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According to Tesla and the EPA, the 2021 Model Y Performance gets 303 miles of range. This is a long-distance if you’re going all out on the range and you might get fatigued on the way.


Tesla is a great car for outdoor camping and doesn’t have tailpipe emissions since they don’t have tailpipes, so they won’t suffocate the camper or disturb the local fauna. As for Tesla’s panoramic glass roof, well, no tent can compete with that. It is just the right car to go camping in or just long trips. 


 Your car is not the most comfortable place to sleep though, and since you can’t fit a bed into the car, you will need to fit a mattress into the rear seats to make the most of it.

Most mattresses won’t fit inside a car’s trunk or hatch.  If you have a van and can remove its seats, a single small mattress may fit without too much trouble. 

However, if you own a Tesla Model Y, you don’t need to go through the hustle since there are Inflatable mattresses available in the market for your Tesla Model Y car.


The spaciousness and ability to fold down the rear seats without creating gaps in the space where an air mattress would fit, make the Model Y a comfortable and reasonable option for sleeping. 

Why you need an inflatable mattress for your model Y


  1. One of the main advantages of having an inflatable mattress is that you can always inflate it to your desired level of softness. This comes in handy if you have some sleeping issues.
  2. Because of the PVC material used to manufacture them, there are no nasty off-gassing odors like you may find when a memory foam mattress is new.
  3. They don’t sag – Sagging is when the surface tends to give way slowly after years of usage, thus creating a crater-like effect where the person sleeps.
  4. They are durable. The hard-wearing PVC and ability to counter sagging issues increases the lifespan tremendously over innerspring, latex, or foam.
  5. They are relatively cheap. For example, a twin air mattress can be purchased for as little as $30 online, whereas a twin memory foam mattress can easily cost $300 for a decent quality one.


Some of the noticeable disadvantages of using them include:


  1. Some owners complain of noisy pumps, but these are usually only in cheaper brands. Also, considering pumps are only ever used to inflate or deflate, it’s probably not very often you’ll be using it.
  2. Replacing pumps may be costly. Because of the mechanical nature and reliance upon the built-in pump, if it becomes faulty, you’ll need it repaired either by way of cost or warranty.


Some of the best mattresses you can get for your Tesla Model Y in the market at the moment include: 


  • Tesmat Model Y Foam Mattress

Its features include:


  1. Custom design 3″ High-Density Foam Mattress specifically for Tesla Model Y.
  2. Tri-Fold mattress is a convenient and comfortable alternative to air mattresses. It folds and unfolds with little effort and ideally to use while camping.
  3. Soft and Ventilated 3D Mesh Top Layer – Foldable mattress is made from 3″ Superior Quality High-Density Luxurious Foam which is known for its therapeutic benefits. Breathable mesh sides help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature for a good night’s sleep.
  4. Compact Design – Lightweight and portable to fit into compact spaces for easy transport and light enough to carry around.
  5. Machine Washable and the zippered cover can be removed easily in seconds.
  6. The carry bag is made from thick, durable polyester canvas to resist rips and tears. Convenient carry handles are stitched to make portability a breeze.
  7. Comes with a matching light gray color bed sheet and pillowcase set.

It also comes with: 

  1. 1x 3″ Foldable High-Density Foam Mattress
  2. 1x Bed Sheet
  3. 1x Pillowcase Set (2 pieces)
  4. 1x Carry Bag


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  1. BASSENOR Tesla Model Y mattress


Enjoy a nice touch and sleeping experience on this inflatable air mattress without the sheets or blankets slipping off in the night. Upgraded seams and superior welding ensure a completely air-tight sleeping experience.

This air mattress is ideal for your Tesla and outdoor use such as camping, traveling, and hiking.

Its features include:

  • Custom-designed: The Inflatable Mattress has been custom-cut specifically for Tesla. It fits Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model Y.
  • Flocking SUV Inflatable Mattress: Made of thickened high-quality PVC and Flocking, Skin-friendly. Environment-friendly material.
  • Easy to Use: Equipped with car power charging electric pump for air mattress, extra-speeded inflation, and deflation.
  • Multipurpose Usage: The Gen 2 air mattress can fold the other side. Great for camping, long trips, hiking, festivals.


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  1. Topfit Model Y Air Mattress

 It fits perfectly in the Tesla Model Y. It also comes with a pump, so you can connect that to the outlet in the car to pump the air mattress up. The wire for the pump is however a little bit short but it does the job.

Its features include:


  • CUSTOMIZED EASY USED-Fast Inflation and Deflation. Waterproof, portable take, with the On-board air pump. It can withstand the weight of several people on it so don’t worry about losing weight, just eat as much as you want and spend a happy time with your family.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Thickened flocking, high-grade PVC material. Soft to the touch, safe to the environment, tasteless (!), thick, and stable to pressure and impact. It’s easy to clean because of the waterproof design.
  • EASY TO CARRY EVERYWHERE: You can use it as a rest bed during car trips, or as a sleeping mat for camping and outdoor sports tents. It’s as small as a cushion after packing it so it can be put into a backpack and taken everywhere. Perfect for travel and camping.
  • FITs ALL MODELS: This air mattress is compatible with most cars, 4 Compartments could change rear seat length. It’s suitable for every Tesla model as well as SUVs, Hatchbacks, Minivans, Trucks, etc.
  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY: Fast inflation and not air leakage. In case of natural damage, it is backed by a 1-Year Warranty.


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