Top 8 Tesla Model Y Body Kits

Top 8 Tesla Model Y Body Kits

December 10, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla Model Y remains the newest addition to the Tesla line of vehicles. It is comparable in price to the Tesla Model 3 but provides a roomier interior as a compact SUV. Standing alone, the Tesla Model Y is striking in appearance, but you may want to stand out beyond the ordinary. If that is the case, you may wish to consider a body kit.

Purchasing a body kit not only satisfies a practical need, but they can also be used to reflect your personality as well as enhancing the characteristics of your car. Here are the top 6 Tesla Model Y body kits available today.

Spoilers can provide a sporty look for a vehicle. They are designed to make a car more aerodynamic and enable a vehicle to have better traction on the road.

Top 8 Tesla Model Y Body Kits


Xipoo Fit Tesla Model Y Front Lip Spoiler

Buy Xipoo Fit Tesla Model Y Front Lip Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Wing Front Splitter Side Body Kit Trim Protection for 2020 2021 Model Y Accessories (Glossy Black) Online in Indonesia. B091C26SHV

To vividly enrich the sportiness of your Tesla, this is an affordable route to take. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this spoiler is extremely durable. Although professional installation is recommended, it can be self-installed. This glossy black addition will make your Tesla stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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Bomely Tesla Model Y Front Bumper Lip

Tesla Model Y Front Bumper Lip Kit Car Mods Spoilers (Glossy Black) - YouTube

This kit will instantly improve the sporty appearance of your Tesla Model Y. It has a three-stage split design that perfectly fits the vehicle. Not only will your car look sporty, but it will also be a bit safer. The three pieces that overlap together provide an even distribution of force upon impact. Installation is simple and provides an extra measure of safety as it is secured with screws. The surface of the piece is a carbon fiber pattern and is available in four colors.

If you want to have an increased visibility and reflect your luminous personality, you may want to consider interior lighting for your Tesla.

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Tesritar 2021 Tesla Model Y Interior LED Strip Lights

Buy Tesritar Tesla Model 3 Model Y Car Interior Led Strips with APP and Bluetooth Control, Music and Sound Sync with Multicolor Changing Neon Strip Lights-Tesla Model 3 Accessories Not Fit 2021

These strip lights definitely rank high on the list of top Tesla Model Y body kits. These lights are custom cut specifically for Tesla. Perfect to create whatever ambiance you wish to obtain, whether it is a romantic date or a ride with sheer happiness. The Tesritar strip lights are easily controlled and maneuvered through an app downloaded on your IOS or Android device. You will surely have all eyes on you as the lights synchronize with the beat of your music. You can easily install these lights yourself and be confident that they are waterproof and easily charged from the battery in your car. These lights are specifically for the console area.

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Basenor Tesla Model Y Front and Rear Footwell Lights

Tesla Model 3 Model Y Neon Light - BASENOR

With a plug and play installation, Basenor provides custom designed neon lights for your Tesla. Completely hassle-free control by using the app downloaded on your mobile device. These lights also have the ability to automatically adjust when you are driving. If you want a light show for everyone to see, just program what you desire. Put the windows down and let the lights change and dance to your voice or music. Who better to design something for your Tesla than a company that owns a Tesla? Basenor’s desire is to provide quality and enhance the beauty and productivity to your Tesla.

Who doesn’t want their vehicle to look as good as the day it was purchased? For a low cost, you can keep the interior of your Tesla immaculate.

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Nestour 2021 Tesla Model Y Center Console Wrap Cover Kit

Buy Nestour 2021 Tesla Model 3 Model Y Center Console Wrap Cover Kit, Ultra Slim, Non-Trace Remove Center Console Protector Accessories, Premium ABS Material. (Glossy Carbon Fiber) Online in Turkey. B0937F5P71

You may not immediately think of a console wrap when you are thinking of the top Tesla Model Y body kits, but this is something that is useful and affordable. Compared with other console wraps, the Nestour wrap is slim and lightweight. The installation is less the one minute and you will instantly provide protection for your console from scratches, fingerprints and fading due to sun exposure. Cut specifically for your Tesla, Nestour’s wrap is a perfect fit.

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EV Wraps Tesla Model Y Center Console Wrap

Model Y Center Console Wrap (All Generations) – EV Wraps

Another great option when considering a console wrap is the one made by EV Wraps. It comes with installation protection which means if you screw it up putting in on, EV Wraps will replace it for free. Just remember, that is a one-time deal. But you will put it on with ease because it is specifically cut to fit your Tesla Model Y and all you need is the squeegee that is provided with your order. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Accidents happen sometimes when you spill a drink in the floor of your car. Or it’s a rainy day and you track mud inside with your shoes. Neither would be an issue with these floor mat options.

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Tmate Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Interior Liners

These mats are designed to cover edge to edge, providing your Tesla floor with the most protection. Made of a strong latex construction, these mats are not only waterproof, but will not harden or crack. If you do happen to have the unfortunate spill, it is not a problem because Tmates mats are easily cleaned. Make this purchase with confidence since Tmate offers a lifetime quality guarantee.

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Gadi Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Interior Liners

Each mat is custom made to fit the floor of your Tesla. These mats are both weatherproof and stain resistant which enables you to keep the floor of your Tesla as clean as the day it was purchased. This is something that should be considered especially when you have toddlers in the backseat. Gadi floor mats also receive a high rating among consumers, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

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Final Thoughts

These are 8 of the top Tesla Model Y body kits. Depending on what your intent is, there are options that provide practical enhancement and others that are simply fun. There are things that everyone needs with their new car. The choice is determined with how you wish to customize your Tesla. All eyes will be on you driving your Tesla Model Y, why not give people a little something extra to notice.