Best Tesla Key Card Holder

Best Tesla Key Card Holder

December 17, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla range of electric vehicles have become increasingly popular, particularly with an impending ban on the production of petrol and diesel vehicles approaching in some countries. But, alongside thinking about which model you’re going to buy if you are going to invest in a Tesla, you need to think about the accessories that come with it.Tesla Model Y Blue

When it comes to keys, you have the option of purchasing key bands and key cards (though you do need to know which model you’re opting for first before you get to these options.) In this article, we’ll be looking for the best Tesla key card holder on the market and whether you’re getting the best value for money.

Tesla Key Card



Best Tesla Key Card Holder

ALBECHE Tesla Key Card Holder (Model 3 and Model Y)

ALBECHE have designed a range of key card holders which are made from silicone; designed to make the key card holders heat and cold resistant.

ALBECHE have claimed that their key card holders have many advantages, namely that the holders have a beautiful appearance, are practical and are durable (claiming that the holders prevent deformation due to squeeze.

The holders are small and light, meaning that it is convenient for car owners to carry and are easy to hang. The holders are available in three color schemes – black and red ($9.89), black and white ($10.99) and pink and white ($10.99). Customers have been please with the key card holders, as 75% of the reviews that they have received are five stars (with the remaining 25% being four stars), meaning that they are yet to receive a negative review.

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KIWISMART Key Card Holder with Webcam Cover (Model 3 and Model Y)

KIWISMART have introduced a unique pack where a webcam cover accompanies the key card holder. The key card holder is available in a simple, back silicone design which contains a non-slip design in the back. This is designed to prevent the card from slipping when turning or accelerating and is a best fit for Tesla Model 3 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions. Retailing at $8.99, customers have said that they feel that this key card holder holds the key card in place better than the metal framed versions, although others have added that extra adhesive is need to keep the holder in place when driving.

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WXC Tesla Key Card Holder Case (Model 3 and Model Y)

The WXC Tesla key card holder case is made from leather and is hand washable. WXC do state that this is custom made for the Model 3 and that the card sleeve does not impact on the signal of the key card. The design is a hollow design and incorporates Tesla’s logo. The holder is available in six different color schemes available – M-black, M-Red, M3 Black, M3 Blue, Pink and White, all of which are available for $10.49. Customers have said that the holder made it easier for them to keep track of the card and praised the design, although some have speculated that the holder is cheaply made.

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KWAK Key Card Holder (compatible with Tesla Model 3)

The KWAK key card holder is compatible with Tesla Model 3 and comes in different variations (buckle and knitted.) As this holder is also compatible with BMW 2021 models, it is important that you double check that you’re purchasing the right holder for your Tesla. Both the knitted and buckled variations are made of high-quality aluminum, which protects the card from scratches and blemishes. The holders come in four different color schemes – rose gold, light blue, dark grey and dark blue – and are available for two different prices (buckled at $31.99 and knitted for $35.99). Customers have praised the style of the design but have commented that the buckled design is prone to shattering.

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Rozella Home Digital Key Card Holder

Rozella Home’s digital key card holder is a uniquely designed card holder, made from high-end aluminum. It is a one-piece magnalium card holder, meaning that it is simple and reliable and can be used on the badge, access card, key fob or any other key card. This card holder comes with a keyring, a leather lanyard and TPE protective covers for each side of the card (though it is advised that the film is removed from the covers before installing the card.) The card holder is available in three different colors – silver, gold and black (all priced at $8.99) and has, thus far, received a 100% approval rating on Amazon. Click here to check the price on Amazon.


CYX-KI Silicone Card Holder Model 3/Y

The CYX-KI silicone card holder is made for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is available in four different color schemes – black and red, black and white, pink and white and red and white, all of which are priced at $15.99. Made from silicone, which is designed to be durable and can withstand different weather conditions. It’s an all-inclusive fit and slots into the available slot with ease.

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Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The Xipoo Fit metal card holder is suitable for Tesla Model 3 2017 – 2021 and Model Y 2020 and 2021. The holder is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and difficult to break. The surface of the holder is coated, which makes it difficult to rust. The unit comes with an adhesive sticker, which can be easily installed onto the slot. At $12.99, the holder is very affordable and has received positive reviews from customers (particularly regarding the ease of installation.) Some, however, have stated that the plastic border can make the holder quite brittle.

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Final Thoughts

When thinking about buying the best Tesla key card holder for you, you need to consider a few things. The material, ease of installation and the subsequent value for money are the key factors in thinking about which is the best Tesla key card holder on the market today.

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