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The Tesla J1772 Adapter is a compact charging adapter designed to connect the SAE J1772 charger to your Tesla car. With this particular adapter, you can utilize the J1772 charging stations available countrywide. With an IP54 rating, the adapter is protected from water sprays, making it suitable for charging outdoors if you have less garage space when you are charging your Tesla car at home. The Tesla J1772 will allow you to access a wider array of charging stations than when you are not using this particular adapter. The adapter allows you to have access to 7.42 charging stations per 1000 square miles. With a 5 times higher charging density, Road trips are no longer a challenge on your Tesla car. 




The adapter is designed for single-phase electrical systems with 120V or 240V. The round 43-millimeter diameter connector has five pins, with three different pin sizes to easily accommodate any type of car which may have varying pin sizes. It provides a signal to the vehicle control system so that it can prevent movement while connected to the electric vehicle supply equipment (i.e the charging station). It also signals the latch release button to the vehicle. The communication line used to signal to charge level between the car and the EVSE can be manipulated by the adapter to initiate charging as well as other information. The adapter is also designed to withstand 10,000 mating cycles (a connection and a disconnection) and exposure to the elements.



The adapter (SAE J1772) enjoys the most charging options of an EV owner on the road. It is compatible with most Level 2 public charging stations. The J1772 adapter supports charging speeds of up to 19.2kW and works with all Tesla vehicles. The Public Level 2 charging stations may require payments, however. Most Tesla cars have onboard chargers capable of 48A hence they will work well with this adapter. The J1772 standard and connector provides Pilot amd Proximity pins that allow for detection of the EVSE plug when connected (even if not live/charging).

The pilot tone is used by the EVSE to identify to the vehicle the maximum current that is available. The standard was designed so that if a vehicle requires more current than the EVSE can supply, the vehicle can choose not to charge. In general, this doesn’t , as EV manufacturers appear to have all chosen to be compatible with the lowest available charge current. Recently added to the J1772 adapter is DC fast charging. In this case the EVSE not only provides an AC connection to the vehicle but also a DC source.




This adapter works well with most electric vehicles and is a perfect choice for those Tesla owners who also have another electric vehicle in the garage. A special circuit inside enables operation at all level 2 Tesla charging stations (but not Superchargers).

It is also compatible with Tesla High Power Wall Connector, Destination Charger, and Mobile Connector. Hence it greatly increases the number of charging destinations. It also includes four subdivision standards and three different charging interface models. Among them, the AC charging standard and the DC standard are divided into level one and level two specifications, which are mainly different in output power.




Most dealers who sell this adapter have a warranty that comes with it when you purchase this product. The warranty varies from 1 year to up to a whopping 3 years. So if you happen to purchase this adaptor and it fails to meet your expectations, the dealer will get in touch with you and if the problem can’t be resolved to your satisfaction, you will get a full refund or replacement with no extra questions asked.





The Tesla J1772 Adapter is compact and durable and the perfect charging cable for on-the-go use. The adapter is made in such a way that it is protected from water sprays if you are charging outdoors. It is also small and portable that it can be stored at the back of your trunk. This adapter also comes in your choice of 1ft or 20ft lengths(or you can call in with a custom length). With the 20ft length, you effectively get an adapter and an extension cord in one.



Installing this adapter so that it can start charging your electric vehicle is a pretty easy task. You just connect your Tesla charger to the adapter and plug it into your electric vehicle with J1772 plugs. When you are done charging your car, just press the red button (on the Tesla adapter end) and the black button (on the J1772 end).




  • Connect the Tesla charger to your adapter
  • Plug into your EV J1772 plug compatible car
  • Switch on the socket and start charging your car.
  • After charging is completed, remove the adapter by pressing the red button (on the Tesla adapter end) and the black button (on the J1772 end)



You can get this amazing adapter from the official Tesla shop or from e-commerce sites like Amazon or even from its manufacturer; Lectron. Below are the links to purchasing this wonderful adapter.

  1. Tesla Shop: Tesla Shop
  2. Amazon: Click here to check the price on Amazon
  3. Lectron: Lectron
  4. EVSEAdapters: EVSEAdapters
  5. eBay eBay


This adapter is compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.