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Almost on its own, Tesla has proven that electrical vehicles can be desirable, combining outstanding performance and high-tech interiors with usable driving range. Tesla is leading the electrical vehicle race because it has more high-powered battery tech. However, even as we pack the electrical motors and battery pack to one side, Tesla remains hugely innovative cars that are packed to the roof with technology.

There’s a huge dashboard touchscreen for starters, then there’s autopilot, the smartphone app, and of course the Easter eggs- which now include Atari video games to keep you entertained while charging the battery.
Since charging takes quite some time however, Tesla has an infotainment system that makes it almost impossible to get bored in the car.

The dashboard touchscreen can be used to play media such as movies, music, or even stream content from the internet. It also has Atari video games which you can play if you’re into games. Since the dashboard screen is not portable however, the user has to connect an external game controller, be it an Xbox or PlayStation controller, or even other third-party controllers that are compatible with your Tesla’s infotainment system.

There are a lot of different controllers in the market but which controller is the best, boils down to personal preference in some cases where the only difference is the branding on the product when every other features are same or similar. Also some controllers may not work on your Tesla, hence the preference for specific controllers.

Below is a comparison of the best controllers you can get in the market from the least preferred to the most preferred. The list is based on research and product reviews by users on Amazon and the internet at large.


4. 8bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

Have a PS4 or PS3 controller that doesn’t work with your Tesla? Problem solved. This device will enable you to use your existing wireless Xbox or PlayStation controllers in the car. It is relatively cheaper compared to buying a new controller when you have older controllers lying around the house. Plus, if you’re an environmentalist you’ll also be saving on getting more plastic which eventually ends up polluting the environment.

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3. PDP Wired Xbox one controller

I’m pretty sure people have handled a PDP controller before, at least once in their lifetime. It’s certainly not an unknown product because of the whole afterglow effect some of the controllers had ever since the days of the PS3 and the Xbox 360.
As stated earlier, each controller has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. You just have to choose which weaknesses you can live with, or which pros you badly want.

Below are the pros and cons of the PDP Wireless Xbox one controller


1. At 6 feet, the wire is long enough to allow someone to play from a comfortable distance.
2. It has a beautiful and sleek design.
3. The D-pad has multiple functions.
4. The controller uses USB Type-C wire which allows for data/charging use with a lot of smartphones in the market, as well as connecting to other Xbox controllers which have a rather flimsy USB cable themselves.


1. The controller can be awkward to handle and slippery after long sessions.
2. The face buttons (XYAB) are painted on.

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2. Xbox one wireless controller

The Xbox one wireless controller is widely regarded as one of the best game controllers you can buy, and while it might be an overkill for your Tesla, it is a good buy regardless because it is so versatile. It is quite expensive at around $50, but it’s of high quality and will definitely last the lifetime of your car. This controller of course works with Xbox one consoles, but it also works with all PCs over Bluetooth, and your Tesla vehicle.
At the moment, while the controller does work with PCs and smartphones over Bluetooth, your Tesla vehicle cannot recognize them by default. You will need to buy a separate adapter called the Magic-NS that will plug in your Tesla to the controller.


1. It is highly versatile.
2. It’s of high quality and is very durable.
3. It has a great look and feel.


1. May feel a little heavy at times, especially after long gaming sessions. 2. Analog sticks can become stuck.

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1. Logitech Gx F310 Gamepad

The Logitech Gamepad F310, having so many positive reviews on Amazon, and being considered by many people the best gaming controller for the Tesla, makes it to the number one spot in this list. The controller is particularly good with Cupcake and Beach Buggy games, which are the most common in Tesla vehicles. With broad game support, the Logitech Gamepad F310 works with old standby to today’s biggest titles, so it’s easy to set up and use with your favorite games.
Profiler software allows the gamepad to be programmed to perform keyboard and mouse commands for games without gamepad support – it requires software installation.
It has a familiar control layout that doesn’t require a learning curve to be able to use, with all the same buttons as on an Xbox 360.


1. Controller is pretty programmable with the Logitech software.
2. Feels great in the hand.


1. It does its job of being an external controller with six axes. Interestingly however, It has more than 6 axes. The trigger buttons in the back are also axes, but they work in a funny manner. Unclicked triggers are on maximum negative, and completely held down they are on maximum positive, so to zero the triggers out, you have to hold it halfway the whole time.
This is just a comparison of the controllers that are available in the market right now. Technology, however, is ever-changing and soon enough, better controllers will come into the market, with even better features and more advanced technology than is already present.

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The video games have taken an important place for the entertainment of the current society, just like a growing passion, seeing as, in these we can find a whole word full of possibilities that get closer and closer to become in more realistic experiences, consequently, we find ourselves with new styles to suit the needs and requirements of players, in specific, one suitable example is the controllers that have characteristics of a high technological level, now, more practical based on wireless connections & Bluetooth controllers, giving unbeatable comfort, however, you must take into account several factors in choosing a wireless & bluetooth controllers, given that not all come with an ideal level of synchronization with Tesla, or also these controllers are not ideal for certain fan favorite games. 


EasySMX 2.4G Wireless Controller

This controller has a wireless transmission of 2.4G up to 10 meters, its cost is around $30, this controller has a differential vibration system for the battlefield, its ergonomic design allows a long and comfortable gameplay; its battery system consists of two AA batteries of1800 mAh, that allow the proper use of this product up to 20 hours of continuous use, you should consider that these batteries change the price of the control, also you have to take into account that this control is compatible with PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10), PS3, Android, Vista, TV box and Android (version 4.0 or above, the device must fully support OTG function), in spite of its design being very similar to xbox design this is not compatible to Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ Mac/ IOS/ Amazon fire TV/ Amazon fire stick. 

It’s very easy to synchronize, thanks to its wireless adapter, you just need to connect this to the usb ports of your tesla car, this will immediately emit a small flashing red light, this will tell you that the wireless adapter was put in the right way, then you must restart the games so that you will not have difficulties, if you followed these steps you can now select your favorite game. 

This kind of controller will highlight your skills in games as Beach Buggy Racing 2, asteroids, breakout, Lunar Lander, missile command, centipeded, Millipide, Tempest, Gravitar, and finally this is not compatible with the game Chess 2048.

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By the way, different wireless controllers that are of very good quality are not possible to match directly with the vehicle, Tesla model 3; But this can be fixed! For it, it’s necessary that you buy a wireless adapter. Having one of these is quite affordable and  is highly recommend the MAYFLASH Magic-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter Converter, this costs $19, it’s compatible with controllers  Wii U pro, Switch Pro, Logitech, Joy-con, Xbox One, Ps4, Xbox 360, Ps3. 

Its connection by fortune is very easy to set up, you must connect your adapter to de usb port of your car and it will emit a flashing light, indicating that it has been successfully connected, however, you must pay attention because each gamer controller has a corresponding colour, then you must  press the button, located on the right side of your adapter and it will change color until it matches the one corresponding to your control. Don’t be frightened! These indications come attached to your adaptor. So, depending on the control you have, you must press the “share” button for a few seconds and done, this will be synchronized and you can start playing. Once you learn this will only take you 12 seconds to do it. 

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Example of pairing with an xbox one: 




If your Tesla software is version 10 you will benefit from a Nintendo switch controller or a Ps4 DualShock, these can be easily synchronized with an 8Bits usb wireless adapter that will cost about $19, as it has great matching capability with all the controllers like 8BitDo, PS5, PS4, PS3, Switch Pro, Switch Joy-con, control Bluetooth Xbox One S / X, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro and more. 

Definitely, that adapter is of easy installation once connected to your tesla usb port, then you can match the controls by pressing for a few seconds the share button or match; if there is a complication you can reset your control and try again. you should do it until a flashing light appears on your controller, that will tell you that it has been matched correctly so you can now choose your favorite game. 

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Product link:


Here is a brief description of the above-mentioned wireless controllers: 

8Bitdo SN30 Pro

This is a Wireless controller, It is a high-quality controller with a simple design, features dimensions are of 6.2 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches and weight of 8.8 ounces, with a wireless connection and Bluetooth capabilities, Including a vibration system and motion sensors, it has even screenshot functions. Thanks to its built-in lithium battery. 

This control has no option to connect to earphones.  

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Nintendo switch Controller

This control costs about hundred dollars; its dimensions are 2,52 x 6,14 x 5,67 inches; 14.08 ounces. It is wireless, but retains its classic usb cable and a Lithium polymer battery that provides up to 9 straight hours of game playing. This controller has great versatility for the game Cuphead, so you can highlight your skills as a videogame player. 

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DualShock Ps4

Its cheaper than a hundred dollars and it is an updated version of the DualShock created by Sony. This new version has a simple and comfortable design while also being highly functional, it is wireless, its dimensions are 10 x 2 x 3 inches and its weight is 12 ounces, this product features intuitive precision controls, an integrated speaker and input for 35 mm hearing systems, a touch panel, a differential vibration system and a custom light bar. 

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Xbox One

This control measures 6.89 x 2.87 x 6.97 inches; and weighs 1.2 pounds. It includes a wireless connection. also has a  system to double the generic controls of xbox one s and has a connection for 35mm hearing devices, also has a connection via Bluetooth.

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