safe in cars. They help lift kids up so that seatbelts lie across the strong bones of the chest and pelvis instead of the belly and neck, where they could do serious damage in a crash.


Moreover, a child sitting in a booster seat can bend his knees comfortably so there is no need to slouch. If he sits up straight, the lap belt stays low on the hips in a safe position.


However, you should take care to note that before moving to a booster seat, your child should: 

  1. Be at least 5 years old. 
  2. Meet the weight and height minimums for the booster seat you’re considering. 
  3. Be responsible enough to sit properly 100% of the time, even while asleep.


If your child meets all the above and you want to choose the best booster seat for your Model 3, here are some of the considerations you might want to put in place:

  • Never use a seat that’s more than 6 years old or one that was in a crash (it could be unsafe, even if it looks OK).
  • Avoid seats that are missing parts or aren’t labeled with the manufacture date and model number (you’ll have no way to know about recalls) or seats that don’t come with an instruction manual.
  • Check the seat for the manufacturer’s recommended “expiration date.” If you have any doubts about a seat’s history, or if it has cracks or other signs of wear and tear, don’t use it.
  • If you do opt to utilize the seat, contact the manufacturer to find out how long it’s safe to use the seat and if it’s ever been summoned. Recalls are quite common, and the manufacturer might be able to provide you with a replacement part or new model.

There are three different kinds of booster seats:

  • Backless boosters

These are specialized cushions children sit on, that raise the child up off the vehicle seat, leading to a better seat belt fit.

 They are lightweight, compact, and inexpensive for the most part and are more preferred by kids as they are less babyish



  • High Back Boosters

They give the best positioning of the shoulder belt.

They also provide necessary head support in vehicles with low seat backs.

They are better than backless boosters at keeping children properly placed in the safety belt.


  • Combination seats

Function either as car seats with a five-point harness for children up to at least 40 pounds. The backs are usually not removable on these models.


As a Model 3 owner, you could easily fit 3 booster seats at the back if you’re using the seatbelt restraining system because they are in booster seats. However, if you’re using the latch system, you can only fit two booster seats because there are only 2 sets.


 Here are some of the best booster seats you can get for your Model 3:


  • Maxi Cosi RodiFix AirProtect Child Isofix Extra Protection Booster Car Seat


Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtect is a car seat that is suitable for children from 15 to 36 kg (approximately 3.5 to 12 years).


 Thanks to its well-defined belt guides, this group 2-3 car seat is easy to use and provides quick access to the buckle so your child is safely secured and ready to go in seconds. It provides high side stability for your child’s hips and lowers back and its headrest features patented AirProtect side-impact protection which reduces the risk of head injury. This compact car seat is easy to install using the ISOFIX anchorage system, which anchors the seat to the body of the car and ensures an easy and secure installation.


 The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtect car seat grows along with your child thanks to the fully adjustable head support. To keep your little one comfortable, this ISOFIX booster seat tilts backward using an easy-to-reach recline mechanism – the ideal car seat to keep your child safe and snug when you’re out and about.

Its other features include:

  • Patented AirProtect technology for extra security of child’s head
  • Distinct belt-guide system for swift and comfortable buckle-up
  • ISOFIX installation for optimal protection and durability is possible for this Maxi-Cosi group 2-3 car seat
  • Maxi-Cosi will cover you for the lifetime of your product: Register your product on our website within three months of purchase – terms and conditions will apply

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



  • Maxi Cosi Pearl Booster Seat 


As a parent, your little one’s safety in the vehicle is all that matters. The Maxi-Cosi Pearl securely “clicks” onto the ISOFIX base attached to your car’s ISOFIX. To provide maximum comfort, the car seat’s fittings and headrest adjust to perfectly fit your growing child.


Combining high-end design, 5 easy-to-adjust recline positions, click-and-go convenience, and compact size to fit most cars, this booster seat offers everything that parents and children need to relax and enjoy their trip.


The Pearl car seat is top-rated in safety tests and is used with the FamilyFix base, which also fits the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat. This guarantees optimal ISOFIX safety and ease of use from birth to approximately 4 years of age. 


In addition, a correct connection is confirmed with visual and audible alerts of the ISOFIX base for extra peace of mind.


The car seat is Forward-facing only.

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  • Solution Z-fix booster seats


This booster seat gives a high-back booster seat designed to grow up with your child, adapting to their changing needs. This seat boasts standard safety features by offering a patented, reclining headrest that limits the tipping forward of the head during sleep, and an optimized Linear Side-impact Protection system to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for your child. 

Using just one hand you can adjust both the height and width of the booster seat in one motion to ensure a proper fit to your child’s size.

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