Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Body Kit: Everything You Need to Know

November 27, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla Model 3 is a versatile model of the Tesla range, which can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and contains a range of up to 278 miles (448 kilometres) and a top speed of 140mph (225 kmh). But before you decide on whether you want a performance vehicle or a long range vehicle, you need to know about the different types of body kits that you can get to make your Tesla 3 the vehicle that you want it to be. There are, of course, different styles available, but the Vorsteiner body kits are highly recommended for this particular model of the Tesla. So here is everything you need to know about the Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 body kit.

What do Vorsteiner offer?

The first thing you need to know is that Vorsteiner offer custom made kits for the Tesla 3, meaning that you can customise each part of the kit to fit your car the way you want to. This means that you can customise all sorts of features to fit your model, including rear diffuser and front spoiler lips, spoilers, side skirts and wheels. This article will look at the different customisations that you can choose and options that you have so that your car is perfect for you.

Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Body Kit: Everything You Need to Know

Vorsteiner Volta Aero Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser Lip

Vorsteiner Carbon Fibre VOLTA Aero Rear Diffuser For Tesla Model 3 (2018+)

For those who don’t know exactly what the rear diffuser lip actually does, the purpose is to reduce turbulence and improve the airflow of the car. This is especially important for an electric vehicle, as you need to get as much out of the range charge as possible. The lip, as with the majority of spoiler and lip products made for Tesla 3 models, is made from 2 x 2 pre-preg carbon fibre to give it that extra durability that you need.

Vorsteiner offer a rear diffuser lip which is compatible with all Tesla 3 models between 2017 and 2021. Designed and made in the United States, this rear diffuser lip adds a finesse to your model 3 and enhances aerodynamics, driveability and is engineered for a smooth finish. Although yet to be reviewed by customers on Amazon, the product is rigorously tested by Vorsteiner before being shipped and is customised to fit the correct model. The rear diffuser lip is easy to add to the vehicle and comes with a guide on how to add to the vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable adding this to the vehicle yourself, you can ask your local dealership to add the customised item to your vehicle.

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Vorsteiner Volta Aero Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler Lip

Vorsteiner VOLTA Aero Front Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 2x2 Glossy Tesla Model 3 2018-2020 | TEV1010

Alongside the availability of a rear spoiler lip, you also have the option of purchasing a front spoiler lip. The front spoiler lip is made of pre-preg 2 x 2 carbonated and weaved fibre and serves a similar purpose to that of the rear diffuser lip, in terms of aerodynamics, driveability and efficiency for the vehicle. Weighing slightly less than the rear diffuser lip at 158, the front spoiler lip adds further style to the vehicle and can be customised to fit your tastes.

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CSSDesign Body Kit Set

Find Durable, Robust css design body kit for all Models Inspiring Driving Experience - Alibaba.com

As well as the Vorsteiner products that are available on Amazon, there are options in terms of upgrades or alternatives to the Vorsteiner body kit parts that come with your vehicle. An example of this is a set is that created by CSSDesign, which follows the ethos and style of the Vorsteiner set. As well as including the rear diffuser and front spoiler lips already reviewed in this blog, this kit also includes side skirts and rear spoilers. There is flexibility available when purchasing from CSSDesign on Amazon, as you are able to purchase parts separately should you wish to do so. Although this set, which retails at $1849, has yet to be reviewed on Amazon yet, it is difficult to look past the convenience of ordering these parts as a set, rather than having to purchase them separately, particularly as this can be a more efficient way of customising your vehicle. If you do find, however, that these parts are not ideal for your Tesla 3, you can contact the seller about their warranty policies, which differ from vehicle to vehicle.

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Purchasing Directly From Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Volta Aero Decklid Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 2X | Park Auto Motorsports

As well as utilising an Amazon store, Vorsteiner do offer the option of purchasing your Tesla 3 body kit parts from their own website, as they are in the process of adding products to their Amazon store. These include the Volta Aero Decklid Carbon Fibre Spoiler, which is placed at the rear of the vehicle and is sold directly for $1,144. This spoiler, alongside the lip and front spoilers already reviewed, adds further aerodynamics to the car and improves the efficiency of the mileage range available in one charge.

Vorsteiner also offer a Volta Aero Side Skirt, which is made using 2 x 2 pre-preg glossy carbon fibre, retails at $1,374 and can be added to variants of the Tesla 3 from 2018 onwards. If you were also looking into expanding the look of your Tesla 3 with Vorsteiner products, you also have the option of adding the stylish V-FF 190 wheels, which add a glossy and sheened metallic look to your vehicle. It is worth noting that these wheels are only available for the 2021 and 2022 models, but do provide a sophisticated look to your new vehicle.

As you can see, there are many options available in terms of customising your new (or pre-owned) Tesla 3 with Vorsteiner products. Each item provides an efficiency, style and finesse to your Tesla 3 that will make you the envy of all other drivers on the road and will make them think of getting a Tesla 3 as well.

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