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One of the major drawbacks encountered while driving in summer is the blinding sun. Yes, you can buy windows covers but unfortunately these are not yet available in the market with exclusive designs for the Tesla Model Y, but you should know that Tesla Model Y was introduced being a crossover version of Tesla model 3, to such an extent that it shares a 75% of the components including   their platform technology and mechanics, so, you should not worry because some of the windows cover designs they also adapt well to your Tesla Model Y.

Of course, these designs also have adaptability that also will present you a variety of universal windows covers of very good quality. First, we will describe the type of materials according to their designs and their compatibility for different types of climates. On the other hand, all these are windows covering metal frames for your car; however, as the Tesla Model Y is so recent it is likely that  there are few exclusive designs that fully adapt to the windows of these vehicles in the market.

On the other hand, another type of window covers are the blinds. Here are two recommendations:


These window covers are brand LKXHarleya, its cost is around $19,54 (includes two window covers), but depends on the measures you choose, this product has up to 13 types of measurements and is available in black color, it’s made in Polyester, a high quality material, durable and machine washable, the car window curtains are made for privacy obscure in the entire window area, offering more comprehensive UV and heat protection, thanks to its anti-ultraviolet radiation system, it can effectively prevent the interior of the vehicle from being exposed to the outdoor harmful light, taking care against the harmful sun rays these also take care of the parts inside your vehicle making them have a longer life. This product is eco-friendly and healthy.

Among its attributes highlights are  that this retains very well the privacy as they are not transparent and covers the Windows of the car as much as you want, In the same way, it is effective to keep the temperature inside the car, now, is easy to install and remove also, no tools needed for installation and you can rest easy because the guide rails will not affect the rise and fall of the glass.  

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These window covers are brand Barucci, its cost is $19,90 (includes two roller blind), it’s made in Polyvinyl Chloride and with of High Quality PVC Plastic with no holes and of the correct density to ensure visibility through the shade and out of the window, at 16 x 24 inches and weighing just 10.5 oz. This shade is universal and will fit any car, when you buy this set, you receive: 2 pack roller shades, car retractable side window shades – made of durable plastic 5 Rubber Suction Cups – 3 for installation and 2 extras; 1 plastic carry case.

Its system is easy to install. Just remove the shade from the carry case, it comes with a stick for the shades (with the suction caps) on the window. Pull down and secure it in any position with the 3rd suction cap. When you want to put it away, release the suction caps and store in the carrier. Also, this product thanks to its materials can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, it’s a simple and essential car accessory for anyone who wants to protect their children, pets and passengers but also to protect the upholstery on their back seat.

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This window covers are brand AmazonBasics, its cost is $11,99, this product comes with 2 semi-transparent and 2 transparent of black color, it’s made with high-quality lightweight polyester mesh fabric blocks light and heat (but not the view), this system allows to block UV rays; the reinforced memory steel wire frame provides long-lasting reliable structure, and you can choose the dimensions that suits you according to their 4 options and the price will not change. On the other hand, this has an easy installation, thanks to a system based on removable suction cups, that fits almost any car window, including driver side, windshield, and larger SUV windows. This product will not take up much space in your car, as you can fold it to store in a bag.

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This Window covers are brand AOKWAY, its cost is $21,99, the design of this product has a simple installation system based on a magnetic sequence with ten small magnets sewn into the upper fold, to pull it out completely and securely. It is made of polyester, a fine mesh with uv protection that also allows visibility. it has an extended warranty; an 18-month warranty and customer-friendly support.

Please, note the following installation notes. If it’s a rubber window frame, please attach it to your car’s door frame. Not applicable for the frame which is made in aluminum. Keep in mind that the window covers “AOKWAY” are a universal design, so it may not cover all the area of window of SUV or Pick- up! But it does its purpose. Please pay attention to it before you order it.

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It also provides high quality sun protection and also keeps your car to a pleasant temperature protecting the inside of your vehicle. The idea of an adventure taking advantage of its glass ceiling to observe unforgettable landscapes while the rest of your car is covered. It is a very convenient and totally attractive complement, given that this window cover will be necessary for lasting outside activities.

This product is brand TESCAMP, it has a custom design for tesla model 3, however, its design adapts to your Tesla model Y. TESCAMP is designed as a series of outdoor-activity products just for you getting a perfect road-trip adventure with an easy installation system of clip and attach. You can choose between two kinds of car window covers:  One is one-piece style, the other is a 6-piece pack. Then, With the help of TESCAMP car curtains, you could have your own privacy at any time,  as in while you take a sleep in the car at night or take a nap at noon.

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