Best windshield shade for Tesla Model Y

Best windshield shade for Tesla Model Y

September 10, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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Car windshield shades also known as sun screens, shades or sun car shades are protective shields attached to a car’s windshield or side window to keep the sun from reaching the interior and help reduce the temperature inside it. They have been around since the mid-1970s.

Solar radiation is one of the external factors that affect our cars in a terrible way,  not only because of the high temperatures but also of the effect of ultraviolet rays, causing your car to age much faster because the outer part of our car will be the first affected by sun exposure as in the paint, the rubber moldings, and the headlights will be drastically modified by sun exposure.

On the other hand, the most sensitive areas that high temperatures can affect are also inside your vehicle, not only items such as the dashboard and rear tray are also highly affected by the sun, also, the steering wheel, upholstery and door panels can be affected.

In addition, the new and complex entertainment systems can stop working or be damaged by overconsumption of electrical components such as processors or screens that need optimal environments for their operation, however, these can be protected to a high degree with the help of a windshield shade.

Typically, the glass of the car’s windshield itself blocks most of the UV light from the sun, and some of the radiation from the sun. But it can’t protect from the visible light that mostly penetrates through the window and gets absorbed by the objects inside the car. Car sun shades are mainly used in environments with strong and direct sunlight, and thus their usage is mostly seasonal and tied to the weather.

In this article, I will recommend the best windshield shade models for Tesla Model Y.



Advantages and Benefits of Windshield Shade for Tesla Model Y

  •         Protects your vehicle from the sun’s rays.
  •         Prevents the interior of your car from getting hot in hot weather.
  •         Lowers the temperature inside the car.
  •         Keeps the interior of your car cool.
  •          Keeps the air inside the car fresh and reduces odors.
  •         Avoids cracks caused by sun exposure.
  •         Reduces the time it takes for your vehicle to cool down.
  •         Protects the electronic devices of the car such as GPS devices, LCD screens, among others.


Description and characteristics of the best windshield shade for Tesla Model Y


Tesla Model Y windshield shades are mostly used during summer to help in decreasing the inside temperature of the parked cars or protect passengers from direct UV rays while they are in their car. Sunlight passing through the car’s windshield produces a greenhouse effect, heating the interior to a temperature much higher than the outside air. Without any protection, the sun can heat up a car’s dark dashboard to very high temperatures. This is dangerous for adults, children and animals. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also make the Tesla Model Y dashboard fade and eventually crack, or cause damage to items left in the car such as mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices.


Tesla Model Y windshield shades may also be used while resting in the car, creating a sense of privacy and blocking out most of the undesired outside light from the sun in the daytime or from other cars and streetlights at nighttime. Tesla Model Y has the ability to prevent driver discomfort, fatigue and overheating by having cooling properties when the driver uses them.

There are several variants of windshield shades you can use for your Tesla Model Y car. Typically, windshield shades are made of a layer of mylar or aluminum foil which covers the inside of the car’s windows, to reflect the sun’s rays away, and preventing the interior from being exposed to those rays. There are sunshades specifically designed to fit the inside of the front windshield of the car, and others designed for the car’s side windows, or the back window.

Custom made car sunshades with additional fastening elements such as hooks, clasps, buckles or magnets that attach to the car frame or shade, are prepared to fit specific car models, and may cover the entire side widow of the car. Some car windshield shades are designed for winter use and attach the outside of the windshield to keep the window free from snow and ice.

The inside of a parked vehicle can get very hot. Touching the steering wheel or seat belt on a hot summer day is like putting your hand directly into a hot skillet. The front windshield sometimes doubles as a magnifying glass, intensifying the sun’s rays and making the interior of the car warmer on sunny days.

The main function of the Windshield Shade for Tesla Model Y is to protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays, keeping it cool and pleasant, and preventing the interior of your car from heating up in hot weather and sustaining damage. The windshield sunshade for Tesla Model Y can considerably lower the temperature inside the car and keep it cool.

Each windshield shade for Tesla Model Y has special characteristics and technical specifications depending on the manufacturer, so you can choose from a wide variety, the one that you like the most and adapts according to your particular need.



There are several retailers who offer extensive and professional services when dealing with Tesla Model Y windshield shades. Many windshields are below $20 and some few are above that. Below are some of the trusted retailers and the services they offer:


Safelite is an auto glass specialist found in Wichita, Kansas and has more than 720 locations nationwide. They deal with the front and rear windshields to side windshield. You can shop for windshield from their online shops through this link:

  1. Covercraft

Covercraft is based in Paul’s Valley Oklahoma and has been in business since 1965. It is the leading branded manufacturer of automotive, marine and recreational vehicle protection products. 

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  1. Coveted Shade.

This small company was founded in 2014 and is a brand of Coveted Goods Inc. It exclusively produces car window sunshades. Its sunshades are designed in the US and manufactured in China. 

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  1. Enovoe

This family owned and operated Enovoe designs products intended for families with children. So, if you have kids whom you intend to carry in your Tesla Model Y car, this is the site to check. In addition to sum shades, Enovoe also makes kick mats, car seat covers, and other travel related products. 

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Tough-pro offers a custom design made from a Computerized Cut system with 3D scan patterns that can be well tailored to suit customer requirements. Its measures are 33.4 x 5.7 x 4.1 inches and its weight is 16 ounces, totally compatible with Tesla Model Y 2020-2021. It’s made with TRI laminated materials that help reflect harmful UV Rays from cabin, with a glossy silver finish (front panel) and glossy black finish (rear panel), protecting the interior of your vehicle, it will keep your dashboard, steering wheel and leather interior in optimal condition during the hot weather and its built in Velcro makes it portable and compact, therefore, it’s Easy to take or store anywhere.

Other benefits of this windshield shade are, the defrost of the window, thanks to, its reverse panel that keeps interior up to 20′ F warmer during cold weather, and reflective layer that keeps interior between 40′ to 50′ F lower, all of this helping to protect dashboard from cracking and fading, and finally it’s odorless.

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Yellow-Pro Auto is totally compatible with Tesla Model Y 2020-2021, it’s cheaper because the design is much simpler and as no double-sided system for extra protection in hot or cold conditions, nevertheless, this is a very good option, so, it is one of the most sought for because it is simple but functional.

It’s made with a set of layers of different materials such as: Dual layered bubbies (resists conductive heat transfer), on this one layer of Heavy Duty PE Layer, on this one layer of high reflective aluminum foil (advanced protective foil material that maximizes reflection and minimizes absorption) and finally, a layer of scratch resistant, That also is heat barrier. Its measures are 36 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches and its weight is 13.6 ounces.

It has a capacity of up to 98% to reflect incoming solar light, it is also able to reduce the indoor temperature in parked vehicles by up to 40° F, with a lightweight roll up sunshade design. All of the features help to protect the interior of the car. Its installation is very simple because you only need unroll across the dash, bend the sunshade behind the rear-view mirror and flip the sun visors down, and it the same way, it is easy to remove and keep, you must wrap the windshield shade and secure it with the attached Velcro strap.

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Buy ROCCS Model 3 Model Y Front Windshield Sunshade, 3 Layer UV Reflector Sun Shade Auto Front Reflective Folding Sun Shade with 5pcs Sucker for Tesla Accessories, Silver Online in Turkey. B0788CZZ5MRoccs design is different from the others because it has a reflective fabric silver color with UV rays; its insulation material is based on polyester fiber even the black back is breathable; the storage system has an elastic cord, that means you have to fold it and then wrap the cord around it making pressure so it will not open, then you can save it in your storage bag, taking up little space in your vehicle, its weight is 12.6 ounces.

This design is fully compatible with Tesla model Y. As an essential accessory to maximize the work of your car with a quality UV silver coating and black breathable fabric material, it is composed of two layers, this double protection for the care of the dashboard. screens, GPS devices, leather seats and others, thanks to this windshield shade it can effectively reduce Interior temperature up to 40°,  block up to 99% of incoming solar light and UV rays.

Now, you can see that this product offers you two layers of protection of different uses that help to protect your car, it is also foldable and lighter than the previous, in addition to this it also has a Velcro strap for greater adjustment to install.

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ECONOUR and AUTO ROVER are cheaper because they have a lower level of UV ray protection, about half of the above described products. Its range of protection from the incoming solar light is up to 50% but they have a 98% blockage of UV rays, however, the materials with they are made are of very good quality and flexibility, both are portables, that is to say, both have a collapsing system that you can then trap in their bag, so while you’re not using it these will take up very little space in your vehicle.

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BASENOR- Folding Sunshade for Tesla Model Y Windshield

The folding windshield sunshade has been manufactured and cut specifically for the Tesla Model Y resulting in a precision-fit custom design with reinforced steel rings that make the screen fit exactly to the window, without the need for suction cups to hold it in place. place. It won’t sink or fall and fits all Tesla Model Ys.

Unlike other products on the market, in this folding windshield sunshade they use a double layer of heat shield fabric to keep out the sun. The first layer is 210T reflective polyester to reduce heat build-up up to 10 ° F and will block 99% of harmful UV rays and the second layer is high quality fabric. Offering double insulation and double protection keeping your vehicle cooler. It is the best shade and insulation on the market.

The materials used are of excellent quality which makes it extremely durable. It’s high-quality fabric blocks and reflects sunlight, heat, and harmful UV rays, while being less prone to wrinkles. The reinforced steel bezel provides better durability, ensuring a longer, more useful and safer life.

It’s easy to use and store, the screen can be easily folded in seconds, great for everyday use, and you can easily slip the sunshade into your car door pocket.

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Motrobe – Folding Sunshade for Tesla Model Y Windshield

This windshield sunshade fits all Tesla Model Y models as it has been cut particularly for the Tesla Model Y. Therefore, its custom design fits perfectly on the vehicle’s windshield.

It’s specially designed velcro sun visor will not fall off like other lower quality sun visors can, and it has a good shading effect reducing the temperature inside the car on sunny days.

Made with high quality 210T reflective polyester material that efficiently reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays, protecting the interior of the car, isolating heat transfer and lowering the temperature inside the car keeping it cool and pleasant.

The sunshade folds and folds easily in seconds, making it suitable for everyday use. When removed, the sunshade is designed to be easily stored in your vehicle’s door pockets.

Motrobe Folding Tesla Model Y Windshield Sunshade protects LCD screens, GPS devices and other electronic devices.

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Auto Safety – original Tesla Model Y windshield sunshade.

The Auto Safety Sun Shade is custom designed as they have measured the size of the Tesla Model Y’s front windshield.

Before making this Sun Shade they have tested and checked it many times to make sure the size and fit was correct. This product was exclusively designed to fit the Tesla Model Y only.

Their sunshades are made of premium quality, 210T high-density material with silver nylon coating to better prevent the build-up of sun, UV rays and heat. The reflective materials used effectively block the sun preventing heat and UV rays from ruining the interior of your vehicle. Over time, heat and UV light can damage car electronics and the instrument panel, as well as dashboards, leather, and seats. Automatic safety sunshades are designed to keep the interior of the vehicle cool and comfortable.

It is easy to use and store. It’s lightweight and easily folds into a Frisbee-sized puck and comes with a lightweight slip-on sleeve. Covers the entire windshield and takes only seconds to install or remove, simply attach the sunshade to the inside of the car windshield and you’re done. The compact folding design allows for easy storage in the glove compartment or door pocket.

Buy with confidence. They offer a 100% risk-free refund.

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Auto Rover – folding sunshade for Tesla Model Y windshield

Custom design and fit for Tesla Model Y.

Before making this sun visor they have measured the size of the front windshield of the Tesla Model Y, to make sure the size was correct and the fit was perfect, already tested on the Model Y many times. Their products provide a wider screen for a better fit and greater protection. This sunshade was specially designed to fit the Tesla Model Y only.

Keeps your vehicle cool because it is made from high quality reflective polyester to reduce the amount of heat inside the vehicle by up to 40 ° F and block 98% of harmful UV rays.

Its installation is very easy and fast, simply stick the sun visor to the inside of the car’s windshield and that’s it. It can be stored in your car storage box.

When you buy an Auto Rover Tesla Model Y windshield sunshade you will no longer have to worry about the hot seat and steering wheel, therefore now you will not have to wait for the air conditioning to cool down the car for driving, after parking for long periods.

They have a perfect after-sales service, if you have any questions, or are not satisfied with the product you received, do not hesitate to contact them. They offer 3 months of support and 24 hours of customer service.

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The following sites provides windshields which are not mainstream and are customizable. These are great for your Tesla Model Y car if you love customized stuff and non-mainstream stuff. They also come in multiples pieces per package hence easier to choose from a wide variety. Most of them are lightweight, easy to use and durable and have a potential of lasting for a long time.

The Tesla Model Y windshield shades are insulated for a great temperature control inside the Tesla vehicle . The windshield shades will keep the inside of your Model Y Tesla cool and comfortable to be in after a hot summer’s day. This is also a super great advantage for the electronics and seats by providing much needed protection from the unpredictable weather. The seats, dashboard, steering wheel and other electronics can quickly absorb heat from the sun so having a windshield cover will pretty much remedy this solution and avoid unnecessary loss and expenses. Less harm to your car’s interior.

6 Pcs Car Window SunShade Windshield Visor Anti UV Sticker Cover For Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W205 W211 W203 W210 W166 Cla C E S|Car Stickers| - AliExpressThese Model Y windshield shades are made from a polyester film which is laminated to a thin layer of closed cell foam and with a black polyester film back. These materials provide easy direct sunlight and ultraviolet ray reflection, with their chemical properties which make them suitable for the job. During cold winters these windshield covers help keep the inside of the car nice and warm by insulation methods. With their affordable prices, they are pretty much accessible to everyone and everywhere . Shipping options cover locally in and around the United States and also international to many countries around the world. The windshield cover’s material is also easy to fit and do it yourself at home. Which might avoid you extra installation costs.

These windshield shades are perfect to avoid overheating inside the car, which might affect the car’s occupants and damage the interior too. The prevention of sun damage is the main reason for the existence of these windshield covers.

These windshield shades are made in the United States. With them being customized specifically for your Model Y Tesla , it’s no doubt they are the best on the market right now. The sunroof option has two parts; one that’s above the front seats and one which is above the rear seats.



  • 6 in 1 Car Windshield Shade

This set of six different shades provides your car with the most sun shade protection as possible. It comes with one front windshield shade, one rear window shade, and four side window shades. There are also 12 rubber cups for securing the shades to the window. The front windshield shade is large enough for your Tesla Model Y. Having a shade of all your vehicle’s windows will ensure you block the most amount of UV rays from the sun. 

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  • Motor Trend Large Front Windshield Shade

Motor Trend is a trusted authority in the automobile world, so these windshields come from reliable and reputable sources. This windshield is actually a two set square shades. This gives you more freedom to adjust them to fit your Tesla Model Y car. 

Unlike other shades, there are three sizes available from which you will be able to pick from. This lets you pick a custom size for your Tesla Model Y car. The shades are easy to fold up and stow them away while not in use. The other side is a static cling material to make installation fast and easy. If you want to purchase this piece of magnificent windshield for your Tesla Model Y car.

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Installation system for all the above Windshield shades, is just straightforward; simply stick it to the interior of your windshield and use the car’s sun visors to add an extra support silver facing outwards, black inwards and done; it’s a must when you park your car especially in a hot sunny day.