Best Tesla Model Y 7 Seater Floor Mats

Best Tesla Model Y 7 Seater Floor Mats

October 21, 2021 Off By Bruno Maiorana

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The Tesla Model Y is the utility vehicle in the Tesla range of electric vehicles, and is essentially the people carrier within the range. It can also be used to hold cargo and be used as a seven seater vehicle. The electric charge of the Model Y ranges from 303 to 326 miles (487 to 525 kilometres), depending on whether you choose the Performance or Long Range vehicles respectively.

As with other vehicles in the Tesla range, there are multiple options to think about when purchasing accessories for your new vehicle. These options range from mud flaps to storage bins, but this blog will look specifically at floor mats and will answer which mats are the best Tesla Model Y 7 seater floor mats on the market.

Best Tesla Model Y 7 Seater Floor Mats

Farasla All Weather Floor Mats

Farasla All Weather Floor Mats for Model 3/Tesla – Liquidation Nation

Farasla have introduced a set of mats designed for the 2020 and 2021 Model Y range, which are made of thermoplastic elastomer, a compound that is commonly used for making car mats so that they are more durable. These mats are of a heavy duty design and are designed to be snowproof, waterproof and easy to clean. There is the option to purchase them as new on Amazon for $69.99 or you can purchase pre-owned mats from $50.41. Each mat has an individual design, meaning that placing them in the correct places is easy enough. In the reviews for the product, customers have noted how the mats fit very well in the vehicle but there have been comments that the passenger mats aren’t as durable as desired.

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Motor Trend Original FlexTough Rubber Mats

Motor Trend FlexTough Car Floor Mats Contour Liners - Heavy Duty Deep Dish Rubber Mats for Car & SUV, (Odorless) -

Motor Trend have released a set of car mats for three row vehicles, which are available in three different colours – black, beige and grey. The prices vary for each set, as the black set retails at $54.90, the beige set is $59.90 and the grey set is $52.13. The mats are trimmed to fit (although they can be further trimmed using scissors if needed) and include anti-slip grips, making them safer when driving or sitting as a passenger in the car. Consumers have noted that, while the mats fit in very well in the first and second rows, they do fold somewhat in the third . As the mats can be cut to fit the space, this is something that can be remedied easily.

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FH Group FH11306 Three Row Car Mat Set

Buy FH Group F11306GRAY-3ROW Floor Mat (Trimmable Heavy Duty 3 Row SUV All Weather 4pc Full Set - Gray) Online in Canada. B01HUUVXAS

The FH Group have designed a universal car mat set that can be trimmed to suit the Model Y. As with the Motor trend set, there are options to buy these vinyl mats in three different colours – black, beige and grey. The black set is for sale at $45.68, the beige at $45.98 and the grey at $52.99, although pre-owned mats can be purchased for $28.58 (it is recommended that you contact the seller to make sure that the mats would fit your Model Y if you opted for this option). Consumers have stated that these mats stay in place very well, but others have stated that they are rather thin for their purpose.

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Zento Deals 4 Piece Trimmable Floor Mats

Zento Deals 4-Piece Black Trimmable Premium Quality Full Rubber-All Weather Heavy Duty Vehicle Floor Mats Universal Fit Floor Mats

Zento Deals have introduced a universal car mat set that can be altered to customise for the Model Y and also come with rubber spikes on the back of each mat to hold them in place. Currently selling for $37.25, they are certainly an affordable customisation for your vehicle. Customers have commented on the reasonable price and the ease of cleaning the mats (particularly where children and pets are concerned), but have also added that the mats are quite thin and can carry unpleasant odours if left unmaintained.

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VaygWay Car SUV Car Mat Set

Buy Vaygway Car Floor Mat Runner – Rubber Rear Floor Mat Liner – Black Back Seat Mat Liner - Auto Trimmalbe Universal Fit Mat Online in Canada. B08XVW7SSC

As with the previous sets, the VaygWay car mat set is a universal set for three row vehicles, and can be trimmed to fit the size of your Model Y. Currently selling on Amazon for $37.19, the mats are made of rubber, vinyl and polyvinyl chloride. The set does only currently come in black, but are very affordable, durable and adaptable. Consumers have, however, noted that the mats do contain a heavy chemical smell, which is difficult to eradicate.

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BDK Car, SUV and Van Rubber Mats

BDK - Floor Mats - Interior Car Accessories - The Home Depot

The BDK Store have created a universal car mat set which, as with the previous examples, can be trimmed to perfectly fir your Model Y. As with some of the previous sets reviewed, the mats come with options regarding the colour of choice, between beige, black and grey, which retail at $38.46, $39.99 and $37.99 respectively. The mats, which are made from rubber, are manufactured in the United States and are waterproof, which prevent mould and mildew from developing in the carpet of your Model Y. The mats are also designed with high ridges, making them easier to clean and to remove debris. When writing their reviews, customers have stated that the coverage of the mats is very good and that they are easy to clean, but some have felt that the mats are too thin and contain a strong chemical odor which is difficult to mask.

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Amazon Basics 4 Piece Rubber Car Mat Set

Buy Amazon Basics 4-Piece All-Season Odorless Thick Premium Rubber Floor Mat for Cars, SUVs and Trucks, Black Online in Canada. B07TXB59YF

As well as the specialist stores, Amazon Basics have introduced their own range of car mats which, once again, can be adjusted and customised to fit your Model 3. These mats are made from rubber and are currently selling on Amazon for $49.25. Customers have commented that the mats are easy to clean (with one even noting that they have had to clean them after a snow storm), but that the mats lack durability and are considered to be thin.

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Final Thoughts

When looking for the best Tesla Model Y 7 seater floor mats, there are many things to consider, namely the cost, quality and the colour. By considering these three factors, you will be on your way to getting the best Tesla Model Y 7 seater floor mats and will be a step closer to creating your perfect Tesla Model Y.

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