Tesla Model Y Wheel Cover

Tesla Model Y Wheel Cover

November 24, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Many people want to stand out from all of the other Tesla owners, but also do not want to go too far over the top. If this is you, then getting removable wheel hub covers for your Tesla Model Y may be the solution. Of course, you want any modifications or customizations you make to your Tesla to not damage your vehicle and for it to be easy to remove in the event you want to sell your Tesla at a later date.

If you are someone who wonders “is the Tesla Model Y performance upgrade worth it” for the aesthetic upgrades, you may want to consider this alternative if you don’t care much about the performance aspect. One great upgraded version of the integrated nut cover is the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit for Model Y. The following overviews this wheel accessory so that you can decide if it is a good fit for you and your vehicle:


Tesla Model Ys are fantastic vehicles, and like all precious possessions you want to do the best you can to protect them, even from minor damages. Similar to how you may install an Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit onto your Tesla Model Y, upgrading your center wheel cover is a great idea.

The SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit’s covers are great protectors. All vehicle’s wheels have to go through a lot of hazardous situations and are exposed to the elements and caustic substances. These conditions were considered during the creation of these particular wheel hub covers. SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit’s covers are not going to be affected by dust and dirt from the ground, and they are waterproof so there is no chance that they are going to rust. Being weatherproofed is imperative for this type of Tesla accessory, since nearly all vehicles have to face rain, snow, and storms on a regular basis. Best of all, this wheel hub cover will keep water, contaminants, and dirt away from what’s underneath including your Tesla’s lug nuts.


The SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit is primarily an aesthetic upgrade, despite its protective properties. While the some ways to make your car interior look luxurious may make owning your Tesla more rewarding, few people will notice your interior while you are driving down the street. Installing a wheel hub cover, on the other hand, will be noticed in a subtle way by those around you.

Giving your Tesla a unique spin to its appearance, the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit can add a little spice to your vehicle’s looks. Two color options are available – either black with a red Tesla logo or black with a silver Tesla logo. These wheel hub covers are amazing for highlighting your wheels with their streamlined one-piece design and high-gloss UV coating making both the colors and the texture stand out spectacularly.


Every SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit comes with 4-wheel caps for each of your wheels. Once you purchase these wheel hub covers, you simply have to wait for them to arrive and then pop them on. Designed with the specifications of the original Tesla Model Y wheel hub in mind, there are no difficulties installing this cover, with it achieving a one hundred percent fit.

This accessory is incredibly easy to install. You do not have to have any automotive experience or special tools to install the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit. All you need is an extra few minutes since they literally just snap on.


When something is going to be installed so close to the road, it needs to have exceptional durability. The SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit’s covers are made out of a combination of strong aluminum alloy and high-quality ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a thermoplastic polymer that is exceptionally structurally sturdy and can tolerate significant external impacts.

Not only is this product up for the challenge of getting hit with rocks flung into it and driving through muddy dirt roads, but it will also not slip off. Through clever design, the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit’s covers are not going to come off unless you purposely take them off.


The protective properties of a wheel hub cover do not help at all if the cover itself damages the vehicle or can not be removed. Luckily, the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit can easily be removed whenever you want without causing any damage.

Being easy to remove is not only important for convenience but also for maintaining your Tesla’s resale value. Any customizations or modifications made to your Tesla Model Y will result in a decreased resale value unless you find someone who was looking for that specific modification. For this reason, it is imperative that any accessories you put on your Tesla can be easily removed. Besides, you can take the covers off and put them back on based on the situation!

Other Considerations

Like with any product, you want to be sure that the company behind it is reputable and cares about their product. Not only is there both a 3 year and 4 year auto accessory protection option available, showing SOROPART’s confidence in their product, but they also have fantastic customer service.

When you purchase the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit, you are also purchasing lifetime support from SOROPART’s very attentive and kind staff. If you have any problems at all during installation, during removal, or anytime in between, you can call their customer service representatives anytime, day or night.

Which Wheel Hub Covers Are Best for Tesla Model Y?

When it comes to ease of installation, durability, protection, and aesthetics, the SOROPARTS Wheel Hub Cover Kit for Model Y is one of the best you can find on the market today. These streamline, sleek wheel hub covers can help protect your lug nuts and wheel center from contaminants, mud, and the weather, all while helping your Tesla Model Y stand out from all of the other Tesla Model Ys in a subtle way.

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