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If you were not already aware, Tesla cars offer a wide variety of built-in games in the infotainment entertainment section of the car. Some of these games can be controlled internally with the car’s built in steering wheel, but some require special controllers in order to function. If you want to enjoy your games seamlessly, and enhance the experience of some of the other games with the use of a wireless controller, here are some of the wireless or Bluetooth controllers to keep in your glove compartment that are compatible with your Tesla car. These wireless controllers are exhaustively discussed so that we can give you a purely professional overview of each, so that you can get a clear and unbiased review of them.




The Xbox One wireless controller is widely regarded as one of the best gaming controllers you can ever get your hands on. While it might be an overkill for your Tesla car, it’s a good investment to your gaming experience because it’s durable and so versatile. It’s not that very cheap and it would cost you something close to $50 but it’s high quality and will certainly last the lifetime of your car. This wireless controller of course works with Xbox One consoles, but also works with all the PCs via Bluetooth and your Tesla car.

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8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

This is one of the most popular wireless controllers with owners of Tesla cars. 8Bitdo Wireless USB adapter allows you to play your games seamlessly on your Tesla car as you maybe wait for your car to fully charge. It works well with the Tesla car controller compatible games or software. To make it work, simply bind the adapter to your wireless controller to enable the same wireless experience you are used to other platforms.

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Wireless controller compatibility allows gaming from any seat. However, you must check to see if your controller is compatible and appropriate for the games you would like to play with your Tesla car. Xbox One Controllers are compatible with all the games including the newer games. With 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter, you can play games well in your Tesla car. With a combo of 2 8BitDo SN30 Pro controllers and 2 8BitDo USB adapters, they perfectly work for your car gaming system.




With the various wireless controllers, you choose for your Tesla car, and come  with its own pros and cons. First of all, your wireless controllers will come sleek and wireless hence no need of having to deal with messy wires and extensions. This makes it easier to store your gaming equipment after being done with them without having to worry about messy tangling of wires. However, Your Tesla car may think the controllers have an Xbox button layout for non-Xbox controllers, but they actually have a Nintendo one, so A/B and X/Y are swapped on the screen. Not a big deal and can easily be fixed in a software update. You will also need to buy 2 of the adapters if you want to play multiplayer, as each adapter only pairs to one controller.



There are two player options with some of the games available in Tesla cars, including Cuphead and Beach Buggy 2. To get a setup that works 100% of the time, and that is as hassle-free as possible, most people seem to recommend the wired PS4 or Xbox controllers. Since we are specifically focusing on wireless controllers only, most people seem to recommend the iBuffalo SNES controllers (they’re amazing for Raspberry Pi gaming), but these don’t really work with Tesla cars. They have lots of weird inputs and generally not pleasant behavior with Cuphead and also not working at all with Beach Buggy 2. A solution to this problem is actually acquiring the 8BitDo wireless controllers. When paired with 8BitDo’s wireless USB adapter, they work well with two player gaming. In case you run out of USB ports to use, you can purchase one of our Best Tesla USB Hub Splitter



Whenever you get any gaming controller, It is even better if it has more than one use. Not only Xbox One controllers are compatible with XBox One, XBox One X, but also XBox One S and as well Windows 10 for those who are PC gamers. Additionally XBox One can be used wirelessly through Bluetooth, You don’t have to worry about a wire getting in your way with all the systems and even controllers. More compatibility can be achieved through formatting.



So after the thorough review, which is the best overall Tesla Wireless or Bluetooth controller? We recommend the XBox One Wireless Controller . It can be connected both by wireless USB adapter and also the Bluetooth. It can also be modified to give even better gaming experience on your Tesla car. This is one of the best controllers that you can get and it will be value for your money. Enjoy your gaming experience on your Tesla car.

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